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Lincoln Technical Institute - New Britain Reviews

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Reshuffling my schedule to work around my school its hard had to drop hours at work.
Im currently enrolled however classes dobt begin til December.
Typically the students here are of the working class.
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No online courses available at Lincoln technicals.
Their really isnt anything interesting at this campus.
I have yet to use the computer labs so I dont know there internet speed.
Everything is within reach for available usage when not in use for other classes.
The hidden cost are whats driving me to websites like yours to fill out scholarships.
So far its average however the cost to go there is high.
Little nervous about online courses but i think with the information provided by the teachers it made it easy to complete the online homework
once you have successfully completed your courses and have taken the exit exam to your choice of study they will help you 100% of the way look for a career. my school is considered a career institute getting people jobs is what they aim to do. they have good standings at many of the expected job options and will help all their students find a job after graduation.
the computer network at my school is very limited. there is a computer lab available to the students and there is a student website and email but most of the communication is directly from the teacher to the student. my school is a small and it is a career institute mainly focusing on training then applying those skills to the job. it is very hands on so the computer network system is limited.
what sets Lincoln technical institute apart from any other school is it commitment to the students. they have a very high rate of graduates they succeed in the work field. they also do a lot of one on one training with the students. there goal is to make sure that all the students succeed in the classroom and after they graduate. they will also help with job placement and when it is time to take your boards lets say for your lpn license they will get you overly prepared so there is no doubt you will pass.
the school is very helpful in aiding new students to continuing there educations or beginning there education. the admissions advisors sit down with every potential student and explain thoroughly how the process is how they can help get you into school fast. there financial aid department is also very helpful in collecting all your data and explaining to you how much is covered by the state and how much you will potential have to pay yourself. all in all the school has helped me tremendously through the enrollment process. could not have ask for a better team of committed educators.
I study really hard and tought that I would do a lot worse than I did because online courses are really hard, but I did it and i have a really good grade!!
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