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Well when I first started college I was an undecided major. I wanted to major in music but the college I am at right not did not have that option. But this semester I declared my major as Early Childhood Education. They are a lot of courses in this certain major but the coursework it easy to understand and besides reading their is not a lot of outside work to do. My professor for these courses is very understandable and easy to talk to when anyone has a question and explains in depth the curriculum of the class.
The application process was fairly easy. Very understandable and I had people to go to if I had any questions.
It's a great college to go to because the staff and professors here are just wonderful and they always take the time to see how things are going with you schooling. And the tuition and cost here are reasonably average with a little help.
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There is not much to do in the options listed because it is too small.
I love the size of the classes you are able to ask questions. The instructors are kind and gentle and are willing to help you. The instructors treat you as a student not a number.
Since the school is small they have great instructor student interaction I am not a number I am an actual student.
The instructors are easy to work with and they are willing to work with you and your family life.
We have a student success center for tutors and a quiet space for students to study. The library is an awesome place to go to study and to have quiet time! Since the school is small there is not much campus activities for students to do.
I am now a college sophomore and I have learned new things and made it worth the money.
I am not aware of the whole thing just yet.
I have had struggles but eventually and soon after I was ablle to transfer everything.
I am not aware of any online courses here at Little Big Horn College.
The student body government does a lot for our college, from activities to working to get better connection between all students.
The resources we have here at Little Big Horn College is amazing. The departments all have welcoming intentions and always go out of their way to make sure that you get what you need and to offer you more to acheive what you are here for. The sthletic facility and student success center are always a great experience.
I'm doing great with the help of my instructors, the class sizes are small and prefcet so everyone gets a chance to talk one on one with the instructor through out class.
I like Little Big Horn College because of how they help so much and encourage students to find great resources and they hold tribal and community events to bring the students a lot closer to each other and the faculty similar to a tight knit family is basically the point.
Human Services is a great program here at Little Big Horn College. The workload is average as in not too heavy and not too light. The facility the program is active in is great! I have not yet started an internship nor a job so I am not to certain of that area. The curriculum is fair and great.
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The tuition is very reasonable and I applied for financial aid and they distribute the money in 2 weeks so i can not comment on that. I got everything in for financial aid before school so that I wouldn't have to scrounge around and wait in line on freshman orientation day. I believe it is important to do that on time.
I really enjoy my major that I'm in. It's pretty diverse so I'm learning a lot about various things which I believe will somehow be helpful to the field I want to be in. The workload so far is decent. I try to utilize the facilities which are helpful.
The computer network at my school is pretty good. The library has a lot of computers open to students (and non-students) so I'm always guaranteed a computer. There is also a computer lab in the Driftwood Lodges (where most of the classes are) and there might be a few but I'm not too sure. There is another one too in the Student Union Building but I'm not too sure what all the restrictions are if they're only for class or general use. The wireless connection is pretty good for the most part. The fastest internet you will get is in the Driftwood Lodges and the Student Union Building. The library tends to be slow sometimes probably due to the amount of students who use it. Printing is free but to copy it costs you less than a dollar I believe. If you would like to sit on the couches like I do instead of sitting at a desktop for a long time, I would recommend getting a laptop.
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