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Lively Technical Center - Adult Education Reviews

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Administration is terrible and they act like they do not want to help students. They told me i didn't qualify for financial aid but wouldn't tell me why. I went to the school to talk to someone and the person in charge of financial aid acted like she couldnt be bothered and didn't want to help.
My name is Erica Johnson. I am 34 years old. I am a single parent of two. I currently work at River Chase Care Center as a CNA. I have been working for River Chase for 5 years and 2 months. I love what I do. I start Lively Technical Center next month. I am very excited. I will pursue my education in nursing. I plan to graduate in May of 2019. I plan to further my education as an RN in the near future. I hope you all consider me for this scholarship.
I thoroughly enjoyed attending the cosmetology program at Lively Technical Center. I learned so much during this year of being there. I love that the school is so involved in helping students get jobs right after they graduate. It is so nice to have opportunities coming from so many places. It is a great place to learn hands-on and to be able to walk out of graduation with a job waiting for you. I honestly can not come up with anything that I feel like they really need to change.
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The monthly BBQ in our class makes learning fun. And the bar down the street doesn't card
The online courses are easy to use and I feel that I have benefited from them.
It is a huge work load and requires a great amount of study time.
I'm in the licensed practical nursing program. Starting February 16th, we have an externship at a site of your choice for 8 weeks. It will be a great learning experience.
I think that I am mostly getting my money's worth, the teachers are all well educated.
They often spring things on you that you had no idea about and always expect you to be flexible.
Sometimes it's hard to get in touch with a teacher or even the director of nursing at our school. We aren't always informed of what we need to know in a timely manner.
Our class (PN 122) ranges from all ages, 18 to 40's. 28 women and 2 men.
I have learned a lot in this licensed practical nursing program that I am currently in at lively technical center in Tallahassee, Florida. We have had a lot of hands on experience.
Ha! Most of Lively are middle aged folks looking for something to do or high school drop outs who realized they need money somehow. They're great people to get to know regardless.
I've never taken an online course at this school. We do use online textbooks however, it goes through safety skills and how to properly conduct oneself on the work site.
They have employers come and watch students from time-to-time to see who they may want to hire. However, if you are not at a certain point in your studies you are not permitted to meet with the employers until a certain point is met.
There are numerous welding booths and plenty of resources and tools to complete the work at hand. We're supplied with top of the line equipment and work in a safe working environment.
all in all it's an okay school
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teachers are very good,but admin is all aBOUT MONEY!
Tuision is very high,$2000.00 a semester!And being on VRAP the first semester they let me make 3 payments to pay tuision. Second semester they want half up front(1000.00 and then balance in 2 payments!And they would not let me enroll for second semester until i pay the 1000.00 and i cannot until i get another check,but they want their money!At Lively its all about money!!I graduated there from electrical program in 1984,now 30 years later the administation dept. is all about MONEY!!!SAD!
they offer wide variety of skills to learn for 21st century!
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