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This college looks very nice. I am very interested in possibly attending this school in Fall of 2018. It is my first choice for college!
LMU was my first college choice. I really like the campus size. It's large (area wise) but most of my classes are within easy walking distance. I drive to my classes usually just because I'm too lazy to walk. The faculty and staff are always friendly and open to talking to you during or after office hours (use the office hours). The dorms are really nice. I haven't been in the traditional style but people say they're nice as well. I live in the village (apartment style) and they are really nice and all buildings on campus have really fast wifi. LMU is a very safe campus. They have fully armed police officers and security guards available 24/7 365 days a year. They can be seen patrolling campus often. There are also immediate police contact boxes on every floor of the dorms. They will even transport you to and from your destination if you feel uncomfortable. The professors are good for the most part and I really like my classes. You should really consider LMU!
I love how everyone at Lincoln Memorial University is willing to help. I also like how everyone is wanting you to succeed here. I wish that you wouldn't have to take so many pre requisite classes in order to study your major.
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I am a freshman pre vet student at LMU. The campus is beautiful, safe, and small. The lab facilities are brand new and the math and science building is amazing. The professors I've had so far are great and really care about the students. The only issues I've experienced are the shuttles and the food. The shuttles are inconsistent and some times don't run at all. The food is hit or miss. Some foods are really good, but others aren't.(Most of the meat is really tough and/or dry.) At least there's always pizza and a salad bar, right? Over all, LMU feels like home and is like a family. I just wish the shuttle schedule and the food would improve.
Lincoln Memorial University is a great university and has been very good in helping me with my transition to college in order to help me succeed and reach my goal. They have helped me with everything I will need while being 5 hours away from home. They are very acomidating in every way and are willing to help as much as they can to be sure that I have a great experience.
Lincoln Memorial University is a great school located in a very small town with many opportunities to become the best possible student. The professors are great and there's very little distractions to get into any trouble.
I like how small classes and the professors. I think there should be a wider variety of majors as well as more diverse classes offered. The cafeteria food needs to be better and have more options since Harrogate doesn't provide much. The dorms are really nice. The school is definitely working towards expanding in most departments which is good.
I have enjoyed my time at Lincoln Memorial University thus far and I have been successful so far in my studies. The campus is lovely and the academic quality is great. The cost is a bit overwhelming, but there is financial aid available.
Well this is my first semester at Lincoln Memorial University. Everything is going good so far and the teachers seem very educated and focused on teaching their students all they need to know to become successful. I'm currently enrolled in the nursing program and even though it's tough and there is a lot of work involved already, I'm up for the challenge. I like that Lincoln Memorial University has many different campuses because it makes it convenient for students everywhere to attend one of the locations closer to their residence. The only thing I would like even more about Lincoln Memorial University is if the tuition was a lil but more affordable. I understand it is a private university and you get what you pay for so it still balances out.
I am a freshman at LMU this year. I play tennis and I really enjoy being here. The problems I see are that their aren't a lot of activities offered and it could be hard to get involved, that's why I'm so glad I play tennis. I love the professors and the staff, everyone is very nice. One of the best things is probably the campus, it is beautiful. However, it is located in a very small town so there's not much to do.
I never thought I would end up so far away from my hometown to attend college! But, being at Lincoln Memorial University is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I love the campus, the teacher, and the classes!
I absolutely loved Lincoln Memorial University. However, some of the professors were difficult to understand which made the class harder than it should have. The dorm rooms, especially for freshmen, are not worth the money. The food was not half bad though. Overall, my experience was good.
Lincoln Memorial University is an overall great school. The professors want to see you succeed, so they will provide help if you are struggling in the class if you ask for their help. The students that attend here are overall a welcoming group of people. They will talk to you if you talk to them, and will help point you in the right direction if you become lost on campus. The school grounds are another plus toward the school. They have a quite campus, which makes great for studying, and you are not that far from some form of entertainment.
Coming to Lincoln Memorial is the best decision I have made this year. It is an amazing school with great academics and great people. In just one semester, I have made so many lifelong friends and some unforgettable memories. The academics here are not easy, but the professors are very personal and give extra help whenever you need it. The athletics are also awesome. I am a beach volleyball player, which starts in the spring, but our indoor season is going great and we are headed to regionals next week. Many of our sports teams make it to conference championships, regional championships, and sometimes national champions. LMU is the place to be.
Not really any known greeks
There are some loyal fans but not enough fans at every game
I haven't started yet but ice met people and professors that are nice and willing to help
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I have had many professors go out of their way to even tutor me in the class. The professors are very caring and do not want any of their students to fail.
I've never had anything happen to me or around me on campus that was dangerous or alarming. I personally believe that this campus is very safe and secure.
The apartments are the best choice to live in on campus. I have not lived in the communal dorms so I can't speak from my own experience, but I have heard bad things about those.
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