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My experience with Long Beach City College was an amazing! I was able to encounter different individuals that came from all types of backgrounds and cultures. I like that LBCC had diversity amongst the faculty and students. Also, the counselors as well as the professors were helpful in guiding me to the correct path into my career. They can improve on the campus food but overall my experience was excellent.
There are so many resources that people really do not utilize. The staff is so willing to help but so little people try to reach out -- people reach out! Everyone wants you to do better at the school. Some of the buildings are a bit outdated on the main campus, the PCC campus is a lot nicer with better facilities all around. Parking can be difficult at LAC campus because of people wanting to park closer. But there is always parking at the Vet's Stadium.
For the most part, the professors are very nice and understanding. They are easy to approach too. They are willing to help you excel in class.
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They lack officials of diversity other than Caucasians in crowd attacking anything such as a sneeze of another
Long Beach City College, home of the VIKINGS!!!, is the best city college you could ever attend. I have always found LBCC as an exciting place to attend. I know, right? exciting? But it's true. Let me tell you why.

For starters, there is a ton of places to hang out with friends. You can go to campus fairs that have food and live music. You have the student lounge, the cafeteria, etc. But if you are looking for places to study, LBCC has a library with quiet rooms.

Secondly, the teachers are amazing. They enjoy what they teach. They want you love the information like they do. They don't want you fail, they want you to succeed.

I would like the parking to be changed. It needs more. It’s like musical chairs. There is a parking structure but it’s the first place to get packed. If the structure is filled, you have to park further at veteran’s stadium.

LBCC in my opinion is the best city college to attend. Hopefully i will see you next semester. GOOOOOOO VIKINGS!!!
I really like my college. They're pretty helpful when it comes to questions I have about enrollment and financial aid and I like the learning centers. The tutors are really helpful. I just wish they had actual forms in the office, everything is done on the computer and the school website is hard to navigate sometimes.
Long Beach City College is a very nice school, students seem friendly. With the campus being small it makes it easier to move around and find what you are looking for. It seems to be a good working environment for students.
Some professors are very concerned about your well-being and how you do in their class, some do not. I would like to have seen more participation for on campus activities.
LBCC has an excellent Child Development program with stellar, passionate teachers. The faculty generally has been very supportive and helpful. At least 4 sessions are offered annually, making it easier to knock out pre-reqs.
I love how diverse the campus is, the people there really make you feel welcome and at home. I can not wait to start my nursing journey here. I hope other people have a pleasant experience with Long Beach City College like I did when I took my placement exam.
The campus is the perfect size and has many great benefits accessible to all students. Aside from the offices and counselors, I love the fact that I have never had an issue regarding professors or finding my way around. I have also been a part of the athletic program and really enjoyed being a part of the Soccer team.
Great resources! great professors, there are always events hosted by the school, the campus is very clean and kept. The students are very well rounded, very safe campus.
Being at Long Beach City College made me realized a lot about myself. As a college student attending there, I love how the professors are welcoming and they really want their students to succeed and pass the classes, especially for the classes you are taking for your major. The tips they provide are very helpful. Not only does the staff want their students to succeed, they have a lot of resources to pass the class such as tutoring, DLA, study rooms, transfer center, and EOPS. I would like to see more parking for students instead of staff, because as a student, our job is to get to classes on time, but students parking and making it into staff make it harder to get to class on time.
I have been at LBCC for about 3 years, and i love it. It is so peaceful, i have never been in a unsafe situation although, i have received warning alert emails form the college when something does occur. The teachers i have had have been great, the class selection varies too. There are plenty of clubs and extra help services for many things when in need for help. I definitely can't think of any other issue from here beside the D (science) building being under construction and also the fact that every year that goes by they are eliminating student parking stalls and making them staff stalls.
LBCC is a great "bang for your buck" opportunity to transfer. Academic counseling and transfer counseling staff are top-notch. They listen to your individual needs. Staff and faculty are "real". They engage you. Not robots, unlike other big universities (I was at UCSD out of high school). You will meet diverse students outside of the local area, which is appreciated. LBCC meets your academic needs. Also, if you want to celebrate, or want to unwind, Thirsty Isle is down the street.
Throughout my first two years in Long Beach City college, it has been such an amazing experience with professors that care about their students education. Many students will feel welcomed and comfortable with their professors because they go all out to help their students reach their goal throughout the semester. For example, I've had a professor that gave tutoring sessions in office hours and help every student that was falling behind. The college professors in Long Beach City College, help students' transfer out to a four year; by giving advice on taking more than 12 units and even getting networks from other schools, and apply for scholarships. Overall, Long Beach City College gives a great experience to students' that are looking for an associates degree in arts or sciences in a cheaper tuition rate. There are no changes that should be made in LBCC because it gives the basic needs that a student needs to achieve their goal in a community college.
Love the diversity of this school, the vibes, and how helpful everyone is on campus. I also love the area, it’s very calm and nice.
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The school is small but all professors so far are eager to help you achieve your goals. I’m in my 3rd semester and I actually enjoyed coming back to school after 10 years.
Lone beach city college is an amazing school that has many resources for students who are low income and has many programs to help you with your education success.
very helpful faculty, always happy to help. They are straightforward, although some professors are not as into teaching as others.
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