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Overall excellent school with professors there to assist you! The campus is very student friendly with a large variety of extra curricular activities.
My overall experience was great their professors have time for you and help you if needed. Counseling is a great resource for students they really do help to build an education plan for you to succeed. Many students are involved in clubs and are always encouraging to join in also.
The school has wonderful opportunities and the campus is beautiful. The professors here a great and they really care about their students and the success of the class.
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I’m able to take a lot of classes that not only suit my needs but also further my interests in other fields. And by doing it online I can do the work when I have the time.
At Long Beach City College, there is so much diversity and love from each department's office, professors, and more for the students. Each and everyone is very helpful to make each and every student succeed. I appreciate how there are two different campuses and a shuttle bus to accommodate with the classes and professors.
I like how easy going Long Beach City College and the teaching staff is very friendly. All the professors were well educated, cared about their students, and seemed to try their best in their lectures. The staff at the Financial Aid office can be unhelpful and rude at times but overall i enjoy attending LBCC.
I have met some very good professors that have helped me understand difficult questions and concepts at this college.
I like Long Beach City College because they have Professors that help you with your homework like Engineering homework problems and you can go to your professor's office to check your grade. The food at my college is great. There are 2 places to eat like the cafeteria and bakery/bistro. This college has good tutoring centers like the Math Success Center, English Success Center, and other tutoring centers. The professors in this college teach their subjects very good. The college life is good and it has a friendly environment.
LBCC is a beautiful campus with great resources that help students reach their academic goals. I earned an Associated in Biological Sciences from LBCC and during my college years here I had the opportunity to meet great staff like counselors and professors that helped me through my collage experience and guide me through my career choices. LBCC offers great resources for their students like free academic counseling, and free tutoring in each subject.
Overall it is a good college to give you a glimpse of college life. Without all the expenses, of course.
The atmosphere of the is friendly and inviting. The majority of the students attending are intelligent hard working people, and the staff is amazing. The teachers are caring and determined to help their students anyway they can. I am truly impressed with Long Beach City College, and I'm proud to be a Viking.
What I like about Long Beach city college is that the staff is very friendly and are there to help you succeed.
Long Beach City College introduced me to my life long friends and gave me a solid foundation in order to continue my academic journey at a University. The teachers were wonderful, they were patient and kind, and always made sure I had all of the tools I needed in order to be successful.
This was my first time going back to school since 2010. They have been nothing short of amazing and helpful. It's almost like they knew I was new and needed some sort of guidance to get the hang of things. I haven't ran into anyone who has been rude or non-helpful.
Experience is very teacher dependent. If you have a bad feeling about one just drop, because theres a lot of lazy teachers. But otherwise theres a good selection of degrees and certificates.
The diversity is above great. Some of the online classes and homework criteria needs improvement(cost and ease of access and use). Specialized counseling, such as engineering, is hard to get scheduled. Food court is passable, but extremely expensive. Student parking is atrocious at best, and getting worse. The professors, in general show genuine concern with helping students. I've had a number of professors give more of their time than necessary to be available for their students. I wish semesters were 2 weeks longer(18 instead of 16). Some classes are harder to absorb, and the professors are hard pressed to cover enough material in that kind of time frame.
Every professor and admin I've encountered here at the school, thus far, has been warmhearted toward my education.
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My experience with Long Beach City College was an amazing! I was able to encounter different individuals that came from all types of backgrounds and cultures. I like that LBCC had diversity amongst the faculty and students. Also, the counselors as well as the professors were helpful in guiding me to the correct path into my career. They can improve on the campus food but overall my experience was excellent.
There are so many resources that people really do not utilize. The staff is so willing to help but so little people try to reach out -- people reach out! Everyone wants you to do better at the school. Some of the buildings are a bit outdated on the main campus, the PCC campus is a lot nicer with better facilities all around. Parking can be difficult at LAC campus because of people wanting to park closer. But there is always parking at the Vet's Stadium.
For the most part, the professors are very nice and understanding. They are easy to approach too. They are willing to help you excel in class.
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