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My Online and remote learning during the pandemic was so good. The professors are provided strong sources to study and they were always trying to help students.
I’m already passing my first year at LIU Post, Absolutely it was a perfect college experience.
The professors are really helpful, they are kind and friendly with students. My all professors are full of knowledge. The campus is beautiful and there’s useful equipments in the campus for all students.
I love the professors and the interesting classes. However, the administration can be very difficult when it comes to organizing events or getting you the information you need. They also take a long time to repair damages to facilities on cmapus.
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It's been fairly well. Some professors have trouble figuring out how to work Zoom, but for the most part everything runs pretty smoothly. I have been able to listen to lectures well and participate in class fairly easy.
The campus is beautiful. Awesome professors full of knowledge and training in their professions. Professors always available for help if needed. The Criminal Justice graduate program is excellent! A bit expensive though.
Awesome professors full of knowledge and training in their professions. Professors always available for help if needed. The Criminal Justice graduate program is excellent!
The professors are very helpful and they always try to help you when you are struggling and treat us with respect. The campus is also very nice.
My online learning experience was a struggle for me, i would rather be in person to take a class because it helps me learn more
I enjoyed my first year in LIU. Our first semester was great. My professors were fantastic and were helpful in every aspect. Unfortunately, our spring semester had to be online for all our classes. That was difficult the the university did their best. I was extremely satisfied with their response to this. I am looking forward to getting back there.
Due to the pandemic, we had to take classes online. I am a dance major and as you would imagine, it was very difficult for professors to correct us. However, they did a great job and tried to keep us engaged.
Post is a beautiful campus. The professors I've had were all knowledgeable and really want to see students do well. They have expertise in their field and real world stories to share. You need to be active in your academic life though. Ask questions and don't just accept things at face value. If you can do that you will have a good experience at this university.
The campus is very large and definitely a ra-ra school. If you want a typical college experience go here. I made a lot of friends here and you have a mix of some good and bad teachers. The only thing that really sticks out to me, is that the academic advisors aren't really on top of you. You have to find out things a lot on your own. It's apart of being independent yes, but I wish they would help more. Also being a commuter-full time student you'd think they'd make a good schedule for you to get home at a descent time, but my last class ends at 8:25pm and I'm there all day.
Isolated, and everyone ends up going home on the weekends or in the summer. Decent education and good professors. School feels very small.
I really enjoy going to LIU, The professors are great and the classes are very small which makes it easier to do well in a class. There are always campus acuities going on everyday.
LIU Post is in a great location, I feel it provides a lot of freedom for young people, there are many things to do on campus as well as off-campus. The obvious best part would be that New York City is basically your back yard.
I have enjoyed my classes so far and that's because of my lovely professors. I never expected to like school so much, but with the great support systems in place and the endless work/internships opportunities, I love it. It is also very close to different restaurants, which is great because the food on campus isn't known to be sensational. For coffee lovers, the Starbucks on campus is a lifesaver. I also love that we have common hour, so it is a great breakup to long days and you always have an opportunity to see your friends. There are always campus events that helps bring the school a sense of community. Overall, great school!
My school is average, the classes are average. The Campus is pretty the grass is always well kept. Although the school gives a high school vibe to me.
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The business program is one of the best I could ask for. They really do work as hard as rhey can to prepare you for the real world and assure you you'll get a job. Lots of hands on experience.
the campus is beautiful and the location is safe, and students and faculty seem very friendly and outgoing to get to know people that are interested.
I believe the Campus at Long Island University At C.W. Post is Very Welcoming, Diverse, Safe, and Offers many Student Life/Athletic Opportunities. The Area the College is present is a Beautiful Local Area, along with Reasonable Dorms/Housing Options.
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