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I like how involved all the staff members are and that they do everything they can to help each student strive and achieve their goals. I like that the classes are smaller than typical college classes that have way too many students. The smaller classes are more intimate and makes it easier to feel more involved in the classes.
So far my overall experiance has been great. I am getting out of lincoln tech exactly what i put into it and that is my heart and soul. I love how i am given so many oppurtunities, such as, free tutoring, open door policy where i can go to anyone at any time for questions that need answereing, or information. Lincoln tech staff make me feel wanted. And that i belong there. They want me to graduate and they want me to be sucessful. And they have given me all the nessary tools to utilize to get my to my career goals. Not only do they help me find jobs in my new proffesion, but they also will do that for me anytime i need them. Even if its been 10 years since ive grauated, they would still help me accomplish career goals by pointing me in the right direction and contacting there long term proffessional relationships with people that could be my predecessors .
Some people are not there for the same reasons you are
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It's not hard at all if your ready for it
It's great, the instructors are knowledgeable and have working experience, they are friendly and more than willing to help the students. A lot of hands on practice too.
The instructors are great with alot of experience in the field and valuable life lessons they can share .
each student is given the resources he needs
very fair plenty for the students
really work with you and help you out
as in all things there is room for improvement
I start this fall, so far i like the attention they are giving, they are very positive people
Im just starting in the fall and so far i really like all the help and attention
The Library in helpful, there's a decent variety of vending machines, AND theres a good overhang "out back" - in case its raining and your a smoker!
As a technicle school, our students tend to be more mature and career oriented. Our school offers Electronics Diplomas and Degrees & several types of Allied Health Diplomas and Degrees. We are very top heavy in the Allied Health classes. Therefore the school has quite a few more women than men. We also have a broad diversity of ethnicities. I'm Native American and have formed good friendships with women from several different ethnicities, ages, and Spiritual diversities.
The office regularly sends me emails to keep me up to date about whats going, in the job market and at the school.
Reliably was good..guess they dident care about that aspect since they were getting 30,000 per student(or little less depending on financial stance).
Convenient because of location I was at. Tests were dumb, out of book everything. Transferring credits? Not possible at this school.
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Umm No – PLease do not go to this school. 2 yrs I have graduated from this school and job "technical" at all. $18,000 for no reason. Screwed my credit also. 1 plus is that they give u chance to get A+ certification if in pc class. Its also easy to get it paid twice though Lincoln tech.
The student body here at Lincoln Technical Institute is very diverse. All the students here are under the impression we are at work and need to be professinal to make it in the work force. The students here are moms, dads, single, and working to make a living for themselves until they get into the career they are persuing.
Online Classes – Online line course's differ alot from in the classroom courses. Online courses have you learn the material by yourself in order to suceed. Your classmates you interact with them threw emails and the teachers you interact with them the same way plus inperson.
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