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Lonestar was a very good start for me, i got to live at home and eat free meals! The professors are very nice.
Lonestar college is a fast growing community college. Its strongest points are the professors and the overall atmosphere on campus.
my lone star college experience is great the environment is so welcoming and helpful they have signs and little events throughout the month. first coming in I felt a bit nervous but I love my campus. (Lone Star North Harris) What I would like to see change is there be more social grouping or interacting with other peers and professors.
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Lone Star College has many professors that one can choose from. Majority of these professors have a vast array of knowledge in their field of study, answer questions quickly and efficiently, and are focused on having their students succeed in their classes. Some professors are tougher than others, but they still treat students with the utmost respect and provide as much assistance. Front office staff is a hit or miss at Lone Star College, but they are definitely more efficient than most junior colleges.
Lone Star College, at any campus, is truly a great experience for most. Not only do the professors work to rebuild your love for education, they also relate to you in many ways most four year professors would not.
This is my first semester in lone star college and i am really happy about it. From the advisors to your professors it seems like everyone cares and they care about your future.
Lone Star College is a great community college system where you can still go to college and have a lot more time to determine where you want to go. I didn't know what major I wanted to be and Lone Star was a great college to go to. It is a perfect place to finish your basics and then later on you go to a four year college.
I love Lone Star College. There is small class sizes and every professor I have had has always had office hours where they are available for one on one teaching if you need extra help. They honestly want to see you succeed!
I attend Lone Star College Cy-Fair (at the Cypress Station). I've met some great professors and advisers at this school. I'd highly recommend this community college over HCC.
Lone Star College is a college that helps you to build confidence, and with the help of professor and staff members, you obtain the necessary support to have academic success.
Lone Star College is a system provided for student looking for further education without the high cost of tuition. The atmosphere in Lone Star has and always will feel comfortable and safe. The college occasionally organizes public student activities, such as: club fests, free breakfast, and more! Overall, great college to enroll in. I'm currently enrolled with a purpose of having a 2 year degree and transferring later, and Lone Star provides trade schooling too.
Lone Star is a great 2 year community college. They many programs and the teachers are very good. My overall experience has been great so far.
its been a very good experience with lonestar, the environment is very friendly and the professors are great. There are many options available for tutoring students.
I really like this college. The atmosphere and campus is very nice. My classes are great this semester and its very affordable as well!
I like it alot ,its rteally good place to go to i think of it as a grade repair,once your done you can transfer to a four year university
Lonestar College is a great college to attend. There are many activities after class to help you stay on top of your academics. There are so many helpful programs and teachers that dedicate themselves to helping you.
Lone Star is a great introduction to the routine of college. Professors are very knowledgeable in their respective fields.Campus is clean and well laid out. Classes are small, making it easy to communicate with your professor as well as other students in the same course. However, the Lone Star website could definitely use some improvement. Online classes have been a problem as some professors do not communicate well while others will require you to drive to campuses over an hour away in order to get approved for an online course.
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My experience at Lone Star College is amazing. The professors are really good with their students. When I walk into class, I can see the readiness on all my Instructors faces. They teach thoroughly and they make sure you comprehend what is being taught. The students are all very friendly. People from all over the world attend Lone Star College. It's amazing to see all the different cultures in one place. The school is very diverse. I'm very excited I am enrolled in Lone Star College. They have helped me see my future from where I am now. I have to say, it's amazing.
I have not been to it, but I have looked at pictures and it looks very pretty. It is also very close to my house and I can drive there.
I really enjoy attending here. The school has given me the best college experience so far. They offere a free gym membership, free tutoring, and a public’s library. I’ve had great teachers so far and the clubs they offer are really good. The advisors are super helpful, I’ve changed my major 2 times and each time they have been helpful with me picking my classes and helping me with me schedule since I work part time.
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