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It is a lot of hands on work which helps you learn.
The instructors care about you learning and about you too. They are always happy to help.
Not flexible at all. They are hard to deal with once they have your money.
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This school doesn't even offer them.
They do the bare minimum here.
It was terrible. Teachers were paranoid of students that they were going to loose their jobs.
Very disorganized. They don't follow a circiculum. Good Luck
Do not consider this school an option. They start with too many students and get rid of people for unexceptable reasons. They promote bullying and unethical behaviors. They are a trashy school and once they have your money don't care if you learn or they boot you out. By the way, they still charge you for your 35,000k. Also, they are very disorganized. It's luck of the draw you would wind up finishing. Look up the reviews, most all of them say horrible things. Don't waste your time or money on these used car salesmen. Do yourself a favor of heartache and being left broke and money owed. Strait A and B student means nothing to them. Once they have your money your just another number.
I loved it no matter what it was i loved it.
As long as you communicate with your advisor you'll have no problems there there for you make sure you use them!!!
All professors are amazing there attentive, honest joyful and happy 24.7 rather your in there field or not there always happy to talk. As the courses go everything for your courses will only take you far.
At Lincoln if your having trouble with a job while going or even if your graduated thy will love to help you without a doubt
Being in the Culinary division im majoring in International baking and pastry its the best experience even if you fell you know everything your guaranteed to learn so much more.
Lincoln is one of the best schools out there, i moved all the way to Florida just to go to Lincoln. The teachers are amazing there like friends just more assertive and they wanna see you pass and continue to move on with your life.
The class flexibility is great,offers morning and night classes
No online classes given ,but class conversations are a great way to listen and learn something new everyday in class,as far as the workload it's manageable
Career services is great helping me step by step improve my interviewing skills
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I felt this one year program was a great way for me to succeed as a computer It
The application process and fees were reasonable and straight foward
Learning a lot of great hands on experience as an It ,hardware and software repair ,networking, pc security protection,is systems and a lot more
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