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Linfield is a great small college community. The connection you have with other students and with your professors as a result of small class sizes is invaluable.
The small liberal arts school is full of caring professors and students, and the sense of community is very prevalent throughout campus.
I love Linfield so much! They are so focused on their academics and willing to help out their students. The campus is great and everyone is so nice!!
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This college is a joke academically. If you flunk out from another college, you can graduate here because it is so easy. Example: many athletes major in "exercise science" or "recreational and sports studies" so they can hang out in the gym all day. The town of McMinnville has some very rough areas and is geographically way out in the boonies. If you want to receive a paper diploma without studying and waste alot of money doing it, attend here. Very disappointing.
This is small private school, which I like. Everyone knows each other. Class sizes are small, which is nice because you are able to have closer relationships with your professor. Some professors, however, can be close-minded and don't offer a good learning environment. Overall, my experience here has been good and I'd recommend to people that don't want to go to a huge school but still want that college "feel".
Academic wise, this college is amazing. I am a biology major and love all of my biology professors and love the small class sizes. However, campus life, at least for me, is very depressing. I am not from Oregon and it rains 80% of the time and that to me is very sad. I miss the sun so much when I am here. This is also a very small college campus which makes it feel like a high school. The gossip that is spread here is very childish. I am planning on transferring in the fall to a larger campus not in Oregon. My experience at Linfield was below average.
What I like about Linfield the most is their academics and professors. The professors wants their students to succeed and helped them out through the whole process. The teaching was thorough and we had time to ask questions or go during office hours. I got to meet new friends where I could study with and it helped me to get the grade that I need. I learned a lot by going to open labs and the assignments that we had to turn in. The classes weren't big and I got to reach out for help and the professors would ask me if I need any help. They encourage students to ask for help because they want them to succeed.
One of the things that Really love about Linfield is that, it is a small campus and you can actually connect with professors in all departments, not just your own. Class sizes are relatively small and professors make an effort to get to know the students. The campus atmosphere while a quite and calm for most of the time it is amazing and you are able to meet people and get to know others. Overall Linfield creates a great small college experience.
I've loved Linfield so far (I'm halfway through my sophomore year). It's a small population and the campus is small (compared to state schools), but it can be a good 15 minute walk to the other side of campus. It was rated the most diverse school in our area, but I would like to see it grow more.
All of the professors I've had in my classes have been helpful and interesting in class and during office hours.
Depending on what your department is and what year you are it can be very difficult to find a work position. I have a federal work study but as a biology major I am still struggling to find a position in a lab.
This is my second year at linfield and there has yet to be any mention of major issues on campus, I feel totally safe to walk around on campus at night, CPS is always willing to provide courtesy rides.
Since the majority of the residence halls are old there can be problems with things like pipes bursting and faulty electrical wiring. There is only heating in the rooms, no cooling so be sure to bring a fan
This will be my first year in greek-life but from what I've experienced I love it, all of the girls are friendly and make me feel accepted.
Since this is a private school it can be a bit hard to find friends. Many of the students here can seem aloof and uninterested in friendship. That is the only reason why I wouldn't give Linfield a higher rating.
CPS is great! helps with a lot of problems that occur on campus
Everyone is so nice and friendly
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I don't live on campus
I don't know that much about the greek life
Being in a small school helps with the learning experience that is needed by having small classroom sizes
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