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Lipscomb is a beautiful school. It has a basis of faith, which for Christians is a great bonus. The professors do everything they can to help you succeed, as well as find your calling. It will be hard to find a class where the professor does not want to help you grow and see you flourish. The college is expensive; but they do offer ample scholarship to those who apply.
Lipscomb is an interesting animal. They claim their Chrisitan values and a connection with the Churches of Christ. Being in this environment every day and being a member of a Church of Christ, I find Lipscomb not closely related to the doctrine. Teachers will be flexible and will accommodate students more than larger universities. Social Clubs are the big hot thing here.
Lipscomb University is a really good school. The professors care about the students and wants the best for each and every one of them. The diversity is not that great, but they are working to ensure that the diverse student population excells. People on campus are friendly and you're able to build relationships with the staff on campus since you see them almost every day.
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The environment is welcoming and the people are so friendly! At Lipscomb, you will feel like you're home. You will make many friendships that last a lifetime. I chose Lipscomb so I wouldn't be peer pressured into doing things that go against my morals. Lipscomb has always been my dream college and I'm so glad to be apart of the family. Go Bisons!
Lipscomb has changed my life. I have been extremely involved on campus and feel welcomed like I never have before. The staff is great, the campus is safe, the student body is generally very fun and kind. The schooling is also very very good, however it is a bit expensive so try to get scholarship money.
I enjoy the small class sizes as well as the small campus. It's easy to get around, however, parking sucks. They need to stop building so many parking lots and build some garages. Until then, good luck finding a spot.
I love Lipscomb University. The advisors are prompt in their responses. I love how Lipscomb integrates faith and the belief in God in many of the courses.
I started Lipscomb University in the Spring of 2017. I have been to three other schools, and I have yet to experience to a school like Lipscomb. The staff, faculty, and other students are all so friendly and helpful. Everyone makes a true effort to help you succeed. The courses are challenging and educational, the campus is small but very beautiful.
I am a rising freshman at Lipscomb but I love the school. From the experiences I have already had so far I can tell this is going to be a great experience for me.
I am so in love with Lipscomb. It has transformed me into a person that is so much better than who I was when I first came. Everyone is so friendly there, and I know I have made connections that will last me my entire life.
As far as academics, it's great. They want you to graduate at this school, but the courses are tough. On the social tip, Lipscomb is majority white. It's really not for black people, coming from a black female. And I won't conform. I'm there for my education and I want a job when I graduate. It's like selling a brand.
Because it's located in Nashville, the area is green and green galore. Lipscomb is a small campus making it easier to see your friends. Also you don't have to walk as far to go from class to class.
Lipscomb University is a great college. The professors are awesome and you can tell how much they truly care about your well-being. The connections I have made will help me create job opportunities after college.
I absolutely love Lipscomb University! It has small class sizes so that the professors are able to know your name and have a relationship with their students. All of the professors will go the extra mile in order to make concepts clearer. The student life is also great! The sense of community that you get at Lipscomb is something that I was searching for and definitely found. Lipscomb is a great school with a high emphasis on making sure that the students understand and learn the concepts in order to thrive in every day life during and after college.
Good education institution that is interested in the outcome of their students' learning experience.
The school is a small, tight-knit community in the middle of Nashville. I am a senior and have loved all four years there. It is not without its faults but the faculty truly care about you and want to help you succeed. The classes are generally small which allows for great relationships with professors.
Responsive, caring, knowledgeable professors; strong academics; extremely safe campus; Christian role models; Flexible and professional
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I have loved my experience at Lipscomb; it is unlike any other university I have visited or heard about. It is a safe family environment that develops the student professionally, academically, socially, and spiritually. It has positively impacted my life in many ways and will continue to impact me for years to come, even after I graduate.
Challenging academics as well as a strong Christian environment, but you won't feel left out if you aren't a Christian. Teachers care about how well their students do, more so than that of many other schools.
I like the people and the Christian environment but I do not like their priorities of building new residence halls and sacrificing parking spaces
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