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I applied to Lincoln University not knowing where I initially did not know if I wanted to go. I then visited the campus and now I know where I want to spend my 4 years.
I love my HBCU. I have met a lot of people form all different backgrounds. I am loving my experience. The staff is really committed to making sure the students can reach there max potential.I feel like I have a lot of opportunities to help prepare for my future and like after undergrad.
Lincoln University is a diverse community although it is a historical black college and university. People relate with you easily. It is also an averagely small campus with about 2000 students which makes it easier to know your peers and people around you. The professors are understanding and they teach fairly well. There are a lot of parties on the campus which are optional but this makes the campus lively. The dorms are relatively okay. Some dorms are better off than some but the price for housing for those dorms differ from the regular ones. The school is a very safe for students. the public safety department on campus usually go around making sure everything is alright.
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Good school. Gives lots of opportunities to showcase the way you express yourself. Good school school to network and get whatever business you have for yourself to increase in value.
I went on a campus visit and loved it. Great environment , Good school they really welcomed me as a student and this school is where i really want to go. Made me feel comfortable and safe.
Lincoln University was really nice to visit. the food was good and the people there was nice and welcoming.
I love Lincoln University. I have a lot of fun here. They really care about students educations. The school helps every student.
I’m not much of a people person so my experience wasn’t really great if you have friends or make friends easy and like to party Lincoln is the school for you
Its a good school for nursing and stem majors, but everything else, not so much. The food and dorms are not good, and there is not public transportation. The parties and social life on campus are the only good things for me.
I think Lincoln University of Pennsylvania is a very comfortable place to go to college. It makes you feel like you are home and you have a family there.
The school is pretty cool in terms of the people, but it's just that it's in the middle of nowhere and like you have to pay for rides sometimes if you do not have anybody to give you those for free. Nevertheless, it's a really great place to go to school in, and the fresh air helps to relax after a long day of classes.
When I toured Lincoln University, I was nicely welcomed, the young ladies who gave me the tour were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The school, had many upgrades; classrooms clean and spacious, new recreation room, gym and performing arts theater. Although Lincoln has some small classroom size, which I prefer, they also have lecture halls as well, which can seat up to 100 students. I think Lincoln is a great school, I felt safe and welcomed on the campus.
Being that I am a freshman in college. The campus is overall good. I like the atmosphere . Its pretty enjoyable. The professors are easy to work with.
lincoln university is a very good school, with a great education. a lot of people cant seem to attend this school because they cant afford it.
The Lincoln University, the first degree granting HBCU, is a beautiful, illustrious university. I am entering my fourth year at Lincoln and I am extremely thankful for all of the opportunities that this university has offered me. Between academics, sports, organizations, Greek life, higher education, resume building, Lincoln University has all the necessary tools that any student looking for the perfect college experience needs. The historic and cultural enrichment is just the icing on the cake. The only downside to the university is you need to advocate for yourself in terms of financial aid and making sure you get what you deserve from the school experience.
The first degree granting institution for African Americans has so much to offer for everyone who comes in contact with its illustrious campus. Lincoln is the home to the warmest hearts from the professors, loving life long friends, and the biggest challenges you could ever face. Through each obstacle life throws at you, the love from Lincoln and its community can lift you up. Lincoln University challenges your mind and sole to build you up into a stronger adult. The cafeteria food might suck but it doesn't compare to the adventures that await you on its campus.
I love the vibe and atmosphere here! As an incoming freshman, to be able to walk around campus and meet some alumni and learn a lot of information about the school made me fall in love with the school! It is so diverse and it is really a college geared to help you succeed.
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Very outgoing and creative and joyful. I went there for admitted student day and I really enjoyed the tour as well as the pep rally.
i visited it, i like it. I may be attending in the upcoming fall but im uncertain yet. i have until may 1 to make my decision.
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