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CW Post has generous scholarships and a great diversity of majors to choose from. However, the schools staff is very unorganized when it comes to providing financial aid, transcripts, and other documents online on your accounts. Often times it takes a lot of effort to get what you want but it’s worth it.
I am a part time grad student in Education. My professors are great so far. The curriculum is rigorous: meaning a lot of reading and writing. Professors can be reasonably accommodating as long as you don't take advantage. My experiences with Admin fall short, hence the 4 stars.
As a 68 year old grad student, the is not as attractive I thought it would be. Being the old guy, the students have the greatest part of the experience friendly, courtesy, and respectful. The school talks the talk, but doesn't walk or crawl. While campus is beautiful, it is NOT ADA friendly. Even the disabilities department is unavailable to help, Public Safety has been great. the custodial and housing staff are fabulous. The administrative staff is unresponsive, but my professors are also great, so if you are able bodied people, you could have a good time
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It is a bigger campus and it is a great way place to learn and make new friends. the faculty is a great staff and building relationships with them is great for when you graduate. creating a great environment for yourself and the people that surround you.
The nature on campus is what has made me feel like LIU Post is my home. The campus doubles as an arboretum, and there are huge trees everywhere. Every season is beautiful here and it just feels like I'm living in a book to be honest. But the serenity isn't the only thing that I love. Most of the professors are very engaging and are willing to help you when you have issues. Of course there are a few that most students dread, but the majority go above and beyond. The only reason I don't give this school 5 stars is because of the many issues I and other students I know have had with kumble hall, which is where you go to deal with financial issues. There are some people there who are extremely helpful, and others - not so much. But mainly, things seem a bit unorganized.
This school is easy to get in if grades are perfect, however it is very pricey. I applied and was accepted right away. There was a miscommunication between myself and the admissions office. In order to get packaged for financial aid I basically had to travel all the way to the campus to find out what documents were missing. Prior to taking the trip out there I called the admissions office multiple times and left several voicemails with no response.
I like the people there, as well as the atmosphere of the campus, but the administration does not listen to it's students needs, especially those that live on campus.
I liked that the school was on the smaller side. This endabled students to get one on one time with professors and allowed professors to know students on a first name basis. A lot of the professors have real life experience in their fields and are willing to share their experience to better help prepare students when they graduate.
It is a good school, but average in a lot of categories. The campus itself is beautiful. The food is bad, the rooms are alright. They do have great safety implemented. The academic side of it is okay.
Post has a beautiful campus. The professors are very dedicated to the students and are always helpful. The area that surrounds Post has many nice restaurants and shopping malls. The campus is easily accessible.
I received an excellent education at LIU. All of my professors were so helpful. They were actively involved in our studies. My experience has convinced me to continue my education in nursing.
The campus is beautiful and they use their money well. It gives off a very positive vibe and it is very calming and mellow.
I loved the campus and Hillwood (which had alternative food options plus a starbucks that I lived on as a BFA Theater Major.) Hillwood is the only reason I didn't give food a one star rating. The dorms were great. I first lived in the biggest hall, then transferred to the Suites. The RHD and RAs were so fun and helpful and by the end of the year you feel like one giant family. The professors in the Theatre Department are basically the only ones I know, aside from the English Department (shout out to the administration for being SO helpful) and my English Professor was such a great educator and resource. The Theatre Department is like a little cult of misfits and the teachers are extremely knowledgeable (and supportive IF they think you'll last...)
The president only cares about money, none of the arts programs are funded, the whole place is way too expensive. Don't go here unless you are a commuter and super rich.
long island university is a beautiful campus, despite their wifi functions and their food selections. Overall, the professors, success coach, and others are very respectful and helpful when needed.
As a freshman, I expected way more for what I’m paying. The food is absolutely horrible and even dorming isn’t that great. It seems as if the dorms are considered an afterthought since a majority of students commute. With that being said, the weekends on campus are pretty dead and there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on
This school just was not for me. I would say if you are not dooming you are almost like an outsider. I am quiet yet I tried to make friends and the kids are just snobby. Overall the school is great but not for my intended major. Other than that the school as a whole is very good and has a great campus.
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Long Island University has a large beautiful campus with a diverse student body. Great music scene, the Tilles Center offers many great musical events.
LIU-Post is an outstanding school with even better professors that take the time to get to know their students and help them out as much as they can. In my experience so far with Post I have been nothing but grateful by its dedication but also by its beautiful campus. A campus made for nature lovers that enjoy studying outdoors and enjoy peace and quietness.
I’ve met a lot of new really nice people and the school has a lot of fun events for the students like dave and buster parties, bringing in build-a-bear workshops, and giving students bicycles to ride around the school.
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