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The professors I chose this semester are great! They give out work and we learn a lot and use our class time wisely. I recommend to check out rates of diffeeent professor when choosing a professor for every class. The campus is kept really clean. There are a lot of spots to just sit and do your own thing. It is really peaceful, so you can sit on a bench and just do homework.
Long city college is an awesome place to study. the staffs are welcoming and encouraging. they are always concern with students success ensuring students to focus on their studies. i love it because it is a very diverse college people from all race and culture are found in this college also people from all over the globe. the school and community is safe for both students and staff.
It's a great school and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. professors of the staff that works in Kent it's a friendly and things are going well
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I liked that when I met with the coinage listened to me and my wants before he began speaking, he went through different classes with me to make sure I was on the right track. He was very patient and kind, he wanted to know what was my goals that way he could create a plan for me instead of me taking classes that weren’t going to benefit me. He set me up for a follow up and let me know that I’m not alone he is there if I ever need anything else that can help me succeed.
Coming to Long Beach City College straight out of high school was the ideal experience for any incoming freshman college students. They provided resources that helped me adapt to the new atmosphere. If I was struggling in a class I could go to the tutoring center. If I had questions regarding the transfer process I could go to the transfer center. They also provided resources like the scholarship office, qualified counselors, health center, financial aid office, and more. Long Beach City College also has a variety of programs. I am in the Honors Program, the EOPS financial support program, the Honors Society Phi Theta Kappa, and got to a join a club that fit my major. I even got to get a job at my school as an English tutor. LBCC has provided me with opportunities I would have never imagined.
LBCC helps their students prepare for university level academics by providing multiple tutoring centers to help new nervous students build a firm foundation in college basic academics.
Long Beach is for those looking for another chance in life making everything better. The feeling of good you get when you enter the campus is great. Here they make you strive until the end like no other junior college.
It is very diverse and I felt welcome every time I come to class. The professors were very helpful and the staffs were encouraging. It makes me feel like home.
In order to start your career you have to start somewhere and I'm proud to say I'm starting mine at Long Beach City College. The environment is so positive and everyone just feels like family. They have many resources including a great EOPS program and also tutoring almost available 24/7.
LBCC has a wonderful selection of professors, most are very helpful and want to see their students succeed. the campus itself feels safe as there is always patrolling officers. Some buildings are a bit outdated and could use remodeling and the newly remolded T and V buildings are very nice. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in community colleges.
Overall excellent school with professors there to assist you! The campus is very student friendly with a large variety of extra curricular activities.
My overall experience was great their professors have time for you and help you if needed. Counseling is a great resource for students they really do help to build an education plan for you to succeed. Many students are involved in clubs and are always encouraging to join in also.
The school has wonderful opportunities and the campus is beautiful. The professors here a great and they really care about their students and the success of the class.
I’m able to take a lot of classes that not only suit my needs but also further my interests in other fields. And by doing it online I can do the work when I have the time.
At Long Beach City College, there is so much diversity and love from each department's office, professors, and more for the students. Each and everyone is very helpful to make each and every student succeed. I appreciate how there are two different campuses and a shuttle bus to accommodate with the classes and professors.
I like how easy going Long Beach City College and the teaching staff is very friendly. All the professors were well educated, cared about their students, and seemed to try their best in their lectures. The staff at the Financial Aid office can be unhelpful and rude at times but overall i enjoy attending LBCC.
I have met some very good professors that have helped me understand difficult questions and concepts at this college.
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I like Long Beach City College because they have Professors that help you with your homework like Engineering homework problems and you can go to your professor's office to check your grade. The food at my college is great. There are 2 places to eat like the cafeteria and bakery/bistro. This college has good tutoring centers like the Math Success Center, English Success Center, and other tutoring centers. The professors in this college teach their subjects very good. The college life is good and it has a friendly environment.
LBCC is a beautiful campus with great resources that help students reach their academic goals. I earned an Associated in Biological Sciences from LBCC and during my college years here I had the opportunity to meet great staff like counselors and professors that helped me through my collage experience and guide me through my career choices. LBCC offers great resources for their students like free academic counseling, and free tutoring in each subject.
Overall it is a good college to give you a glimpse of college life. Without all the expenses, of course.
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