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Lipscomb is where you can really connect to people from all over. The environment is very friendly and God associated into every class. They are true believers, but never force their beliefs onto you. People from all religions are able to enjoy their time here and get a fair learning experience.
most amazing experience of my life. sooo much community and others with similar values!!! dont know what i'd do or where i'd be w/o Lippy! HORNS UP
so many areas on campus to plug in and get involved. the faculty truly cares about their students and not just educating them, but their development as sons and daughters of the King. Nashville is wonderful too, because there are so many great and unique opportunities offered in the city.
Here's the thing: Lipscomb suffocates you with rules so if you like to party, expect everything to be extremely lowkey and hard to plan. There are open hours for freshmen dorms, but they are only 3 hours long and like twice a month. After the first couple were way too hyped up as if were actually 12 years old and girls and boys suddenly realized they don't have cooties, everybody kind of stopped going.
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I went to Lipscomb Summer Scholars over the summer and it was one of the best experiences I've had. It was part of my deciding factors.
My favorite thing about Lipscomb University is the family environment. The first time I visited campus everyone, from the faculty to the students, was so nice and welcoming. They really made me feel like I belong here. Now that I am attending Lipscomb, nothing has changed. i meet new people all the time and everyone is so kind. Another thing that drew me to this university was the opportunities here. Being so close to downtown Nashville there are so many opportunities, from jobs to internships. The last thing that drew me here was the college of business. Lipscomb university currently has the number one business program in Tennessee. Going into business, the opportunities offered here were just too good to turn down
I remember the first day that I stepped foot on campus to take a tour, and I immediately knew that I did not want to go anywhere else. The culture was amazing. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I did not bother scheduling additional tours with other colleges.
Academically, Lipscomb has some of the best professors I have ever gotten the privilege to know. The staff in general at Lipscomb, besides the president and vice president, are absolutely incredible! However, the social scene at LU is crap. The people there are so concerned with fitting in and joining a social club they become fake and superficial. They'll tell you that you don't have to join a social club to feel welcome but they're lying. Lipscomb students live for their social clubs and worship them. If you can stomach it, the academics and Nashville scene make it worth it, but you won't feel comfortable there until your junior or senior year. Lipscomb can be awesome if you don't fall into the trap and lose your identity.
Christian and private are its perks. Parking is absolutely terrible. Security overwrite parking tickets, even though they know there are no spaces to park. School is very small, as there are too many students accepted into this college. Food has limited options and is expensive. The college, itself, is too expensive for both undergraduate and graduate professions. It's not worth the hype or money.
The student life here is nothing like anything else I have ever scene. Ever since I started attending this university, I have felt nothing but love and care from my peers.
Lipscomb is a beautiful campus and is a friendly environment. The mental health counseling masters program has been excellent. The professors take time to get to know you and really care about your success. There are so many things to do here in Nashville on your free time.
It was a wonderful college experience i loved the campus feel and everything. not only did i like the way i was accepted but it felt like home
I love Lipscomb University! The education is excellent and the small class sizes really allow me to get the extra help when needed and I feel that the teachers are fully committed to their students' success. The campus is great and has everything needed in a mid-size area. I'm a graphic design major and their art program is one of the best! Can't wait to go back this fall!
I like how Lipscomb gives you a Christian atmosphere, but how it's also in a big city so there's plenty of outreach and fun things to do.
Lipscomb University is a great school in Nashville, Tennessee located five minutes from downtown. Although the school is Church of Christ centered, it is a diverse college and is home to multiple religions and cultures within the student body.
Wonderful university! Professors actually care about students and will go out of the way to help you succeed.
Lipscomb has given me so many great things like a renewed relationship with God. At the same time, it definitely gives into the Christian stereotype of no drinking or premarital sex, etc.
Lipscomb is a beautiful school. It has a basis of faith, which for Christians is a great bonus. The professors do everything they can to help you succeed, as well as find your calling. It will be hard to find a class where the professor does not want to help you grow and see you flourish. The college is expensive; but they do offer ample scholarship to those who apply.
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Lipscomb is an interesting animal. They claim their Chrisitan values and a connection with the Churches of Christ. Being in this environment every day and being a member of a Church of Christ, I find Lipscomb not closely related to the doctrine. Teachers will be flexible and will accommodate students more than larger universities. Social Clubs are the big hot thing here.
Lipscomb University is a really good school. The professors care about the students and wants the best for each and every one of them. The diversity is not that great, but they are working to ensure that the diverse student population excells. People on campus are friendly and you're able to build relationships with the staff on campus since you see them almost every day.
The environment is welcoming and the people are so friendly! At Lipscomb, you will feel like you're home. You will make many friendships that last a lifetime. I chose Lipscomb so I wouldn't be peer pressured into doing things that go against my morals. Lipscomb has always been my dream college and I'm so glad to be apart of the family. Go Bisons!
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