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I love the class sizes and how the professors really want to get to know the students. The campus is beautiful and the student life is great!
My first year is going great! Love the classes and love the professors. The only problem is the hills but other than that it is perfect.
Loras College is a small, tight knit community. You see friendly faces everywhere you go and everyone is willing to lend a hand. There are many resources for students to reach out to when it comes to school work. There's people in the library to help you with writing a paper, there are student instructors to help you in challenging classes, and there are endless amounts of people to help you with everyday problems as well. Another plus is that the class sizes are small so you get a more personalized education and the opportunity for you to get to know your professor and vice versa.
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Loras College was the perfect fit for me. It was small enough that my professors knew me by first and last name, yet big enough that I wasn't seeing the same people on campus every day. I had so many obtainable opportunities at Loras that I wouldn't have gotten other places. The people at Loras genuinely care about every single student. I had an amazing experience here and would do it over again tomorrow.
Loras College is a great College. The teachers here really care about the students. They are here to help at all costs. The school is also ran by great administration and it keeps getting better each year. The Athletics are also great and the coaches do a great job with all of student athletes.
I love Loras College. Everyone here is very close with each other and the environment is always really positive. My professors are very supportive and understanding. They have helped me through so much. The only thing I would like to see change is the food program at Loras.
I love being a Loras College Duhawk. The campus is beautiful and the people are very friendly. The professors are very knowledgeable and always happy to help you with any problems or questions you may have. It's located in a very scenic area along the Mississippi river with a lot of opportunity for internships and employment.
Loras College offers students a chance to obtain a liberal arts education in classrooms full of diversity. The classes can be challenging but do not make you feel too overwhelmed. With many students coming to Loras from around the country, you are able to interact with many different cultures and backgrounds. With the smaller class sizes, you are able to create better relationships with your professors which helps quite a bit if you are struggling in a class. They always have their doors open and having a chance for a one-on-one interaction helps you fully understand the information being taught.
The Community is amazing. Everyone is super nice and welcoming. There is always an activity going on on campus or in the community that you can participate in.
I loved Loras so much, it was my home. However, when it comes to student conduct, they are absolutely terrible. One student can act aggressive and violent towards another student without getting in trouble. This is all because the student who posed a threat to their peers is a legacy, and have parents who are generous donors. The school talks about fairness and equality when in reality, they just do what they have to do to keep the money coming in.
Loras College is not a widely recognized college in terms of academics, and i dont expect it to be, but if you are an international student, this is not the college for you. Xenophobia has some underlying permanence in this college and it is hard for you to connect with others that arent outsiders like you. Day after day i question my decision and think of transferring, but i lack the resources. Dont make the same mistake i have made. If you are an american student you will have the time of your life however. I hope this helps because i wish someone had told me this before coming...
I like the fact that it is a small school and you can get lots of help from teachers/professors so there is a lot of resources. I'm not a fan of the discrimination level here.
Very safe... I've never felt unsafe, nor have I heard of anything too serious around campus.
Being at a small school, the networks and resources are pretty small, but the education seems quality.
The professors are friendly and easy-to-access; in just about one year (and 10 classes), I've had 9 excellent teachers, with one poor teacher. The courses are taught to the student - not just to the elite.
The dorms are old, small and run-down, but the people here are great.
The Greek life around campus is non-existent, so it doesn't really affect the atmosphere around campus.
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The men's soccer team is amongst the best NCAA Division 3 programs in the country, while other sports - like basketball, football and volleyball - are improving.
Loras is a quaint school in the middle of Dubuque. Its class sizes are small, and thus stronger student-teacher relationships are hatched, however the school is very small and the school is very old.
I love the people around me. I just feel that the school pressures you into doing activities that you aren't interested in. Yes I understand that trying new things is a good idea but when you try to make people feel bad for not joining it's pointless.Teachers I've had were all Great besides my college writing. She was very rude and never showed any interest in the students. i love my friends at Loras but some of the classes I am required to take are ridiculous and aren't my cup of tea. They will in no way help me with my future.
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