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Lincoln Technical Institute - Shelton Reviews

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The chefs are great and amazing teachers! I cannot wait to continue my education and graduate with my class next year! I would never regret ever signing up for this program. Best choice I had ever made.
Just started haven't hag much experience yet, but I'm excited about starting clinical
I love the student body at my school. We are like a big family. Everyone is their to learn so their are no interruptions. Most of us have jobs and some have kids. I just enjoy going to school everyone will always be kind and warm to you.
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They are very fair about flexibility in your schedules. Some women in my class have children and they know it's not easy to manage school and children but they are always their to help.
I have had a great experience here at Lincoln technical institute. The teachers are great and helpful. Of you need extra time to catch up on work they are there to help. At Lincoln tech teachers will help you persue your carrier. It is fun to hear their experience as a medical assistant, they have very helpful hints to make you succeed. If I had to choose to do it all over again I would it has just been to much of a great experience and learning!!!
Academic Flexibility – my experience is very exciting and intresting. communication, clinicals, work ethics and handouts just to name a few. i never had a frustrated experience sence i have been there.
my school financial aid processes is very easy and they help you in so many was, so you can be able to get it. my area of study is wroth the amount that i pay at my school because of the teaching and the hangs on training that you recieve. my experience in the financial office was very helpful and easy. my helpful tips is to go ontime and ask as much question possible like their scholarships etc.
Network Works Great – I love the network at my school. It's always working at fast speed. Computers are always available to our need and the school also provides wi-fi which us great. We do have printers as well which I love because I like to print out my research papers to bring home.
Love Flexibility – I chose this school because it worked well with my work schedule. I work full time to help support my self and my family. I also chose this school because it's only about 4 to 5 miles away from where I live so it works great.
Well Worth It – I think that the education I'm receiving at Lincoln tech is well worth the money I'm paying. This school is great. I'm not only learning about my career choice but also about how to maintain/get a job. I'm in the process of writing my resume and I am receiving all the help I need to make a great resume. Lincoln tech is well worth my money.
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