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I like the fluid organization and class variety that is provided. The teachers give keen background that is essential. Understanding students comprehension of topics is essential in providing excellence in majors.
It is a wonderful close knit school. You feel as if you are with family and this is especially true being part of the honors program.
I would like to see pest control. I would like to see adequate plumbing. I would like to see rooms without holes in the walls. There's a lot I would like to see from a private university that costs 20k a semester- cosmetically. But mostly, I'd like them to find teachers who can teach instead of download slides from text books, read them verbatim and use test banks from those books for tests. I'm all for an A+ but I'm more for learning, especially with the price tag this school has. Their school of nursing has simulation labs they brag about and reel you in with mentioning upon enrollment but they DO NOT use them. If you ask current students 99/100 would suggest you go elsewhere. I'm one of those 99 who is at the top of their class and would still say- GO ELSEWHERE.
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I loved attending at the school and the programs they offered for my major (Media Arts). The only issue I ran across was financial aid
LIU is a good school, its easy to get to and very diverse. Im going for my MPA and i love my classes and the faculty.
LIU has a great Pharmacy Program but the teachers in the pre reqs are attrocious. I wish there was more of an opportunity for student life. This school is great but not worth the money. 40,000 a year without having any financial aid is absurd. I advise students to apply to multiple schools and keep this as a safety school because it is easy to get into. Other than that I wish the commute here wasn’t so bad because I come from Staten Island so it is very far for me. If dorming or getting an apartment was cheap I would have done it to make my life easier by studying more and making more friends here
The school is great and all but its quite tricky in terms as they have horrible professors and the advising coaches chances every semester so they have no clue what's happening and gives a lot of false information for the pre-requisites for your major so as to have u longer and spend more money in the school
Long Island University is quite large, it offered many activities for students to engage in and had a convenient program for students.
I love it at LIU Brooklyn. They make sure that you do the best and they see the potential in you. There are many great programs and there is a wide variety of majors and minors given. Everyone makes you feel right at home and you'll never want to leave. You create lasting memories, meet new friends and make lasting experiences.
Long Island University is the place to go if you are looking to be apart of a community. By community I mean everyone knows a good amount of the people who attend the school. My favorite thing is the class sizes. I'm not sitting in lectures containing 100 students hearing a professor bark me information. I'm in classes of at most 30, having meaning full class discussions. In my opinion, the personal level of the classrooms allows for encouragement. Your professor will reach out to you if they notice you missed a class, or if they noticed you grades have been slipping. That's how teaching should be. The school is also extremely diverse and has clubs that embrace the cultures, circumstances, and religions that the school sees. Athletics are division 1. Housing is okay. The rooms are larger than any other rooms I've seen in NY. There is 24/7 security. The area is amazing. There are clothing stores, shopping centers, attractions within a few blocks.
Long Island University is a great school, the diversity of students that are in school bring so much culture in the classrooms and new profound similarities between students. One thing I would like to see a change in school is that I hope the school take better care of their facilities.
This University was better in 2013-2014 before I started attending. As the years went by and I decided to attend is Spring 2015. The University has become a dead zone. Some of the Faculty Members and Professor have been fired for helping the students. Housing and Food are unsanitary. The University needs help and are also shutting down a lot of programs that are actually great for students.
Wonderful college experience! Professors are passionate about their teaching and encourage you to do better. They encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and talk with other students.
So far, I have had a wonderful experience at LIU Brooklyn. As a dance major my education in the arts has expanded tremendously and I have given many opportunities that can benefit my career in the future. What I specifically love about this school is the chance to study both dance and sports science. The two curriculums have a lot in common, allowing me to study both and still graduate in 4 years with 2 degrees. LIU Brooklyn is one of the only university's that would cater to those 2 specific studies. I am extremely happy at this school and highly recommend attending to anyone interested in both dance and any field of medicine/science.
I feel at home here. I really like how it's very diverse and their health science major are unlimited to different courses.
Well if you utilize your sources like the services and workshops offered, LIU will open many doors for you. However; they are very weak and unsupportive when it comes to helping students financially and practically, and some professors feel that it is ok to curse at students, talk down to them, intentionally disrespect them, and humiliate them. The school can be quite corrupt considering last year the teachers were locked out because the president of the school failed to do her job when it came to professor's contracts. On an education level and as a new experience LIU is the place to be, but living in the dorms and dealing with egotistical professors is not why I'm paying so much mone to come here.
The open house seems very nice and liked the information i received was very good. All my questions were answer.
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I like the diversity and how professors care for their students, I would like for them to post grades faster
Long Island University is highly accredited for its vast programs in the sciences and health care. I am a pharmacy student and I will admit that the curriculum is very educational and creative. There are many organizations that a student can be a part of. Also, the professors are kindhearted and generous in their time to assist students with help. The staff is always available for help even at the most inconvenient hours. I have been attending this university for over 2 years and would highly recommend it as a top choice when choosing where to attend college. LIU Brooklyn offers over 200 majors and many professional programs. The safety is also highly rated since there is security around every corner and the campus is gated so that only students with a valid LIU ID can enter.
I attended as a transfer student from age 27-29. Majored in Sport Science, Minor Sport Management. Completed 6 business/sport management classes. Completed two internships Brooklyn Nets/NY Islanders Sales intern and Brooklyn Health and Performance the latter I gained through an alumni of the school. Most important class I took at LIU BK was Intro to Entrepreneurship. The director of Entrepreneurship is a black women with an MBA from Stern and B.S. from Wharton. One of the most brilliant people I have ever come across in life. The Dean of the business school holds a PH.D. MBA. and BBA from Columbia. Take advantage of the professors and deans they're willing to help mature, driven individuals. The faculty will not plug you with their connects if you cannot demonstrate you're value (i.e hard skills and soft skills) you possess. You pay this tuition for the network and internships.
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