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I am a Freshman but so far all is good, being that my Father passed in my last year of high school, I wish I could get more assistance to assist my grandmother toward my financial obligations to be able to continue my studies
I really like how Longwood has a program that fits everyone with what they want to do after college. Even though it is a small college when you get there it has all the same feels of a major college.
Longwood University has become my home away from home and has become a place where I have been able to grow as a student and as a person. Through many organizations across campus, I have been provided with numerous once in a life time opportunities that I would never have been able to have had if it weren’t for Longwood University. I am extremely excited for all of the change that is happening at Longwood and can’t wait to see what it does for the university. I have enjoyed every second of my time at Longwood and wouldn’t change it for the world.
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I love it here! So much to do, and so many organizations you can join. The class sizes are small and the community is nice.
I have become so involved in the community in a variety of clubs. I have made great friends and my classes have been amazing. Campus is so beautiful even with the construction, but once it’s all done, it’ll be better than ever.
I love all the traditions they have there and how it actually feels like somewhere you could live for four years. The campus is all in one area so you don't have to worry too much about transportation.
It's an excellent place to study your degree and offers a number of excellent programs, including a 5-year master's program for physics and engineering. The professors are all very personable and easy to confront and talk to, making it easy to get help when needed.
Strong professors, but not strong students. Virtually no class discussion because no one does the assigned readings/really cares about their classes. Even the honors college is just full of people who think their geniuses but are not much smarter than the rest of school. Athletic teams, with the exception of softball, are not good and there is no support for them. There is nothing to do in Farmville, and campus is dead after 6 pm because almost everyone lives in off campus apartments. The parties are not good, and there are no nearby bars. Also, the dining hall is disgusting.
I'm a sophomore at longwood and I love it here. The environment is so positive and FarmVille is on the rise. But I must say our dinning hall is trash so hold on to those bounds dollars for as long as possible.
I love the overall environment of Longwood. It is a home like community of people. Each professor wants you to succeed. Their goal isn’t to make you suffer or to push you to your breaking point. I only wish the food variety were larger though. Offering more vegetarian, vegan, etc options. For those that choose not to eat certain foods or can’t due to allergies.
Longwood University is a very friendly campus in a great community in Farmville, Virginia. The people on campus are helpful in every way and the students are very passionate and strive for excellence. I am only a freshman but from my short time at Longwood I can already see that I enjoy where I attend college and look forward to my next 3 years.
The campus itself is beautiful and has a home-like feeling to it. The size of the campus and student population is big enough to offer plenty of chances to meet new people and get involved in multiple clubs and organizations, but also provides smaller class sizes. Professors provide interesting lectures and try to relate to students and their interests.
Longwood is its own community. It is small enough that an individual can see their friends on the daily but large enough that it is not extremely crowded. An advantage of this, is that a person is able to walk to class in the span of five minutes. With the temperatures dropping, this is wonderful. A downside to this university is the campus food. The school only has one dining hall, which has very low quality dining. It has no diversity to it and is extremely limited to its selection. This could improve greatly as many students are forced to pay for a meal plan but do not use it.
What I like about Longwood University is that it is a small and tightly connected place and a college where you can really get to know your professors. It is a beautiful campus and an adaptable place to live and spend your time.
I love Longwood's overall atmosphere. The students and faculty here are very nice and caring. It's a very greek affiliated school though.
Longwood is an amazing school, with a beautiful campus. The surrounding area is very safe. They definitely care about their students.
It was very fun experience to visit the campus. I went there during a fine arts event and I learned a lot of very fascinating things about music. The teachers were very kind and super helpful. The food was very good and students that went there were very nice. I am glad I made a visit to Longwood University.
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I just love this place!!! I can't believe in a few months I have to leave--the professors are great and for being in a small town pretty far away from cities there's a lot to do. Dhall food leaves a lot to be desired but i still love it Go Lancers!
I love my college so much. I love how the professors care for you. The student life here is really good. I love the little town of Farmville.
The campus is beautiful and class sizes are small. If you are looking for a wide variety in activities Longwood has them. A good change for the campus is parking. Making more spaces available to students.
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