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The academic level of classes as well as the variety of different courses is undoubtedly exceptional at LSE! Also, another advantage is the small size of seminars. In addition, there are so many students from all over the world! Just this week I got to know a girl from Iceland and a boy from Nepal - never before in my life did I meet some body from those countries - what an experience! At the same time, the good level of academic requires a lot of work. In fact, the workload is very intense, most students spend seven days a week several hours studying. More precisely, most classes have intensive required readings list which are necessary to keep up with for the final exams.
Being an active member of the Rowing Team, my experience of the LSE Athletic Union is great: we have the chance to practice on one of the most illustrious tideways in the world.

However, at LSE, the AU is what you make of it: the more you give the more you get. Trainings can be demanding, particularly with the academic demands.
The school is very secure - as no one lives on campus, there is little attraction for criminal activity.
Review London School of Economics & Political Science
Though the library can be crowded midway through and towards the end of term (when essay deadlines abound), the opening of the new students center next year should fix that issue, and computers will be widespread across campus.
It's rainy quite often. Depending on where you're from, it can also feel quite cold. Dress warm and bring waterproof clothing!
I give LSE a lower grade, not because the university is doing a poor job, but simply because it is an open campus in the center of London and thus there is going to be some theft. I don't feel unsafe on campus, but I am more aware of my belongings than I would perhaps be at a different location.
There are many computers in the library, but there are so many undergraduate and postgraduate students at LSE, that it's difficult to find an unoccupied one. There are not many other computer options, because the labs are usually occupied with class. Bringing your own laptop to school will save you a lot of time you'd otherwise spend trying to find an unoccupied computer.
LSE has a variety of eating places on campus (including pubs, cafeterias, and cafes), but even if you don't find something on campus you fancy, LSE is surrounded by plenty of sandwich shops and other dining options.
Very difficult to park a car. I cannot recommend it.
Has the merits and problems of a central London location
Very good academic quality. Mostly published, some leaders in their field
Good academic qualities. In the international programs, limited opportunities to interact
The library and the new academic building are very recent and beautiful. Most london students use our library which is the biggest social sciences library in the world
LSE is known for being the university with the most diverse student body in the world. 60% of undergrads are international students (of which 40% are asian, 10% european and 10% from the americas)
Public Transportation is almost perfect in London. There are plenty of buses that can take you anywhere quickly, and the underground is useful although it is pretty old. It is too expensive however.
Not many on campus restaurants. However the few ones available offer good food for decent prices.
Tourism and Hospitality Management – With a good orientation and close help from the admibistration,I will say it is good.
Review London School of Economics & Political Science
London the Heart of the UK – My school is located in london,one of the worlds most busy town.most people think London is a country of its own.because of the way it is spoken of and the busy nature of the is also a very expensive town to leave in as it is very expensive
It Was Ok, but Real Life Is Better. University is a learning curve and although enjoyable at the time it is not an experience I would repeat. The grades are important but it doesn't reflect real life.
The campus building are close by so walking is the option everyone uses
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