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Longy School of Music of Bard College Reviews

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Everyone I have met is friendly. Students dress conservative, and everyone works very hard. Being a conservatory, we all love music and it makes socializing easy, because we all have that in common.
All building access during non-class hours is controlled through the main office.

People are very friendly, everyone knows everyone, so if someone enters the building that doesn't belong there someone notices.
All kinds of apartments and options are available
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Everything you can think of is in walking distance
Everyone is very polite an helpful, and all rule are clearly explained.
They offered me a great scholarship!
School of Music of Bard College
The choice of courses, both performance based and other is quite formidable. The teachers are incredibly helpful and will do all but bend over backwards to make sure we do well. I am more than happy that I chose to attend here at Longy because of the faculty, staff and students.
When I spoke to the financial aid people, I was given more help than I thought available. Suggestions were given, as well, about economizing, etc.
Overall, it is typical New England weather, which is to say very changeable. Last winter was a bit difficult with a few severe storms that caused us to miss classes twice. Summer, as is very typical everywhere, is hot and humid, especially since the city forms a natural heat sink.
I never felt unsafe on campus (it's right in the heart of Harvard Square).
The composition master's program requires a portfolio and essay in the fall and a live interview in the spring (pretty standard).
The faculty is great, and the student/faculty ratio is wonderful. There are some politics in the administration, though, and communication isn't always very good. That said, community outreach opportunities are plentiful, and the school provides a very collaborative, holistic atmosphere.
This school is so much like a home to me. All the students and faculty are so open and welcoming to all new musicians and everyone works to help each other to reach their maximum capability instead of always competing with one another. The school is very small but there are many other colleges around so it makes up for having a small enrollment and there is always something to do to have fun!
Unique Music Conservatory – Longy is a very small school so lots of personal attention from faculty. Other students are warm and friendly so nice atmosphere. Some unique classes are offered beyond the run-of-the-mill conservatory courses such as mind/body studies (including yoga or alexander technique). Overall I feel it is a unique and great school; especially for grad students, which it mostly caters to.
It is quite expensive to live in the Boston/Cambridge area. Apartments are pricey and somewhat hard to find sometimes.
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