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Long Island University - Brentwood Reviews

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It's a growing program that still needs to find a lot more to offer the students for the price they are paying in terms of resources and student opportunities. However, for the most part the staff is top notch and helpful and understanding. I bet if I went here years later, things would be a lot more polished and I would probably give it a higher rating hands down once they glow up a bit.
There is no health office on campus to my knowledge, but the overall safety is low because of the surrounding areas.
The weather is fine-4 seasons.
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I havent really heard anything about athletics on this campus.
There is no campus food.
The students go here for the education nothing else. For a graduate program it is fine, but as an undergrad you will have a terrible college experience.
They give scholarships, but the bare minimum.
LIU Brentwood is on Suffolk Community College's campus which is horrific in my opinion. LIU Post is beautiful, but it is too far.
The printing quota is rediculous considering the amount of money we pay. Classes are held in the computer labs so they are not always available.
Students commute so the only strict policies are from the professors.
Winters are extremely cold. Spring and Fall are beautiful.
Security is adequate, dorms are safe, open campus so it is easy to get in and out, academics are difficult
The computers are up to date and the room are highly available. Not to mention that they give you an IPAD to new and transfer students free or at a cheaper rate to help you with your studies.
The professors are great and personal. If you need their help with the material they take the time and help you.
The dining is great, the variety is great. I am able to just pick up a protein drink and run to class.
Biomedical Science (Medical Technologist) – Even with the job market the way that it is, this profession is on high demand. Many medical technologist are retiring and not just anyone can obtain this position. The program that I am in, is a great program, it takes allot of time and dedication. The workload is quite heavy at times but manageable. LIU gives you the attention that you need, the professors get to know you by name and you will see them continuously through out the year. The facility is very up to date anything that you need is provided.
you dont have to pay for parking but get there at least fifteen minutes before class so you can get a good spot
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No Housing for Local Students – there is no housing for local students. the housing is for international students only
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