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Linfield College - Adult Degree Program Reviews

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Great staff, great courses, flexible schedule! While focusing on a bachelor's in Accounting I am getting a fantastic liberal arts education. I feel more aware and in touch with the world around me.
The Linfield Adult degree Program is entirely online- no transportation required.
It's alright. The LC is a little weird and has you attending classes you don't necessarily want to attend, but I think that's like just about any school. Not a huge variety of classes are offered. No intuitive computer classes for real-world application.
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No in-person instruction can be difficult.
Very expensive.
The school offers a good variety of classes in the accounting field, and require a good number of business and accounting classes. They also suggest and offer other classes good for this kind of degree.
I'm studying accounting, and the instructors have worked in the field which means they're knowledgable about the course work. Linfield has made me aware of job fairs in order to help find work in my field.
Pleased With Degree Choice – The adult degree program offers a variety of degree options, I am completing a BS in business information systems, this degree will give me options and knowledge to advance in my current job.
Process Is Very Smooth – I received all the funds I qualified for, the process was very smooth. Financial aid office was do helpful in completing the process.
Profs Want to to Succeed – My instructors have been extremely helpful, they are eager to see students succeed. With my courses offered online my school schedule fits perfectly with my full-time job.
I chose Linfield because they offered the Adult Degree program online. The registration process was a little hectic (a previous school forgot to send my transcripts), but my advisor and the registration office worked very hard so that I was registered on time, they were extremely helpful. The professors are great, they really want you to succeed in class.
Black Board Learn – The blackboard system is user friendly and works well with all courses. The IT department is readily available.
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