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Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center Reviews

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The system that the school have is not good. The school needs to get update its very old school.My experience at the its been okay and i hope it gets better.
At our school we dont have online classes we come everyday to class.
the school does not offer any higher education after we are done with our LPN program we need to transfer to another school .
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The professors is great and knows how to explain things. she know how to explain things in such an easy way that you learn and understand. In total we are four students in the class which i like because our teacher gets to work with us one on one.
the LPN degree that im getting from my school is going to help me get in into a nursing school.
The LPN program is one of the hardest programs they have at my school
the school is okay there a little disorganized and I think they should fix this problem.
waste of time. this school is terrible in providing me with what i need
you are on your own
you are at there time.
very minimum effort in resources
constantly late with bus passes, applications but they are good in making/giving excuses.
terrible! always making excuses on things they should have in hands, things they should provide us with.
My rating is for the class I have been attending for the past 9month, Computer System Technology.

This school has failed constantly in providing us student in computer system the tools needed to exceed, out dated computer have bus pass have been late more than once.
The professors are very involved with the students and want to see everyone of them succeed and reach their goal. If you want some one on one time they give it to you if you don't understand they help you better understand. That is why I gave them this grade.
Honestly you will always feel skeptical about online classes. If you are focused it will be like taking a regular on campus class except you're in your room. Everything is more easier avcourse because it's all being streamed online the only time you really pick up a pen/pencil is to write notes.
I have heard great things of this school and I am now able to see why because they want you to succeed. For instant, if you can't pass a test they offer hands on tutoring to help the area that is troubling you. Financial aid is given to the student for the cost of the program which can be covered fully. The only problem is financial aid does not cover all programs offered especially when it's the career path you have chosen.
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Different Community – lindsey is filled with variety of backgrounds and everyone is there to help you
Very Flexable – the schiool is very flexible on working around your schedule
Satisfied With Choice – I like my school because its close to my house. the school is a little dirty and it feels like the ac dont work nowhere in the facility. Also, the schhol can use an upgrade on there computers.
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