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The professors at Lorain County Community College are very supportive in your education. This school has a friendly environment and has a beautiful campus. One of my favorite spots on campus is the food corner, love their coffee and quick meals in-between classes!
At LCCC, I personally enjoyed the Bass Library. It is very quiet and the computers are fast to load/process. I do most of my studying here because it's a really great place to collect my thoughts. I get lots of assignments done here on a daily basis. The people are friendly and the classes are doable. Overall, it's a nice college to start out with, but I highly recommend finding a long term plan prior to starting. Make a solid plan with an adviser here and stick with him/her; this will help you to stay on track.
I liked how the school was clean and open to the public. I feel very safe on campus since there is a security office in the main building of the college and since they patrol the grounds of the campus for anyone in need. If someone gets a flat tire or they need to get their car jumped the security office is the place to go since they are willing to help you. I love the Bass Library as well since they have all the resources you need to study. They stay open late until 9:00 p.m. to ensure all students have the opportunity to use their resources including night class students. This college is great at making everyone feel included.
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LCCC is a very nice school. Professors are helpful, small class sizes, a lot of help from advisors and staff. You’re not a small fish in a big sea. There’s always something to get involved in. Students are friendly. Programs are excellent.
My experience at LCCC was a fantastic time. The professors were friendly and always available if I needed help. The people I meet while I was there is what made my time at LCCC really special. I made a lot of new life time of friends while attending. They also gave me the opportunity to grow and find what I was really interested in doing for a career.
I have had a wonderful experience at Lorain County Community College. The adviser has been extremely helpful, the financial aid office is informative and the satellite offices have been very accommodating.
I love how convenient LCCC is and how much cheaper it is to attend school there. I also love the professors. Out of the approximately 20 classes I have taken 18 of the professors have been willing to put in extra time with me if I need it.
One thing I would change about LCCC would be waiting time to get in to see an academic advisor. I am one of the people who thoroughly enjoy communicating with someone about my progress and regress I have in school. However, you have to wait approximately a month to get an appointment. The only thing I would change is very selfish but, I feel it would make me a better student.
Lorain County Community College is an excellent place to begin your college career! LCCC truly combines rigorous academia with attainable affordability. They offer great resources (career services, large library, testing centers) for students and faculty alike. I have grown both personally and professionally through excellent faculty and high-level coursework. Furthermore, there are updated facilities and beautiful spaces for the arts in Stocker Center. Unfortunately, there are more than a few professors who push specific agendas (such as overly graphic material) or clear political/anti-religious beliefs (which lean more to one side than the other). However, if you do research it can be possible to avoid these classes. In general I have had more pleasant experiences than unpleasant ones. Overall, the professors really care about you and want you to succeed. I have had incredible faculty that have truly encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Also-there is a Starbucks on campus!
I have enjoyed my time here overall. I like the dining options that the school provides and the availability of Mac computers all throughout campus. Most of the professors here are very nice and helpful as well. My only complaint is the lack of helpfulness and empathy in the enrollment services department. Every time I go there I get told something different by each employee and nothing ever matches up. I normally have to go online and verify what I’ve been told which is absurd.
This is my second semester at LCCC. My experience was very good. The teachers are good, the campus is small so you don't have to worry you will get lost.
So far I have nothing but good things to say about LC, with opportunities to assist those who are non-traditional get started with school. They also have a lot of other support services they offer to students.
It’s awesome community and extremely priceless. There are a lot of wonderful professors who want you to also exceed and not just fail everyone. It’s affordable and extremely worth it.
College is good for a community college. Depending on major, some classes may only be offered online. There were some clubs and extracurriculars. Having a presidential scholarship made tuition free, but had to pay for books. S.A.I.L. Program is helpful and gives book vouchers. If you want to get a bachelor's degree, there might be a university partnership for the major. They did not have a partnership for my major which was disappointing. Liked most of my teachers and the classes. Be careful when transferring to another accredited university because depending on the major and other university, the credits may not apply to the program at the other school.
Overall a great school with lots of opportunities to branch out and really find yourself. Local high school student have access to pseo or ccp education to get a head start. As a actual student their I had issues with the financial aid office and know people who's applications for certain programs have gotten lost multiple times.
Honestly, this is a great school to go to. You really do get a great education and for a reasonable price. The teachers really do care if you succeed. I learned a lot from my teachers and they had me make sure I truly understood the material. The price is perfect for if you live on a budget. The school scheduling for classes is nice for when you have a busy schedule. The classes are at all different times and days to make it easier for people with jobs. Its more flexible, than the other universities where they only have a fixed time slot and hard to plan around.
I really like how the campus is close to home so that I don't have to room with another person. The campus is very nice and the workers keep it clean. The campus has a no tobacco policy, but I still see some students breaking that rule. The professors are very nice! Some have flaws, but no one is perfect. The food available on campus is very good. There is a wide variety to choose from, and the prices are reasonable. Overall, Lorain County Community College is a great place to start your future.
The professors were always extremely helpful and some would go out of there way to really make a personal connection with students. All the buildings are connected by halls on the second floor of each building which made it great to get from class to class when it's super cold out. For being a community college it was great.
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LCCC is a great place for those starting college and for those returning. The campus isn’t beautiful, the professors are good at what they do, and it’s a good investment for your money!
I am a high school senior at Midview High School and a Lorain County Community College student, as I have taken a CCP class, and I am currently earning college credits. Every staff member I've associated with at LCCC is very kind, patient, and respectful. I have had no problems with the school.
Although this is a community college I feel that this school really does put effort into updating and expanding constantly. The school never feels stagnant, there is always something happening.
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