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I attend Lonestar Kingwood and I find it to be a great community college. The local area is small but is one of Houstons fastest growing areas. The professors are very laid back and understanding. They are all (at least the ones that I've had) very knowlegable in their field.
Lone Star North Harris is very organized in terms of scheduling and transitions. However, the college has many class option limitations. The professors are decent and average, but it does depend on the teacher choose. Like any college, students get a lot of freedom that comes with a lot of responsibility.
while I don't go to this Lone Star specifically, Lone Star Colleges tend to have a nice atmosphere around them. They tend to be an excellent place to obtain an associates degree, earn a certificate or Begin your college career.
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It is good because it is little, so more interaction with people is certain. There is a diverse culture here. There are people fresh out of high school, to mom s that come back to school for an education.
Lone Star College really meets a student’s needs. Staff and faculty are friendly to each other and the students. The campus is beautiful and well-kept.
I am enrolled at the Montgomery campus and it has been such a wonderful experience! The professors are amazing, there are so many campus events, and I have made lifelong friends!
Lonestar is a great community college to start at. It is affordable and they offer a lot of classes for any major. The campuses are large and classrooms are intimate. Most of the professors are great and are there to help you advance to the next step in your education.
I love how it is affordable to pay and the distance is convenient for me also. The restrooms are cleaned through out the day. There is always many events around the school going on (many give out free food). The professors are focused on their students and help as much as they can. There are many areas to hang out with friends.
I am a Student at LSC North Harris campus and i have almost no complaints with the school its self. People are typically friendly, professor's are very helpful and understanding. This campus is a really great way to start out your college experience. This will be my fourth year as a student there and i'm sad to leave it's an all around very safe feeling school and you actually feel as though you are a part of the community there.
Altogether not a bad community college, however watch what professor you take some do not teach the actual subject.
Excellent experience while attending this school. I am very happy because everyone helps me out, I am close to home and I am also able to work part-time. There are many clubs and activities to join. There is always going on at school. I always try to get involved and help out.
The school has improved my experience and academic standing. The diversity in the school also aided my understanding of culture.
They offer some of the best professors, but never slack off on work. Very nice, clean and diverse atmosphere.
I love that Lonestar has provided me with the opportunity to take Dual Credit classes. I also feel that the Professors I have had so far have been amazing and have striven to give the information in ways that promote true learning rather than just memorization. Though I wouldn't say the professors were necessarily easy on us, they made the information come easily so that the classes were not a struggle.
Lonestar college system is the best community college in Texas this is my second year at Lonestar college woodlands TX and now I am apart of the student success program and the college change my life from bad to good. the college offers free tutoring with multiple options and styles of tutoring. the classes are very cheap other than a major college.
Lone Star is exactly what you expect when you think of community college. There are a lot of up and as well as downs.
The support system is available and easy to access. I have personally found it easier to wrap my hands around the resources offered by this institution.
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I think LSCS is an affordable avenue to beginning a college education, “Start Close and Go Far” is there moto. I plan to use my education by going far without changing locations. LSCS is a Good choice.

What I’d change about LSCS is there must be technology that should assess and access students that’s improving and excelling. Once those students are recognized, there should be grants and scholarships awarded along with an encouraged opportunity for advancement through recruitment in other fields of study with LSCS.
The Lone Star College system has several community colleges spread all throughout the greater Houston area. I personally attend the North Harris campus and I've been enjoying the school. Most of my professors have been great and there is a student center in which students can relax and play pool, ping pong, and more.
My time at Lone Star has been pretty average as far as school goes. The proffessors are pretty good, and the classes arn't too dificult.
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