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Lincoln is a great school, it is very small so that sense of togetherness in students is very strong. However, there is chance for improvement on the food and dorms
Lincoln University is a very good school, more so having the honor of being the first historically black university in the USA. They have competent teachers, good educational facilities and a serene atmosphere - perfect for studying.
This University is like seeing a trailer for a great movie and then you get disappointed when you actually go to see it. This school holds on to the history and that's all that speaks for it. The academic part is great. Everything else is disappointing.
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Lincoln is a very nice school. The classes aren't too far away, everybody interacts with one another very well. The class ratio from students to teacher is very reasonable for those who prefer the one-on-one time with teachers to get extra help. There are many resources, study halls and tutoring sections as well here at Lincoln. Also to mention, Lincoln have variety of talent here. The atmosphere and the experience here is amazing. So come join Lincoln and show how being the First Matters !
My experience has taught me the true definition of achieving excellence. I have learned the importance of attending the first historical black college university. Lincoln has taught me the history of the university and told me about notable alumni members such as Thurgood Marshall. I love Lincoln it is truly like home for me. The one thing I wish I could change would be fixed mindsets because it is best to remain positive throughout every situation.
I love the how connected the students at Lincoln University are connected with each other. Everyone at Lincoln university is considered family to each other. I also love how helpful the teachers and staff are. The teachers at Lincoln University wants the best for us, and wants to see us succeed academically.
Being a student at Lincoln University has its ups and downs. But the good things outweighs the bad, there are many organizations and opportunities for everyone. Some things I would like to see a change in would be the neatness of the campus.
I like that the classrooms aren't too big and don't contain a ridiculous amount of students. Due to this reason, I can easily follow whatever the professors teach.
I am the first of my family to attend college, so I had little knowledge of college life. Coming to Lincoln University taught me a lot which include the importance of networking, how to manage money and how to plan long term. I am very grateful for my college experience thus far and it has expand my perception on life. I believe college is the key to success because we have a more complex society where we can help advance our communities and also strengthen our education.
There are plenty of helpful resources outside of the classroom that enables students to succeed. I do not like the disorganization of a good amount of professors and the lack of updated grading systems.
My experience at Lincoln University is going great for my freshmen year. Academically the professor's help you as much as possible in order for you to succeed for each semester. A couple things need improved such as the living situations. Some of the dorms have cracks in the walls and some of the dorms have bugs and has water damage.
My experience with Lincoln University was great! The campus was very neat and the students were very helpful with directing me to where I needed to go. It is also a HBCU so I felt very comfortable there. The housing is very nice, and the classrooms are the prefect sizes.
My overal experience at Lincoln is horrible.I don’t like the environment and the public sharing bathrooms . Also the people I’m surrounded by makes me uncomfortable by the way the carry themselves and what they do . Overall the academics here is great I like the little amount of students in class and the learning materials.
Lincoln University is a great school to study from! As long as you take the opportunities given and use the resources offered on campus, you'll keep yourself busy and gain some great college experiences!
I love my hbcu. No University is perfect but my University feels like home. Nobody can give me the feeling I get at lincoln University I’ve made great relationships
The school is very welcoming! It is easy to talk to other students and it is like a sisterhood or brotherhood there.
Lincoln is an HBCU. if that is your atmosphere, then Lincoln is a fit. I like how they focus on legacy. They help to build the people of tomorrow.
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As a student of Lincoln University, it has been an honor. Everyone thinks just because it is an HBCU that we don't learn or we're just a party school. We work our butts off and enjoy one another because we're all trying to make it in life.
Lincoln University is a great school for Nursing, Business, or even Science. Lincoln gives you a chance to be tutored by providing the Writing Center, Math Lab, Study Hall and also giving you resources from the newly renovated Langston Hughes Memorial Library. Lincoln, being the first-degree granting HBCU, has taught me a lot of history about the most famous alumni's before us and how they paved the way. The change I would like to see is the campus food, school pride, and sports. Campus food is terrible for lunch and dinner and although there is a variety of foods available, the food doesn't look very appetizing. We want Lincoln to hear our responses and take into consideration since we the students invest our money and time into Lincoln. Unfortunately at games, there are many students as well as parents that don't get involved interacting. Lincoln has been the underdogs and needs better players that have great agility, momentum, and leadership for us to be able to win the game.
In order for you to enjoy your college experience attending Lincoln University you must get involved and work with the students untied to improve the college overall. However, for those who aren't quite involved in social groups or activities you would dread attending Lincoln. The food is ok for your first semester but you will hate it after that. The classroom settings are great for those who need a more one-on-one learning experience. The professors are in short supply and would most likely end up your advisor. The dorms are terrible unless you live in apartment style living or Rendall Hall but the dorms overall are old and priced differently which they fail to mention to the students. The staff overall is short staffed and no one seems to give you a straight answer for anything. Also everything cost money so make sure you bring extra money for activities, parties, books, trips, and groceries because the food is gross.
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