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The school is great in terms of academics, but there can be an improvements in the campus food and dorms.
If you are not coming here for pharmacy DO NOT COME HERE! you are just paying for the locations. Most of the professors are old and are not up to date. I'm a journalism major and my professor is horrible and I can't really complain to anyone because he is the dean. The buildings are a mess and don't forget the lockout! which is not over by the way. the school literally put anybody in the classrooms so we couldn't sue. The problem was you would have someone who works in the admission office teaching your class. Though now professors are working on a temporary contract the lockout will continue after the 2017 spring semester.
The school is very diverse but the students are not really any fun and do not have any school.
President Cline does not care about this campus and is letting it go to crap!
I wish someone told me the truth about liu but since no one did it for me I'm doing it for you. Just go to a cheaper and better school.
The academic programs are enriching compared to other Universities in the greater New York area. The campus is small and safe due to its gates and public safety staff. The Student Life is minimal since LIU is primarily a commuter school. Parking in the area is horrendous but the eateries in the area are amazing. Food on campus however is not worth your money.
Review Long Island University - Brooklyn
Small class size, but also small campus. Great professors, courses and activities. Good sports teams as well.
The campus was really modern and very pretty. The teachers all looked and acted professionally. However, from online reviews, there are many negatives reviews that states that the workers there do not care much for you.
My overall experience in LIU is good. It's a great environment to be and there's people from different departments that are willing to help you take care of what you need. My only issue is that I cannot afford it. I can't even purchase books because of my outstanding balance.
The courses are very challenging yet extremely useful.My Professors thus far I would rate as top notch.However I wish the BLOOMBERG center had additional terminals to use as well as a much needed printer!!!.However the staff members at the center are very helpful!!!!!!
I like the people I have been able to meet at LIU. There are many things wrong with the school though. For starters, President Klein is going to run the school into the ground, get rid of her now!
Being a student at Liu was interesting. It has its ups & downs. The faculty and staff could use some improvement especially at the bursar/ financial aid office. Some teachers are lenient but then there are most who aren't forgiving and will fail you once you give them a chance. I think they should find professor that love teaching and have are passionate about their job.
The experience I had at LIU-Brooklyn was very short and not very sweet. What I liked about this school was how small and pretty the campus was on the outside. On the inside, this school was small but far from pretty. The dorms, even on the 15th floor, had RATS, ants and cockroaches. This school is not very sanitary and needs an exterminator-ASAP. The dorm halls always reeked of illegal substances. The staff in the dorm/dining hall was always rude and clearly didn't want to be working there. Regarding the staff on the academic side, would either not return emails or phone calls, or would take 3 weeks to a month and a half to respond-in the summer. Due to athletic complications, what was mentioned above, and other reasons, I left the school and I am very happy I did.
I am currently enrolled in the occupational therapy masters program. I love the program, but I am disappointed in the university's ability to lower tuition fees. They have not worked with me and I am terrified I will not be able to continue my education because it is difficult for me to receive a loan. I need every scholarship I receive, I work so hard I have a 3.7 GPA, enrolled in 18 graduate credits, and I work 3 part time jobs.
Pay rent just to keep your room
Participate in various sports to gain experience
Expensive, but worth coming here to LIU Brooklyn for your upcoming school semester
my experience with the school at first was great but we got a new president and a lot of things changed. i wouldn't recommend anyone to come here for the nursing program
for the price students pay not the best
we don't have a greek life
Review Long Island University - Brooklyn
I expected more from the school considering it was my first choice specially after paying 35K a year I would expect a better staff and professors. Its very difficult to say i would recommend this school because it has more downs than ups. The professors in the nursing department specifically are extremely cold and rude. They do not care about the students and when they are giving exams they do very poorly on the questions considering how confused everyone is after they took an exam. Its very stressful and they offer very little financial support such as scholar ships and grants and every year tuition goes up by 20%.
I just transferred over to LIU and I find it extremely expensive
Overall, this school is very diverse and easy for someone to socialize and build networks with other people
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