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As a freshman, I expected way more for what I’m paying. The food is absolutely horrible and even dorming isn’t that great. It seems as if the dorms are considered an afterthought since a majority of students commute. With that being said, the weekends on campus are pretty dead and there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on
This school just was not for me. I would say if you are not dooming you are almost like an outsider. I am quiet yet I tried to make friends and the kids are just snobby. Overall the school is great but not for my intended major. Other than that the school as a whole is very good and has a great campus.
Long Island University has a large beautiful campus with a diverse student body. Great music scene, the Tilles Center offers many great musical events.
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LIU-Post is an outstanding school with even better professors that take the time to get to know their students and help them out as much as they can. In my experience so far with Post I have been nothing but grateful by its dedication but also by its beautiful campus. A campus made for nature lovers that enjoy studying outdoors and enjoy peace and quietness.
I’ve met a lot of new really nice people and the school has a lot of fun events for the students like dave and buster parties, bringing in build-a-bear workshops, and giving students bicycles to ride around the school.
As an incoming freshman, I am SUPER disappointed for my first experience at this school. I really want my money back because all of the school asks for is MONEY MONEY AND MORE MONEY. My biggest issue is the food here. You would think a university charging a ridicilous amount of money for tuition would have food that's cheaper or good for that matter, BUT YOU THOUGHT WRONG. If anyone has been to the Winnick Student Center you would know that the cafe there charges a hell of a lot of money for even one item. I recentely just bought Ben and Jerry's from there which cost almost $7.00 when I could get that at a local corner store for $3.00. They give you an LIU Card at the start of campus with $300.00 for dorming students and $50.00 for commuters. Also if you didn't know, if you don't pay with your LIU Card they charge tax on your debit card and whatever cash you have. Overall campus is scenic but it really isn't worth spending your money here.
LIU has very beautiful grounds. The buildings are some modern some older. The programs are good, the students are motivated, and teachers are very knowledgeable. There is always room for parking, and I have met really great friends at this school.
Long Island University C.W Post is an amazing campus. It offers many scholarships, many connections to companies which are good for a job after graduation, many resources for help such as the Writing Center, tutoring program, etc. The professors they have are excellent and i recommend LIU C.W Post to any graduating high school student.
So far i'm really enjoying my time here at post. I love all of my professors and I love the attitude everyone gives off. I am proud to be a pioneer.
this is mostly a commuter school which I was unaware of so the campus is usually dead on the weekends. I have had some very good professors but also some that weren't so pleasant. If you're interested in business this is the school for you.
LIU Post is what you make of it. You have to put yourself out there and be social. Go to the football games, basketball games etc. If you hear there's a party where a lot of students will be present, go to them so that you can meet people. Be social in your classes, talk to the student who live on your floor of the dorm. Go to Hillwood Commons (Student Center) and just chill. You are bound to meet someone or see someone that you can befriend. Campus is quiet on the weekends so if you don't have a car, befriend someone with one so that you can go off campus and have fun. LIU is really great when it comes to internships and trying to make sure you will be employed after graduation. LIU is also becoming more diverse. Everyone's college experience is different so its up to you to make the most of it. Have fun, be social, talk to a lot of people, make connections and do well in class. You can never get these 4 years back!
I came to LIU Post specifically for the performing arts program. I doubt that I would enroll in this school if I were not accepted to the Acting program. It's not an awful school, but it is expensive and spends a lot of money trying to recruit new students and impress current students with elaborate giveaways and events.
All around, C.W. Post was a great academic university with good professors however many times it was made difficult for students to make their schedules because the classes were specific to fall or spring semester. The campus was beautiful for going on walks during breaks. The food on campus is not the best and needs to be updated.
A good campus for athletics, excellent professors. Wouldn´t recommend living on campus as campus life is very unorganized. The campus does however offer a lot of events during the months. There are a lot of clubs and its easy to get involved on campus.
Long Island University is a wonderful school with a phenomenal staff. The professors are very knowledgable about their particular field of study. Applying to LIU Post has been the best decision I've made so far!
Doesn't feel like a family, people go to class and go home. The party scene lacks, people just go to Hofstra bars. Riggs lawn parties get busted in a matter of minutes so it's not even worth going to.
LIU Post is in a great location. The campus is absolutely beautiful! The parking is decent. Overall, nearly everything is in good condition. I've been to only a few campus events so far (but it's only week 3 of the Fall semester!). The ones I've gone to were very welcoming and bustling. Would I choose LIUP again? Hell, yes! ;)
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The teachers are really great. They're all kind and helpful.
Its pretty good, but basically anyone could get on campus.
Lots of school spirit and lots of athletic fields and the such.
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