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I only take online classes at Lincoln Land Community College but they offer a nice variety for a two year college.
Lincoln Land is a great school. I have success in my classes and there are many assets to help me when I struggle through out the campus. The only thing I did not like was missing out on the big school experience which I hope to get when I transfer to a 4 year university.
The professors are always there to help and the staff in other departments are also very helpful. The campus has been updated and seems more inviting and personable. Even my 8 year old likes to accompany me out to campus to check out the library or the bookstore.
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I like that a lot of my classes have been online. With working in the healthcare field it can at times be hard to get to the campus every day.
Most of the teachers there are fantastic! They take time to teach and help you learn. They make time for students who have trouble in their classes. The campus is very beautiful and kept up nicely. There are a lot of good things about Lincoln Land Community College, but one bad thing that stands out is the bathrooms of the school. They are very old and need to be updated. However, overall the school is great!
What I love about going to Lincoln community college are the advisers they’ve been the biggest help on making sure I sign up for the right classes and working around my work schedule and on top of that being a mother of two!
If you want to get a great education and be in smaller classes and actually get to know your professors than Lincoln Land is the best option. I attended a four-year college for a year before transferring to Lincoln Land and it was the best decision of my life. There isn't much of a party scene but it lets you focus more on your academics.
I love this school, the professors are super helpful and willing to go out of their way to help you do your best in their class.
It is my second year at Lincoln Land and I just have to say what a wonderful experience that I am having. I am a 41 year old student and going for my Associate's Degree. The staff and teachers are very pleasant and helpful. Would be a great community college for anyone.
Lincoln Land has been a great option to lead into a 4 year program. Not wanting to live in a dorm, incur unneeded expenses Lincoln Land provided the opportunity for me to stay home for 2 years while completing all lower level classes required for my bachelors degree. I have saved a CONSIDERSBLE amount of money and am prepared to complete my degree at a University
I took classes online and all of my professors were very helpful and informative. My questions were answered quickly and I got the help that I needed.
Lincoln Land is a great place to start your college career, especially when you're unsure of your career path. The advisors are very knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the classes that fit within your work schedule. All the teachers I've had so far are exceptional and know the material well.
Lincoln Land is an awesome and affordable option for students to begin their college careers. Small class sizes make the experience very personal, and the professors are always eager to help!
Wide range of classes available, good teachers, helpful administration, great cost per credit hour. Also has satellite campuses across the state.
The greatest thing about Lincoln Land is the connection between professors and students. Class sizes are small, and teachers are always available and eager to help. The school offers many resources and sponsors many clubs, promoting engagement and community all year round. All classes are high in quality and engage the students with a variety of learning methods. This college is a fantastic stepping stone into university, as it prepares students who may not be ready for a large institution. Lincoln Land is affordable, helpful, and worth consideration.
I have actually had a very great experience while attending Lincoln Land Community College. My professors have always treated me with respect and have always helped me with the best of their ability. I know that I made the correct decision in attending Lincoln Land for the first 2 years of college. I am definitely grateful for the amazing and one of a kind experience.
Lincoln Land Community college is a good value for the money. It provides a quality education. The teachers are well qualified and approachable. Most students are commuters therefore there is not a lot of socialization.
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Lincoln land was the best experience of my life! It was a big enough school to offer diversity while having the homey experience. This amazing school offers so many opportunities and assistance when needed. I have never had such professors that cared about my success and got to know me on a personal level. This school is what you make of it and you could do amazing things at this school!
The staff, the admissions office & the library are so friendly & helpful & to the point, honest & have there customers best interest at heart if they feel that a class is not going to be your best fit they will tell you & give you suggestions what they think fit you they did that to me today & she was right she said she didn't think Law would be a good fit because of the math involved but said I'd be good on camera working for a broadcasting company & I've always had an interest in that field to make it more appealing my grandmother was a journalist & loved it and made a fortune & I love writing & researching & being on camera all the pluses of working in the communications arena which I'm now signed up for & so excited about it all because she pointed it out & helped me.
Its my first year in LLCC but the teachers that I have are exciting and are willing to spend time and help you during their office hours. They seem so passionate about what they are teaching you.
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