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Lone Star college is good for a start close to home. It has variety of opportunities for student to succeed in academics and as well as in sport. Great social event happening throughout the semesters.
I enjoy how the lonestar college system is overall very organized. They should try to help the students more. The advisors there dont do much ever.
I absolutely love Lone Star Community College. Never have I once had a problem with the instructors or staff. The professors are excellent, they care about your success and strive to help you with anything they can. We all know that college is expensive, but Lone Star makes it affordable to take classes that are transferrable to other colleges. My younger brother is starting his first year in two weeks and he is thrilled to begin his journey!
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As a student of Victory early college high school I am able to also take classes at the lonestar victory center which is the bottom floor of the highschool. As of my high school junior year I have also been able to travel to the lone star north harris campus to take some of my classes, I will also be attending the north harris campus for some of my classes in my high school senior year. As for how I am connected to the college system i chose "other" as I am unsure if I should choose sophomore ,since I have been taking college classes since my high school sophomore year, but I have not had a typical college schedule as I am also a high school student. The campus in both locations are very nice , the professors show interest in wanting to teach students to their best ability.
Lone Star was a great choice for my first two years of college. It was exceedingly cheaper than other universities, very close to my home address, and the classes were small, which helped in building relationships with professors. Most of my professors were very helpful and understanding, and rewarded good behavior and effort. I really enjoyed my experience at Lone Star.
it is a good school, professors are very helpful and they truly care about the student and they want their student to become successful.
Over all great staff. I felt welcomed from the moment i stepped in campus. They helped me filled out financial aid application. Overall process was easy.
I started with five classes, online and in person. Online classes helped me build a schedule with my school and other necessities. I had work in the morning and went to my person-on-person classes at night time. I've made A's on subjects I thought I wouldn't pass in high school. I went up to 90s and up at Lone Star. A tutoring session can be on person or online. I make a tutoring date in seconds and that works with my schedule. Sometimes I went to the CASA building after a long test to relax, there is ping pong tables, video games TVs, a hockey table, and more! If a student decides to work in the facility, they get discounts or money to pay their textbooks and other school needs. Lone star is also more cheap than other schools. A class could be 200 where in another college would be 25,000. I am taking classes here before transferring to another college where they would charge me thousands of more dollars for the same clases. I'm thankful for being part of the Lone Star College System.
Despite one emotional art teacher who didn't take "conflict" well (dissenting opinion), I have enjoyed all of my time at Lone Star college. Unique teachers offering unique perspectives, interesting classroom dynamics, several campus locations and online course. Love it!
I like how they have many campus locations available in the greater Houston area and a wide range of online options.
Well Lone star College System is a very good college because you can go there before going to a 4 year university if you are undecided on your major or if you just want to take your basic college classes since they are cheaper than a 4 year university. Also while my time there that i attend college they have very good and helpful professors. If i were to see any senior graduating from high school i would recommend them to attend Lone Star College
Coming into college, I didn't know what to expect, besides a heavier workload. I have not used everything that is available to me, so I myself don't have much to go on. But I will say that I've made my mistakes and have already learned a bunch of useful things. My first year of college was far from encouraging, but this second year will be much different.
The Lone Star College system is a fantastic place to learn at a great pace. It is warm and friendly for all types of students to excel!
I completed the Massage Therapy program at Lone Star 8 years ago. I am going back now to get an Associates Degree in Physical Therapy.
I believe Lone Star is a good stepping stone for those students who may not quite be ready to jump into the university atmosphere, it is a plus that you get to save some money doing so. I would like to see more diverse programs and classes at the Colleges as well as studying abroad available to every location.
Great community college to start your college career at. There is nothing too special about it, it's affordable, and it really helped me transition into my four-year university now.
The campus is a safe and inviting atmosphere. The professors in the Human Services Department are genuinely invested in the learning outcome of their students. The diversity of the students is quite amazing. The core classes for the Human Services 7 Substance Abuse degrees are very well put together.
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I started going to Lone Star because I wanted to do all my basics before I actually get to the good stuff. They have such great professers. I love how they can work with your work schedule as well.
The faculty and students are AMAZING!! Everyone genuinely cares about education here, and are eager to help others get the best education they can.
Lone-star is one of the best community college. They have enough academics adviser who can help you with anything like transferring or academic plan. Till now I had great experience with professors, it does not matter class is in person or online, professors are always ready to help you out. All campuses have great location. They have great safety team there emergency phones in every hallways, there is more than 4 campus police cars always driving around the campus. They have great student life system. There is building which is specifically for students to come and relax or play games. I would definitely recommend lone-star college to every high school students who are planning to enroll in community college, it is best way to start your college life and easy way to save money for you further higher education.Overall I would like to give 5/5 rating which is based on my personal experience.
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