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Lock Haven has a beautiful campus. The buildings are spread out, but at a great distance. The classes are smaller, about twenty to thirty students. If you like one on one time with teachers or professors, this is a great college. There a lot of options to choose from class and major wise, as well as minors.
there's nothing wrong with it just a huge decrease in numbers. the campus is small but everyone knows everyone. the food is decent but like almost every college you get the same choices almost every day.
Lock Haven is a great school academically and truly challenges students to improve through academics. Personally, I feel that money that the school receives could be better spent improving the inside of the buildings or updating some equipment rather than focusing on the exterior of buildings. Living here is a great experience, the dorms are comfortable. The town is a bit small but still has everything you could need. Overall a great school.
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Lock Haven was very friendly and welcoming. Another thing I like was the hand a lot of people willing to help in generally and academically to.
So far I love the community and all of the friends that I have made. Some of the teachers just read off of powerpoint and don't know how to actually engage their classes. On the other hand if you walk into any professor's office they will be more than happy to answer any questions in any amount of detail.
The scenery is second-to-none. The big university style is felt in some classes, it is definatly important to get to know the professors, that is something with which I struggled and it made it harder to succeed. It is great how they try to implement major courses in a schedule right away, and the advisors help first semester freshman get involved. It is certainly a community feel around campus and in the town. It isn't really a rowdy atmosphere, it is very calm and a very good place for studying. I noticed many people have athletic-like majors, and their sports teams aren't great, but the atmosphere is improving. Overall, it is a home away from home, pretty quiet, but really focused on academics, be sure to not fall behind early. The professors are really knowledgeable, have good relations with the surrounding environment, and display good preparation for jobs.
I love going to Lock Haven University and I feel like the education that I'm getting there is definitely benefitting me, however, I would like to see a change in some of the professors that are employed there, especially those without tenure. Some of the professors don't take teaching seriously and it makes it difficult for the students to take their class seriously in the end.
I am a freshman at Lock Haven University. I chose Lock Haven because they have an awesome health science program. The professors are very helpful and know almost everyone by name. I love the location in the winter and fall it is beautiful. I couldn't be happier with my decision!
I think that Lock Haven is a great school. The small classes make it easy to connect with students and professors. It is also a relatively easy to navigate campus and there is a good variety of foods. The people and campus make it an all around nice place to be. I think the Fairview suites are the nicest place to stay if you are not commuting. My only issue with the school is a lack of water refill stations. I would recommend the school to anyone who wants a relatively small and friendly college.
I am a senior in high school looking into receiving a scholarship for college. I wish that this website would make it easier for this because I am not in college yet.
So far my first semester at LHU has been an awesome experience. Not only is it great that all classes and rec areas are close by, but also that the academics are easy to keep up with.
My experience at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania has been a wonderful one thus far. As a member of the University Marching Band, Concert Band, Community Orchestra, and having joined the National Honorary Band Fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, as well as taking full course loads each semester that I've been here, alongside of working part time, I have still managed to enjoy and love every moment that I've had here. This university has helped me grow as a person, student, and musician, while helping me to never lose sight of the goal of graduation.
I love going to school here at Lock Haven. It's small, just like my hometown, and the mountains are beautiful. I've learned so much since coming to school here because the majority of the professors are amazing. Even though they may not all be the best, they all genuinely want you to succeed.
Currently a sophomore..student to teacher ratio is pretty good. Several majors to choose from. Lots of clubs and activities
I always feel safe on campus. I haven never been threatened.
I reside in the fairview suites here at Lock Haven and they are the only residence hall with air conditioner.
Greek life is always being promoted all around campus and they always seem welcoming and friendly!
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At Lock Haven, the athletics are always promoted. Some sports are more excelled than others but there are always improvements that can be made!!
You get what you put in.
I am focused on that right now.
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