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I had a visit to Lincoln as a prospective student. I loved the atmosphere and the whole feel of the campus. Lincoln is still on my list as one of my top choices.
My experience has been okay. I have met many friends. I am involved in the first non-greek organization on campus. Campus wise, I feel isolated. The campus can be very depressing.
Lincoln University is an educational institution and a home.Lincoln is enriching in culture that is of the entire African Diaspora, all while being welcoming and accepting of students from across the world.Lincoln has also created many opportunities for student involvement: Honors Societies, Student Government, Strategic Planning Committees, and more. Lincoln also strongly encourages studying abroad for every major.Yearly, various opportunities to take education past the boarders of America arise with many modes of financial assistance.I absolutely love Lincoln and hope to continue the legacy that my mother has started- graduating as a Lincoln Lion!
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This school could do well with updates. The buildings are outdated , they’re overpopulated, and unprofessional.
From my first visit and from what my girlfriend who tender the college told me , this school is all about student development and how to create the best scholars
The culture is one of the best things about this college. Staff members of the University encourage students to perform at their highest standards.
The campus itself is quite beautiful, I loved to just take walks on nice days around campus, either alone or with friends. The people I've met at Lincoln were very supportive and I have grown and learned so much since arriving as a freshman. Lincoln has made quite a bit of improvements, but it still has a ways to go, such as adequate dorm/living conditions and finer food. Besides that, Lincoln University of PA has been the best five years of my life.
Lincoln is a great educational base school, the area is considered rural so theres not much to get into without a car. to me this is good for a first year student as all you can do is live the campus life and aspire to be successful with none, or very little distractions. Lincoln is the first degree granted HBCU and I think its an overall good university.
I love the feeling of acceptance on campus and in the classrooms. Most of the teachers teach with excitement, enthusiasm, and show that they do care and want you to succeed in life. There is always something going on, whether it's sports, clubs, or events so there is never an excuse to be bored. There are repairs that are needed around the campus.
I love my Orange and Blue! Lincoln University is thee first degree granting HBCU in the country, with a large and beautiful campus. I couldn't be more proud to receive my education from such a historically-rich and excellent university. I learned a lot about myself at Lincoln University and had a fun experience while doing it. Every year of undergrad was completely worth it and this school gave me the networking connections I needed to continue to advance in the world. Also, still to this day, Lincoln University has the best sunsets I've ever seen in my life.
I am current Lincoln University student and I love every bit about Lincoln. Lincoln has broaden my horizon on the world and black culture. Being there gave me a new sense of pride and made me want to strive to be successful even when the odds are stacked against me. Not only did I feel this, but the people around me felt this as well and gave me a sense of community I never had before. I am proud to be attending the first HBCU.
the campus was very fun and lively. There are plenty of organizations in campus. They have the premed club, modeling organizations, greek organizations etc. The organizations hosts events for the student body. The campus has a wellness center where the have sushi bar and star-bucks. They have a fitness center and a weight room. Lincoln has a rebuilt science building. The professors are really hands on and they care about the students. Lincoln has tutors and offer a variety. of help
I love it. I couldn't ask for more. The teachers and admin are friendly. The students are welcoming. And the campus is amazing. It's a rural campus with both coed and non coed dormatories. The parties are fun and the work is manageable. You truly get a wonderful experience here.
Lincoln University is an HBCU. It has a great nursing program and is filled with lots of brotherhood and sisterhood. Overall, it's an average university. I'd like to see better communication with the staff in financial aid, residence life, etc.
Diversity you can talk to your professor you can get tutoring if needed you can count on your advisors to help you out you can get answers and information if needed
Lincoln has helped me to grow as an individual. I appreciate the mid size classes and small class instruction where professors know who I am and take an interest in my education. I think that they will serve as great resources for networking as I prepare to graduate and begin my career path.
It's a HBCU (Historically Black College University) that is one of the first university's to give out a degree. If you want to go to a college that will feel like home Lincoln is the place for you as it's a small campus so they'll treat you like family and want the best for you. Lincoln accepts you as you are and wishes nothing but the best.
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So far, my experience with Lincoln University has been amazing. I consider this prestigious institute as my dream college because, I have been dreaming to go here since forever! Other than the school being in the middle of nowhere, there's really nothing I can complain about. I'm able to major and minor in things that I am genuinely interested in. I've alway been interested in getting careers in the human service and mass communications field so I have chosen those as my major/minor. Also, I love the history of this school. Lincoln University is the first degree granting Historically Black College/University (HBCU) and in my opinion, for them us to be the first, I see it as us setting a standard and paving the way for other HBCUs.
The class ratio is no more than 25 students to each class. This gives the opportunity to get to know you and give personal help.
Lincoln University is the a really good school. We are the FIRST HBCU. The campus is small so it’s easy to get to know people.
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