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The University itself is beautiful. The student to faculty ratio is very low, which is great for one on one interaction with professors. Small classroom sizes but world-class academics. All of the professors are PhD certified. Fantastic science center with clean and up-to-date lab technologies.
Lock Haven is a small university where everyone knows your name. Facetime with instructors is a given.
I love the classroom environment at Lock Haven although there is nothing to do off campus. There should be more of environment outside of the university so the students can go somewhere other then the class and the room. The professor believe in their students and want them to succeed.
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I am going to be a college sophomore starting this year. I really enjoy going to Lock Haven, everyone knows everyone. It is a small school and is in a small town and has a beautiful campus especially in the spring. I met so many great people my freshman year and can not wait to continue my journey.
Lock Haven University is a great school for anyone looking for a one on one college education. Each faculty member takes the time to get to know you and genuinely cares about how well you do. It offers many opportunities outside of the classroom that is fun and interesting. Although I will be transferring in the fall because I am changing my major, I would recommend Lock Haven University to anyone looking for a strong education.
A good small university. Small class sizes make learning more personalized. The campus is clean and scenic. The professors that I have dealt with have all been knowledgeable and eager to help you succeed.
Lock Haven Clearfield campus is perfect if you are looking for a small campus. However, recourses are limited at Clearfield. If you have online classes, you never meet your professors unless you make the drive up to main campus, which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from the Clearfield campus. The main focus at Clearfield campus is criminal justice and nursing. If you don't fall into that category, chances are you'll have to transfer to main campus at some point. I do feel that Clearfield campus is a nice transition from high school to college. It allows you to get a feel for what college is really like.
It is a great small collage. The only issues are that a large amount of the professors are from other countries. There is a language barrier.
Lock Haven is the absolute best college for me. It start with the staff and how close everyone is, although it's in the middle of nowhere everyone is a family.
Lock Haven is a very good school. They have a very good Biology and Health Science programs. The professors are very good.
I am a college freshman, I enjoy lock haven university it is the right size for a person like me and the professors for the most part are very nice and helpful.
I love that Lock Haven University has small classes. Coming from a small school I'm used to small classes so it was very easy to get used to. I also love that because of this you really get close with the other students in the class and the one on one time needed with any professor. I love my major department (Criminal Justice) and the people who run it. I feel vey welcomed and I know I have the best of professors to help me grow in my future career.
Lock haven is the best college! And the price is so reasonable! If I had to choose again I would definitely pick it over and over again!!
Lock Haven University is a very well maintained campus. The professors are very helpful and know what it is they are talking about. The surrounding students are all very friendly and very helpful in any way that a first year student might need.
The school is nice. I has a great environment, and has good facilities. The sports are good here and there are club sports if you don't want to join the schools sports team. The weight room is average. The cops in the area seem to very active but that's not always a good thing. The dorms are nice and taken care of fairly well.
The campus is beautiful and the professors are friendly and welcoming but the food at Bentley dining hall could improve.
I really enjoyed the scenery there . The community was amazing. It was a very different experience for me being away from home but making some friends really helped a lot with homesickness.
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A great university for people who work well in a small class room environment. The student life is great, the university has alot of free activities for students so you don't have to worry about being bored. There is tutoring for almost a'll classes and if the class does not have tutoring the profeesors usually try there best to help you. Only down side to this university is that there is not much to do in town, you would need to drive out of town if you want to go somewhere.
Very good school academically, great teacher and good location. The dorms are over priced, they are not that good but still cost almost the same as the tuition. The campus police are the only problem the school has
I attended Lock Haven University in the 90s. I enjoyed the small town atmosphere. It was a safe environment and easy access to the buildings. Lock Haven provided me with a degree in Mass Communications and Spanish. The teachers were great. Recently, I attended an open house with my son. I was impressed with the food and all the new updates they had throughout the campus. It is still a great place to attend!
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