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Very comfortable surroundings. The campus is well situated for a great college and academic experience.
My experience at Loma Linda University has been an eye opener. The students, staff, and people there are all welcoming. I never felt like an outsider, they treated me like family even though I was not raised in a Seventh Day Adventist religion. I feel that the only issue at Loma Linda University is parking, parking for students are inconvenient and should be changed.
I love the focus of Loma Linda on the whole person. The academics are rigorous and challenging; I feel that I am getting a solid foundation to start my career. All of my professors have been helpful when concepts are difficult to grasp. All the students seem to be serious about their education, so it’s an environment that facilitates learning.
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This is a phenomenal university that really cares and strives for your success. Not only in the classes or programs, but also in all aspects of life.
so far I love it. I'm trying to get into their phlebotomy program. I also am about to begin volunteering for them. also I want to join their nursing program. loma linda is a really good hospital and helped me out a lot when I had a near death experienced. I would be honored to attend their school and eventually work for them
It is a Seventh Adventist school and so they are very religious. But everyone is very nice. You are required to go to chapel once a week but if you have a job or a practicum during that time you will be excused. The campus is quite pretty but small. This school has an undergraduate program but it is very small. Most of the students on campus are graduate students. The school focus on health and encourage the vegetarian diet, no caffeine, and no alcohol.
I love Loma Linda! The school is amazing and the people here are very nice! They hold you to a high standard but that is why they have such a good reputation.
My experience with the university has been a different one, ask me two years ago and I would say no way. But there have corrected their wrong doing and have made steps to repair the relationship and am excited about the opportunities here.
I wish LLU had a better gym. the weight room is so small. I feel like they do not maximize their space. It gets very crowded since there's only 1 machine for a certain type of workout.
I appreciate the 1:1 learning ratio and how the professors actually care for their student's well being.
I love Loma Linda University! Such a beautiful campus and everyone I have encountered, administration, teachers, students, have all been so friendly, welcoming and helpful!
I took A & P at Loma LInda 2 years ago and I loved the school and classes I took, therefore I pursed to get a masters degree there. I the facility itself is incredible because there are so many resources considering that it specialized in the medical field. The staff was also amazing. They are genuine, caring, and thoughtful people who really focus on nurturing your education.
The whole city is super Christian so it's difficult to find good bars/clubs nearby.
Most people here are very conservative so even when there are parties, they are VERY lame.
This school is great for studying pretty much any health profession that you may be interested in.
I would estimate that at least half of the student body is either a minority or an international student which is excellent for diversity at this school. While most people identify as Christian they are still accepting of other Judeo-Christian beliefs and respect others' regardless of their sexual orientation, socio-economic background, or preference for eating meat.
Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited and pretty much no one partakes.
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Professors are passionate, experienced, and multicultural which makes for a rich and worthwhile learning experience. Courseload is as expected.
There's no party life at school. You have to go off campus to party.
There's a strict no partying policy on campus
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