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Lincoln Land Community College Reviews

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Lincoln land is a great college for anyone looking to start. They offer a wide range of programs and have excellent professors. They are dedicated to making sure the students succeed. I highly recommend.
Lincoln land offers many online classes. I enjoy online classes to be able to work outside of school. The classes are much easier than some of the classes that are taught in person. I highly recommend online classes if you have a busy lifestyle.
It's a great community college filled with professors who care. I'm glad I attend school at Lincoln Land.
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The nursing program is a decent program. But it has been very unorganized since I started. It also seems the instructors should collaborate their lessons, to be more in line with what they are teaching in different classes. That is the main downfall.
I really enjoyed my tenure at LLCC, seeing that I completed a lot of my general electives before successfully transferring to another university. LLCC really set me upon the path to success.
I love the atmosphere Lincoln land provides everyone’s so nice and welcoming. Plus, there’s no excuse to be failing in any of your classes. Lincoln Land ‘s library provides you free tutors and the library doesn’t close till 9 on weekdays! There wouldn’t be much I would change. Maybe just the food court add another little restaurant besides Quiznos.
Pretty good college, most professors are great. The college does their best to set you up for success.
Lincoln Land Community College has great staff that is always willing to help and be involved in bettering your learning.
The staff and students are amazing. Many professors are so easy to get into contact with. If there is an issue, there will not be a problem on getting it taken care of.
Has been a very good learning experience. Teachers have been very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for students.
When I first came to Lincolnland I felt very welcomed. I had transferred there from another school and had a lot of help going through the process from the staff. I enrolled in the lineman program and met with the instructor who seemed very nice and had a great program. Also while there I met with the CDL instructor who seemed very nice as well and showed me a little bit about his program and it was very impressive. Currently I am taking a online English class at Lincolnland and the set up is easy to work. The instructor is their to help you if you need it. Overall my experience at Lincolnland so far has been great and I see myself being very successful at this college.
I was able to get a quality education for a fraction of the price. Well worth my time and money! All of the teachers were wonderful and the Student Life is great. There is some way for every single student to get involved with the school.
I am getting ready to graduate from Lincoln Land Community College and could not be happier that I chose to start my college career here. Every single faculty and staff member genuinely wants to help students grow and succeed. There are great paid student jobs on campus, there's a quiznos in the student union, parking is free, the culinary students run their own restaurant that is unmatched by 5 star restaurants, and there are tons of clubs for students to join.
I liked how affordable it was and how conveniently close it was to home. By going here I am also able to work full time while getting my associates degree. I have an easy drive to and from Lincoln Land College and I also have an easy route from there to my place of work. Lincoln Land has plenty of opportunities as far as academics go. They have plenty of associates degrees, programs and certifications for anyone to chose from. I feel like they do an excellent job and making school affordable for students like me to get their first two years out of the way. Although the campus is on the smaller side, it makes it all the more easier for students to walk to and from their classes. This also helps a lot when weather is in poor conditions.
Especially if you are going into the arts, Lincoln Land is a good place to start out. By going here first, I am saving almost $80,000 while also getting my associates degree. Because of smaller class sizes, you create personal connections with your professors and its clear to see they want to see you succeed. The advisors are a little hard to deal with because they don't necessarily tell you the best path to take towards your associates degree.
Lincoln Land Community College has allowed me to pursue an education as early as my junior year in high school. Since my early enrollment in this college, I have had the opportunity to figure out what peaks my interests and major in it.
I only take online classes at Lincoln Land Community College but they offer a nice variety for a two year college.
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Lincoln Land is a great school. I have success in my classes and there are many assets to help me when I struggle through out the campus. The only thing I did not like was missing out on the big school experience which I hope to get when I transfer to a 4 year university.
The professors are always there to help and the staff in other departments are also very helpful. The campus has been updated and seems more inviting and personable. Even my 8 year old likes to accompany me out to campus to check out the library or the bookstore.
I like that a lot of my classes have been online. With working in the healthcare field it can at times be hard to get to the campus every day.
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