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Grate university to attend and play sports great atmosphere for anyone wanting to continue their education
I was drawn to LMU for it's unique pre-veterinary program. It allows for a lot of hands on training and the professors are very knowledgeable.
Small classes make it easy to be a student athlete. You get to know the professors one on one and it allows us to travel and still get the full education that we came here for.
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I love how the teachers are very helpful at guiding their students in the right direction when it comes to their education. The one thing I wish LMU would do differently is by offering health insurance to their students if they need it, and also making it affordable for students to attend such a lovely school like LMU. i feel as if their tuition has increased and I have seen many classmates including myself struggle to pay the remaining expenses for classes.
I am Lincoln Memorial Univeristy’s nursing program and I love it. The professors are amazing and want to see you succeed. It’s a tough program but they make students become great nurses. I would not change anything about this school or program.
Lincoln Memorial University has helped me figure out what I want to do with my life, grow up physically and mentally. Every person who works at LMU is so nice and helpful. I am on the bowling team and my experience is great so far.
Like all colleges LMU has a few bad proffessors and is constantly unde construction making it hard to get around campus. Some of the dorms are filled with mold that students get charged for although the mold was there prior to the student living there.
I really like the atmosphere at LMU. They are really nice people and really care about how your experience is. They are easy to work with and very helpful. I was a first college attendee in my family and many things were confusing for me, but they answered my questions and didn't act like I was a problem. One thing I think they lack in is some communication. Sometimes they struggle to communicate between each other.
A beautiful campus with wonderful people. The communication and scheduling could be better, along with the availability of information. Their website needs to be more user friendly.
LMU is a place with great potential. It's in a beautiful area, and the buildings are nice for the most part. Some professors are amazing. However, the School of Business is a dumpster fire. Less than five professors here have stayed longer than one semester. Classes are not offered often enough, and LMU does not hire professors so classes are online if at all. This school is too expensive to treat students this way. There are also few dorm options, a bad cafeteria, few clubs to join, and the area is underdeveloped. I would never go here again, and I would never advise anyone to come here if you want a business degree.
I love the environment. All professors are kind and knowledgeable. They truly want every student to succeed.
LMU is just average in my opinion. I am a current Sophomore at the university. The administration doesn't listen to students' opinions or concerns very well. They give out surveys at least twice a semester but I've never seen any concerns I raised being taken care of. The school also seems to care more about making a quick buck than ensuring their students have success and prosper in college. For example, during finals week at the end of the Fall 2018 semester students were told they had 3 days to pay their full Spring 2019 balance or they would be required to move out immediately following their last final exam. This created enormous stress on the students combined with their already heightened stresses from finals week. This policy was changed without alerting students which is just plain sketchy. Overall, I would look at other institutions nearby because I feel like LMU would rather make a quick buck than to see their students actually succeed in their degree and in life.
Lincoln Memorial University will take you for every penny you have or don't have. I got my undergraduate degree from a different university and never had any problems. Almost every teacher at my last university truly liked what they did. The financial aid department was great. Transferring to LMU was the worst decision I ever made. Most of my teachers have been awful. The financial aid department is a wreck. No one knows what they are doing in this school. I would highly recommend you take your money to a university who genuinely wants to teach you and help you advance in life. LMU is not the place to go if you want to actually accomplish things in life.
The teachers are overall very caring and smart. They truly care about you passing and getting where you need to go. The housing the clean and nice. The food is also good. They provide us with many activities to keep us interested and active on campus.
Lincoln Memorial is a beautiful campus that has a family community. Enrollment is small but it makes the students closer to each other. The athletics are great and the student body is supportive.
I love how involved my professors were in helping me start my journey as a nursing student. I have enjoyed my clinical rotations and the help I received in learning new skills and the encouragement they gave along the way.
I enjoyed my overall experience at LMU. Nestled in the mountains and the small community of Harrogate, it is the absolute best place to go if you want peace and quiet to focus on pursuing a degree. The staff and faculty at LMU are very friendly and are usually available whenever you need them. The small class sizes also allow you to build a good learning relationship with your professors.
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It is a great school around my hometown area. Only concern is the cost and how little of care the academic support gives. I was at the top percentage of my class, and I still owe a great amount of money. I was on campus at first (horrible experience) and I left to go back home, but they still thought I was on campus. Academic is a plus, but overall is a no.
Lincoln Memorial is a small but mighty school. There are amazing athletic and academic programs. The students really care about getting involved and making sure that there is something that is always going on. The teachers will help you as much as they can and will do their best to help you succeed in any way possible. I have had a fantastic experience here at LMU and would come here 4 more years if I could.
I love Lincoln Memorial University. I personally would like to see the campus and university in general grow. I would like to see more programs become available for students.