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The Linn Benton Community College is set in the SW rural portion of the wonderful ,mid size town, of Albany,Oregon.The College has everything you could want for your first two years of school or single classes to brush up or tantalize your individual needs,complete with a family like feel .I can recommend it with high confidence and complete satisfaction for your individual learning needs.
Linn-Benton has teachers that sincerely care about the students. The atmosphere is comfortable. The teachers take an interest in their students. The campus is small enough that a person doesn't feel completely lost. Linn-Benton's partnership with Oregon State University allows OSU students to take classes at Linn-Benton for cheaper. The convenience is awesome.
LBCC is a nice small college that offers dual enrollment option with OSU. I earned my Associates of Science in Chemistry from LBCC. The instructors at LBCC are very nice and are willing to help when asked. The classes have only up to 35 students, and courses are very well designed. Campus is kept very clean and during winter it is warm inside of the classrooms. The prices for books and tuition are usually 50% of what Universities charge. So, it is nice to take all of the lower division courses here and then transfer to 4-yr University.
Review Linn-Benton Community College
Overall a pleasant place to learn, as far as community colleges go. Free transport between campuses, although the bus schedule doesn't leave much space for a busy schedule. Culinary students make the food for the cafeteria, allowing for pleasant diversity in available food.
I visited Linn-Benton Community College for an admitted student college night a few weeks ago, and let me just say: nice! I am planning on attending college at LBCC because it has a small, comfortable environment and it is exactly what I was in a college. The homey atmosphere is ideal for college freshman, not to mention how welcoming the staff and students were!
So far in my time at LBCC I have found the campus to be very comfortable and the staff very friendly.
The classes have been interesting and challenging, the professors are very helpful and knowledgeable as well as being good teachers.
There are so many places to get help. Professors could be more approachable. The students have many opportunities to spend time being social, or just studying in quiet. The food is very good, and the buses are so helpful.
Linn Benton Community College is truly a wonderful school. They focus highly on the students and their academic needs. They place you in a class at which helps you know what you need to do in order to graduate. I have found it in my best interest to continue at Linn Benton because they offer such a vast variety of degrees and classes. I also believe that most students have a high success rate at Linn Benton just because the class sizes are lower and professors take the time to know each students name and even more than just that sometimes.
This has been a terrific experience, all of the teachers have went way above the call of duty to help me. I am an older disabled, DV survivor, 2 years divorced. Recreating my life second year at LBCC loving it. It is a beautiful clean, easy to access campus. Every staff member, every teacher has been so helpful to me, this has really helped me with the low self-esteem from abuse. I thank God for the school and staff.
My experience at Linn-Benton is great. I like the fact that it is a smaller campus but it does not feel small. I like that I get to see old faces from my high school days as well as meeting new people. The professors are great; they are easy to talk to and get help with assignments and projects. What is also great is that their is a place where students can go and receive help with there mathematics, writing, science, and other areas in school. The one thing I would change is the size of the cafeteria. In all I like going to Linn-Benton.
I would highly recommend Linn-Benton as either your first college, or going back to college after a layoff (like I am doing). The atmosphere there is friendly an helpful. Talk to other current or past students, and I'll bet they will agree.
As a second year student at Linn-Benton Community College I have experience with the college. I really enjoy the small class sizes and how interactive the instructors are with the students' learning. They really show how much they want us to succeed. The Learning Center is a great place to get help from tutors, for FREE, and to study in its quiet environment. LBCC also have delicious food at the Courtyard Cafe to grad on the way to class or to sit down and study with. The students on campus are very lively, making it an enjoyable place to be. LBCC is also an excellent place to start if a student is unsure on what they want to study or to find out if college is for them.
The teachers and class size at Linn Benton Community college is great for anyone willing to learn. The professors are very helpful and easy to talk to. I would like to change the response time on replies from some of the departments, but overall great experiance
I have had plenty of time to get to all of my classes. But getting to the Horse Center in time for class could sometimes be a hassle because I am not yet driving.
I have not taken any online classes.
I do not know, I am not currently looking for a job and I was not last year.
Review Linn-Benton Community College
The classes are a nice size and the instructors are willing to give help when asked.
To be completely honest, I don't know. I'm not looking for a job at the moment and I was not last year.
LBCC's Equine Science program is great. I loved the Young Horse Training class, because we got to learn a lot of great training methods that worked and I could apply to my own horse. I fully plan on taking it again this year to get more experience working with horses before I start calling myself a trainer, which is what I want to be eventually. I also loved the Horse Center. The arena is a nice size, although did get a bit crowded when there was more than 5 horses in it. The stalls and grooming area were spacious and the tack room was well organized.
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