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Amazing place! Small campus and easy to navigate. All people are friendly and you will almost always see someone you know when walking around campus.
Love the quaint campus and the professors I have had. Its a great University if you would like small town feel. The professors and the students are involved. There Is a broad amount of clubs and extra curricular activities you can get involved in.
Longwood is a great, small school to go to. It's close enough home that I can visit on weekends, but far enough that I wouldn't visit every weekend.
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I am not at Longwood University right now but I am committed there for softball, and I visit there all the time. I love the small university because everybody knows each other which helps engage conversations. I also like the professors there, and the small classes help the professors have a close relationship with you.
it has the program of studies that I wanted as an all encompassing program. Other schools I looked at didn't offer English as a second language as a degree program. The professors work hard for their students to assure their success in their education and personal life. College life is full and offers many opportunities for personal growth, friendships and to explore different activities on and off campus.
Longwood University, in my opinion, is the best school in the state of Virginia. The teachers are paid the least in the commonwealth, yet they work the hardest. In my major, Communications, I have so many opportunities to learn and build my resume. I can branch out on campus from athletics to academics, with equal opportunity to all. The greek life is very open, inclusive, and harmonious and has a strict no hazing rule. Longwood also requires at least one internship before you graduate. This helps students put their minds to building their resume. Longwood's biggest goal is to educate their students and equip them with the skills to thrive after college.
Longwood University is a really good school. The staff is very helpful as well as dedicated and their curriculum is set up in a manner where students are set on a pretty straight path to graduate. However, I would like to see Longwood better accommodate transfer students. It was really hard to find classes because I transferred in from a community college with so many of my prerequisites and electives complete, I found my self either having to wait until certain classes were offered or I had to take 2 pillar classes before I could really dig into my classes.
Longwood feels like home. Everyone is friendly and wants to help you begin your adventure at Longwood.
very poor. the cops are mean and corrupt they hinder any and all students just trying to have fun on the weekends, the town is small and almost everything closes at 9:00 pm. there's a lot of town violence and drugs are everywhere. other than that they have an excellent english department but the food isnt too good and the dorms are rather bad and very overpriced. the party scene is nice but again you can' t really blow off any steam because the cops are always out to get you. theres also a school wide undercover operation
I really enjoy attending Longwood University. There is a great sense of home on this campus. The only bad thing is that there is a lot of construction, but that happens everywhere.
I love the environment! There are great professors and faculty that want to see you succeed. The campus as a whole is beautiful, even with the construction. There are always people hanging around on the lawns, studying, playing volleyball, walking their dogs. You walk outside and there is no reason to go back in. I found a home.
Despite some issues here and there since no school is perfect, Longwood University is the school I fell in love with, and I will always be proud to call my home.
Longwood University is a school with small class sizes that make it easy to thrive in your desired field of study, not to mention the amazing teachers.
Longwood is a lovely small university that truly feels like home. They care about you as a person and a student and not you are so much more than a number to Longwood. I have met the greatest friends ever since I have been at Longwood.
Very nice school if you like the small school vibe. Small classroom sizes and nice facilities. Food is average and dorms are very nice.

I loved the small town feel I had at Longwood. There is nothing like getting out of class and getting a new shirt at Pairet's or having dinner at Charley's pasta night. Farmville is extremely unique and you won't regret having a college experience at Longwood.
Longwood University is a great way to make new connections and get involved in a positive and welcoming community. I have made such great friends and have gotten to know my professors on a personal level as well as most of my classmates with the small class sizes. I enjoy partaking in the traditions such as the Chi walk, basketball games, and Spring/Fall weekend concerts.
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Longwood University has a very good environment and good professors. These professors actually care about you and your future. One of thr best choicchoices I have made in my life was going to Longwood University. The academics are also great. The best part about the Longwood experience is the campus. The campus is so beautiful. The best part about your freshmen year is T.H.E. G.A.M.E. This is also where you receive your Longwood scarf.
Longwood is an incredible school with incredible students and faculty. The professors really care about their students. The class sizes help you get to know them even better. It truly is my home away from home.
Longwood is a school in a quiet town, where you can barely hear the traffic as you walk along the grounds of the school, which is relatively small to begin with. The school grounds are well kept and beautiful, boasting many trees and open grassy places to sit down. However, I would be excited to see what the school does with its image now that it is a University and not just a teaching school. The school has a lot of room to grow not only into the community that surrounds it, but also a lot of room to grow into itself.
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