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Lone Star College offered a great education at an even better price. I was able to pay my way through my Associates Degree out of pocket in my early twenties, which is almost unheard of in most major universities! The staff truly cares about your education. It really is like getting a major university experience for a price you can afford. The campus was always growing with people and new buildings to fit new students. Great campus, great educators, great price!
Class selection was a bit limited. however, the entire staff is wonderful. There are activities offered like a big university.
Lone Star College has allowed me to become a critical thinker. The professors really care about your learning capabilities and are there to make sure you succeed
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I like lone star because it helps students achieve associated degrees or job programs to help them succeed.
Great place to start your first years of college. Allow you to get comfortable and used to the adjustment from high school to college. They offer all the courses you need to take. All of the professor that I've had have all been great. I can honestly say i have not had a single problem at this school, and i am very grateful for the opportunity of being to start my college career here.
Lone Star College was close to home and wasn't very costly compared to going to university. I was able to complete my associate's degree and take general classes at a lower price to later transfer to university as a junior for my bachelor's degree. Lone Star professors were also very helpful and cared about their student's success.
I really liked the professors at Lone Star. They were very helpful and really care for the students. The professors go out of there way to help you and make sure that you are learning the information. I just wish that the advisers knew more about what classes to take that are good to transfer to other colleges. I wish the advisers could tell you which classes you need to take that will transfer for your major instead of telling you which classes to take for your associates.
It has many programs that are offered to the students. With 70% of the training time practiced, the College aims to provide solid career skills for learners to pursue a career that suits their abilities and interests in the future. This means that in college you will be exposed to the "multitude of conditions" of the profession, be recognized profession in many different aspects and especially to be "trained" through many forms such as: practice, discussion, group exercise, project, essay, report ...
I really liked how Lone Star College had multiple campuses which made the commute to the campus so much easier. There's nothing I would say they needed to change the cy-fair campus was my favorite overall with many study places, particularly in the huge library.
The students and professors were great to be around. It was a very welcoming environment. I feel like my experience at LoneStar has prepared me for the next college I plan to attend and also for my future career.
University Park's science department is wonderful. Excellent professors, especially in the Biology department, really nice science building as well. However, I do wish this location had more clubs and extracurriculars outside of things like student government. Strange to invest so much money into a science building without having many, if any, options for science extracurriculars.
Great college system that actually tries to invest in the students so long as they put in the work. Caring staff and will work with you. Great teachers and great campuses.
Lone Star College would be my first and go-to choice for students who want a convenient and affordable college option that makes it easy to transfer to a 4-year institution afterwards.
Love my experience at lone star. Everywhere i go on campus there are friendly faces and an opportunity to learn even outside of the classroom. Love that Lone star is affordable and it is an awesome return on my investment.
I will begin their nursing program this fall, and so far I have nothing but great things to say about this college. The professors are great and very helpful. Everyone is friendly and I really like the atmosphere. I recommend this college to anyone looking for something affordable.
Excellent School with great professors, well diversified classes, and a variety of courses to take that all cater to the career of pursuit that best fits a student.
I Love the small class size. It allows for more one on one with the professors. There are many resources at your disposal. Such at the "write place" where English professors go to help guide students who are having trouble writing or need a paper proofread before submitting them.
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I started college in October 2017 and I already have 18 credits. The Dean, the advisors and the teachers are very helpful. The has been a life changing experience. I feel more open-minded, I am more articulate when I speak, and my critical thinking skills had increased. I love this school and thank them for the opportunity to get my degree so easily and affordably.
Lonestar college is an amazing community college. The professors truly care about you and want you to succeed. There's police officers always driving around in golf carts, so you feel safe, and the students work together and encourage each other to achieve their goals.
Really good experience throughout the whole time i knew i was getting what i paid for. im also not in college yet but i do plan on attending lone star and i have heard nothing but good things.
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