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Professors are supportive and goes the extra mile to ensure their students success. Clinical placement can be improved as well as providing more financial help for students.
You will get the best education and when you tell someone your are a Linfield grad they will think highly of you.
Excellent nursing program with an excellent reputation. The on-line program is excellent. Staff is wonderful and easy to work with. The course work is interesting and challenging.
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most students get jobs after graduation
A great community and school spirit, but lacks structure and organization.
Most of the nursing majors here seem to value health and safety
I feel like McMinnville was better than the PDX campus.
Sports are valued at Linfield.
I attend Linfield due to the amount of grant and scholarship money they award me.
I like this area of Portland. However, it is Portland. There are petty crimes that seem to occur pretty frequently.
The rooms are a very nice size, there are nice amenities as well.
Linfield is not a party school. It is a small private college.
I typically feel like the staff and faculty are there to help me if I need them. They encourage us to ask questions and to stop by during their office hours.
This branch is set up specifically for nursing.
There are a lot of options and a huge range in prices anyone can pay for a good meal.
A little rain doesn't hurt. Sometimes roads can get icy during winter, but not often.
The campus isn't much into sports. Its main focus is nursing and healthcare.
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Not too knowledgeable about Greek life
A variety of fine cuisines to choose from! Excellent foods and affordable!
Lots of shops and restaurants in the community.
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