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Lorain County Joint Vocational School District Reviews

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. I attended another school before coming here but many of my credits didn't transfer, which is a bummer. But the convenience of my new school outweighs the non-transferrable credits.
I was a little nervous about taking online courses, but it was pretty easy once I got used to it. Plus, it was nice not worrying about commuting, especially in the winter! I thought the workload would be easy, but it was challenging.
Academic Flexibility at Lorain County JVS – I decided to go to JVS because i knew my credits from junior high would transfer easily. im able to work with my consulers on helping to find me a good job that goes with my career choice.
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I feel like my education at Lorain County JVS is worth the money im paying. I got a lot of financial aid that helped me a lot through my freshman to senior year . they helped me with wavers for my ACT, free and reduced lunch and my expenses for my school supplies.
Why I Choose LCJVS – I choose the Lorain County JVS because its now like other schools. i knew that with attending the JVS, if i decided not to go to college i would still be able to graduate with a licenses in cosmetology. I do have alot of school pride. I am president of my cosmetology class. I am proud of being a Lorain County JVS student
So Many I Cant Even Count – In our school there is a lot of security guards. I mean alot of folks dont like them but what can we do they keeps us all safe from the outside.
Blocked Websites – There are alot of things going on in the world. Children all over are killing eaxch and even starting cyberbullying. Lorain hisgh School does there best to prevent that by blocking certain websites such as facebook, youtube and other sites. I think this is a great way of preventing certain situations from happening in school enviorments.
The Community Support – When it comes to our school the community gives us alot of support. We always have a crowd when there's football games and other sport events. the whole community comes out and supports the Lorain Titans. The one thing no other school has in common with mines is that as a community we chose the name of our school and the name of our mascot. I believe that's amazing. Our community is based on helping and caring for one another. we are the example of the word "Unity".
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