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very helpful faculty, always happy to help. They are straightforward, although some professors are not as into teaching as others.
As a student who communicates with the professors and is involved in both, Bio and Philosophy Club; I love Long Beach City College. The professors takes their time to really help you out whether its about colleges, or in-class material. The school has gone beyond the students needs, it's a diverse, open-minded environment where I feel safe. They have supported students through the DACA issue, and has really made it feel safe for us here by adding cameras and officers on each side of the campus.
As a student at Long Beach City College I can say that I am so proud of being there. I have never felt alone and always know where to go when I need help. All of my professors have been very helpful and passionate about their teaching which has made my experience even better. I have also made lifelong friendships since everyone here is so friendly which I love since I have always been very open to making new friends. When I first started I was trying to transfer as quick as I could but I quickly learned that college is anything but a race. My counselor has been helping me with my goals this whole time and made me realize that as long as I'm happy and on track then there is nothing to worry about.
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I have been going to this college for almost three years now and I have immensely enjoyed my stay. All the professors and staff members are caring and awesome to work with. The campus cares deeply about their students and offer various majors and fields of work for any person regardless of sex, race, gender, and background. As a current Computer Science major, the professors I have taken are experienced and passionate in the field, which makes taking the major bearable.
When I first took a tour I was amazed. I knew that I wanted to attend LBCC in the future. I also knoww that going here would help me choose wisely of my future, in all aspects.
Small campus but very easy to get used to. People are nice and professors are very fair. Campus is very clean and well kept up.
I feel really comfortable going here and have made so many connections with many of the students. This college leaves a sense of open mindness for the students to experience. Also, the professors are always there for you to succeed. They always encourage you to continue your education and to be aware of current social issues. The only criticism I have is the administration staff. They are rude and provide no help. I sought help from several counselors and each told me something different so I then left it to myself to map out the rest of my college career at this college. Other than that, I have enjoyed my two years here.
A really great school with very caring professors. LBCC has many great opportunities for you and is one of the best community colleges that I have attended.
I’ve been attending lbcc since August 2010. At first I was upset I was attending because none of my friends were going but once I began the semester I started to find new friends and make great connections to people who could help me further my career. I joined the track team at lbcc which also help me break out of my shell. I was also involved in a few clubs as well. This school is a great school for anyone looking to save some money and find new friends who can motivate you and push you to the your limits in a good way. I recommend this school to all high school students and others wanting to go back to school , don’t let others discourage you from saving money make your future about you because it’s your future!
average Professors, average classes, not enough time slots offered for science based classes like Bio1A
This is my first semester at Long Beach City College. The small community allows students and professors to get more one on one time if any questions or concerns arise. Another nice thing about the campus is the Math, Writing, and Multidisciplinary success centers. Skilled tutors are readily available to help in any subject matter.
My experience at Long Beach City College is beyond amazing. The professors are so involved with every single one of their students. Help is offered all over campus.
I love that Long Beach City College is a nurturing home. Staff and students at LBCC are very friendly. LBCC clubs are incredibly social and extrovert. I enjoy being part of LBCC's Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society Club and the President's Ambassadors Program.
The diversity at Long Beach City College is great! The academics here are provided with professors that want to see you succeed! Our security has been more available for night time walks to students' cars. You get what you put in and this school is definitely a good investment when it comes to your education.
What I liked about Long Beach city college was that it was all diverse school. Everyone who you would ask for help would help you with anything. The professors there would work with you during there office hours in one on one and get the help you need. It offers many clubs you can join to make friends or even help you on certain stuff.
I like how they have different ways to help you achieve your education but having to re new our financial aid constantly is annoying.
Long Beach City College is a great school if you want to get your Associate Degree or transfer. The professors really do care about the learning and growth of their students. Students are involved on campus. LBCC is a diverse campus with so many ethnic backgrounds in every class. Great school, would recommend.
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I just adore how big it is for a 2 year college. I love how its so close to the beaches and the diversity is amazing. Its a great transfer school.
I've gone to this school for two years and I had a great experience especially with the professors. The teachers there understand when you struggle and they are willing to help you move forward to your goal. The only bad thing about LBCC is if your in the waiting list but pretty much everything is great.
The LBCC (PCC campus) is a beautiful well-maintained campus. There is plenty of parking for students and staff. Classrooms look nice and are air-conditioned. Professors are passionate about their field and truly care about their students' success. Although this campus is not in the best area of Long Beach, it makes up for it in architecture, parking, ease of commute, professors, and classes offered.
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