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The library is the place where students come to socialize, eat, drink, talk on their phones without any regard to anyone else trying to study. The "Quiet Study" area is a joke since students treat it like the library. Even LIU employees hold their phone conversations there as well.

The Nursing Program is disorganized. The professors didn't have access to their Blackboard accounts for weeks. Students were clueless about what textbooks to get.

Professors have full control over the quizzes they give out, but the exams are a "collaborative" effort where all the professors within their department create the exam. One professor will teach, while other professors will teach something else. This hurts the student since the exam is made up of more than one professor.

I've heard horror stories about LIU - Brooklyn, but their poor attempt at "revamping" their program is a glorious mess at best.
I loved the diversity of the school and the friends that I had made. I also liked the classes offered at the college and the easiness of getting around the campus. One thing that I would have to say is that I would like it if the professors had more structure. Although I did learn a lot of useful information I did feel as if some professors were all over the place with their lectures and a little disorganized.
The professors are helpful and knowledgeable. Tuition is high like most other private schools. It is wise to know the programs beforehand.
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I think the Brooklyn campus is great. The location currently convenient to other transportation, shopping, dining, entertainment, parking, medical treatment, police assistance, etc.. The campus maintenance appearance to be a good consisted level. Although, they do need to maintain a better cleaning environment for seating areas and eating areas. So far, the furniture is a bit unclean.
I think LIU Brooklyn is a great college. I'm currently going to be attending it this fall, and I feel very welcome. Anytime I've needed help, staff has graciously gone above and beyond when assisting me. The campus is very diverse, and the major I chose (pharmacy) has a great return.
Liu is a great college there is a lot of diversity and you will find a support system. The counsellors and the security guards are very friendly and nice. There are many different clubs and extracurricular activities on campus almost every week.
In this college I find that the professors I had thus far were amazing. I think that there is a big difference between this campus and LIU Post in the sense of it being cleaner, more calmer, more computers in the library, a larger library and parking. I wish that LIU Brooklyn was the same as LIU Post but sadly it is not. The benefit of going to LIU Brooklyn is that the subway station is right across the street.
Great academics. Helpful staff and diverse student body. Professors care how you are meeting your goals.Advisors take great interest in your academic success. Sports and teams are excellent.
Long island university is in heart of Brooklyn, with variety of majors to choose from. The nursing program needs good professors.
My experience at Long Island University has been smoothed so far. Classes were easy to register and professors have been nice and helpful. The library is a bit small and needs a better computer room with more printers.
At LIU BK I like the location! The school is located in downtown and everything is close by! This school is mostly known for the medical and business field. Every other major is basically pointless. The school is expensive but it matters on how you use you opportunities and resources wisely. Overall the dorms are pretty big than SUNY colleges and their are no parties on campus unless your on the sports team or in some way affiliated with them.
The reason my year went well is because of the students, campus activities, and the care the staff has shown. A primary reason for my increase in studies was because of the close relation i have developed with our dean of students. In order to become a better school LIU should look into bettering their living conditions.
Professors are good, they work with you to give appropriate support to get your work done. People are friendly and area is booming, lots of new construction and things to do.
Very happy to attend LIU Brooklyn. Highly recommend the Honors Program, which offers smaller class sizes and great academic support. Academics is great overall. Wide range of diverse students and activities. Campus is located in convenient place, with plenty of stores and food eateries around the area. My only problem is tuition, as tuition is very expensive.
I like the fluid organization and class variety that is provided. The teachers give keen background that is essential. Understanding students comprehension of topics is essential in providing excellence in majors.
It is a wonderful close knit school. You feel as if you are with family and this is especially true being part of the honors program.
I would like to see pest control. I would like to see adequate plumbing. I would like to see rooms without holes in the walls. There's a lot I would like to see from a private university that costs 20k a semester- cosmetically. But mostly, I'd like them to find teachers who can teach instead of download slides from text books, read them verbatim and use test banks from those books for tests. I'm all for an A+ but I'm more for learning, especially with the price tag this school has. Their school of nursing has simulation labs they brag about and reel you in with mentioning upon enrollment but they DO NOT use them. If you ask current students 99/100 would suggest you go elsewhere. I'm one of those 99 who is at the top of their class and would still say- GO ELSEWHERE.
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I loved attending at the school and the programs they offered for my major (Media Arts). The only issue I ran across was financial aid
LIU is a good school, its easy to get to and very diverse. Im going for my MPA and i love my classes and the faculty.
LIU has a great Pharmacy Program but the teachers in the pre reqs are attrocious. I wish there was more of an opportunity for student life. This school is great but not worth the money. 40,000 a year without having any financial aid is absurd. I advise students to apply to multiple schools and keep this as a safety school because it is easy to get into. Other than that I wish the commute here wasn’t so bad because I come from Staten Island so it is very far for me. If dorming or getting an apartment was cheap I would have done it to make my life easier by studying more and making more friends here
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