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I would like to see more organization within the nursing program itself, but this is a great program. I feel like I am being prepared well.
What I liked about Linn- Benton is it's campus. It's very warm and welcoming. Some of the staff are amazing, but others are alright. A lot of the professors teach at a fast pass not giving time or going back through things for other students. That would be my biggest thing to change. LBCC has great online classes, which I found to be perfect for me since I work full time.
I like that it is a very welcoming atmosphere. I feel like all of my instructors want me to succeed and would do anything they can to make sure I do. The campus is larger but not overwhelmingly so. It is not hard to get into the classes that you need as long as you apply as soon as you can.
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I like the atmosphere, very welcoming. Every experience I had with an instructor was a good one. All the resources and help offered was very beneficial in my studies.
The cafe at the school is really good. All the teachers i have had have been very good and teach well. They are understanding in most circumstances and give a good amount of homework.
I did a high school partnership program with lbcc and the only thing I didn't like was that we couldn't sign up for classes at the same time as everyone else. We had to wait and had a small time frame.
Chemistry department is not run well, but campus has good resources for students and new residents. Financial Aid Office has been difficult to work with in my experience as well.
I love this school, it is easy to make your way through and there are plenty of maps posted and friendly people to assist you if you are ever lost. They make strides to be sure everyone can get asssistance or help including tutoring and as many resources as possible to strive.
Linn Benton Community College is a great place to start the college experience. The campus is much smaller than the nearby university, OSU, making it easier to navigate. The school offers a wide variety of classes and the teachers here are excellent. They all take time to explain things to you or help you work through a problem. My favorite part of the school is the dual-partnership program that they offer which allows students to begin at LBCC and transfer to OSU to complete a four-year degree.
If I had to change anything about the school, I would want students to be more involved in extracurricular activities and clubs. Students here tend not to do a lot of socializing.
I have loved my experience with LBCC. We have a nursing program that is rated #2 in the state for 1st time pass rate of the NCLEX at 95% The only drawback is it currently is not nationally recognized. Staff are great and knowledgable
I have yet to start taking any college courses through LBCC, but I have taken a few different classes, not for college credit, offered through the school, such as beginner Spanish. The teachers are great and attentive in my experience, and the staff is always willing to help as best they can.
Linn-Benton is a small school thus enabling students to easily consult with their teachers to get help. The class sizes are small. The biggest class I've had is about forty people. Nothing big enough to hinder learning.
The classroom ratio of teachers to student is 17: 1. I really like the smaller classrooms. The teachers advocate for you, but with the teachers union, some really bad teachers are still in there. Not just in talking down to students, but in their ability to actually teach. Parking is easy, wide array of classes. 9/10 would take classes again.
It's a very good community college that works closely with Oregon State University. The faculty works hard to make sure students understand class-learned material and to have courses be seen as a personal investment for individuals.
I like that they provide a Center for Accessibility that helps students with disabilities. I have overall had a wonderful experience in college here and I have found so much help through campus. I have definitely used my resources. I love that they have Math tutors and a Math help desk as well.
My experience with Linn-Benton was great when it comes to school, the teachers are really helpful and the staff are really really nice, you'll definitely get help with whatever you need, the only thing is there is no way to socialize with people unless you were already friends or it's for a school project, so I really hope that changes soon.
Linn-Benton is a great starting school for those beginning their college experience. The atmosphere offered there is open and comfortable. It permits an easy environment for education and extra curricular activities. Those preparing to transfer to a higher education will be satisfied with Linn-Benton Community College.
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Linn helps all students with a low GPA achieve there goals in life and its Not all that far from were I live Ne thing I would change would be the campus.
This school shows dedication to education and try's its best to show everyone they can succeed. The staff is always ready to help, the food is great, and the campus is very nice.
I found LBCC to be a very organized and helpful community college. I never had any issues in the financial aid office, advising, or student services centers. The only inconvenience I encountered while being a student here was that I had to drive from corvallis every day, which was a personal choice. I found most of my instructors to be quality teachers. I rarely felt I was missing out on any educational experience by choosing a community college over the local university. I attended this school for two years and would strongly recommend it to anyone considering an education at a community college.
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