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Long Island University is a great school, the diversity of students that are in school bring so much culture in the classrooms and new profound similarities between students. One thing I would like to see a change in school is that I hope the school take better care of their facilities.
This University was better in 2013-2014 before I started attending. As the years went by and I decided to attend is Spring 2015. The University has become a dead zone. Some of the Faculty Members and Professor have been fired for helping the students. Housing and Food are unsanitary. The University needs help and are also shutting down a lot of programs that are actually great for students.
Wonderful college experience! Professors are passionate about their teaching and encourage you to do better. They encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and talk with other students.
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So far, I have had a wonderful experience at LIU Brooklyn. As a dance major my education in the arts has expanded tremendously and I have given many opportunities that can benefit my career in the future. What I specifically love about this school is the chance to study both dance and sports science. The two curriculums have a lot in common, allowing me to study both and still graduate in 4 years with 2 degrees. LIU Brooklyn is one of the only university's that would cater to those 2 specific studies. I am extremely happy at this school and highly recommend attending to anyone interested in both dance and any field of medicine/science.
I feel at home here. I really like how it's very diverse and their health science major are unlimited to different courses.
Well if you utilize your sources like the services and workshops offered, LIU will open many doors for you. However; they are very weak and unsupportive when it comes to helping students financially and practically, and some professors feel that it is ok to curse at students, talk down to them, intentionally disrespect them, and humiliate them. The school can be quite corrupt considering last year the teachers were locked out because the president of the school failed to do her job when it came to professor's contracts. On an education level and as a new experience LIU is the place to be, but living in the dorms and dealing with egotistical professors is not why I'm paying so much mone to come here.
The open house seems very nice and liked the information i received was very good. All my questions were answer.
I like the diversity and how professors care for their students, I would like for them to post grades faster
Long Island University is highly accredited for its vast programs in the sciences and health care. I am a pharmacy student and I will admit that the curriculum is very educational and creative. There are many organizations that a student can be a part of. Also, the professors are kindhearted and generous in their time to assist students with help. The staff is always available for help even at the most inconvenient hours. I have been attending this university for over 2 years and would highly recommend it as a top choice when choosing where to attend college. LIU Brooklyn offers over 200 majors and many professional programs. The safety is also highly rated since there is security around every corner and the campus is gated so that only students with a valid LIU ID can enter.
I attended as a transfer student from age 27-29. Majored in Sport Science, Minor Sport Management. Completed 6 business/sport management classes. Completed two internships Brooklyn Nets/NY Islanders Sales intern and Brooklyn Health and Performance the latter I gained through an alumni of the school. Most important class I took at LIU BK was Intro to Entrepreneurship. The director of Entrepreneurship is a black women with an MBA from Stern and B.S. from Wharton. One of the most brilliant people I have ever come across in life. The Dean of the business school holds a PH.D. MBA. and BBA from Columbia. Take advantage of the professors and deans they're willing to help mature, driven individuals. The faculty will not plug you with their connects if you cannot demonstrate you're value (i.e hard skills and soft skills) you possess. You pay this tuition for the network and internships.
I attended the University previously.Upon arriving it was love at first sight Long Island University has a very beautiful campus Upon arriving it was love at first sight long island university has a very beautiful campus.The teachers were very engaged in passionate about the subject that they taught. Being in the center of Brooklyn there were many field trips to learn about the landscape of New York.Compared to many other schools their food is good and have many options for you to choose from
I like professors. People working on campus, including counselors are very helpful. One of the drawbacks is a price of each credit.
Long Island University Brooklyn has a perfect size campus I was looking forward too as I entered college. Since the campus is not so big it is easy to get to one building to another, especially the fact on the third floor of every building it somehow connects to another building which is a huge advantage when the cold weather kicks in. Beside the campus there is a friendly staff, free tutoring is available for any subject you are weak at. You easily go to the tutoring center make an appointment, check your email, and then come in the day of your appointment. If I had to pick at one issue it would have to be some of the science professors are not the best to take if you are majoring in Pharmacy like me. Overall, Long Island University Brooklyn is great.
The campus is beautiful. Don’t really know what I would change about it because haven’t really gone there for school yet to know much about it.
Administrative staff is not very helpful and super unorganized. It is always a hassle to get help with tasks that should have been done. The staff has an unwelcoming vibe.
This school has good location. Dekalb MTA station R,Q,B is right in front of the school. It is very close to Manhattan, 10 minutes by train. The facilities of LIU are not good, especially the toilet. The classrooms have no air conditioner inside, so don't wear warm clothes inside the class, you will sweat. Moreover, it is uncomfortable when the class is full because the air gets different. They need to upgrade classrooms.
So far I haven't really had any problem with the school personally. However, you have to push to get what you want
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LIU Brooklyn is a decent school with a high amount of diversity. I hope I can learn to fulfill my major requirements.
Although this school is dominated by commuters, the campus life isn't that bad.
There are clubs and organizations that you can join; you just have to look for them. Surprisingly, the faculty is as diverse as the students. Professors can be a hit or miss. Overall, LIU Brooklyn has good academics, but is highly competitive for pharmacy majors.
As a transfer student and coming to Long Island University Brooklyn campus I saw that the professors motivate you to do the best as possible and want us to prosper in life. They are very helpfully in having tutoring hours of service and I also like how we have a diverse amount of people in campus.
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