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Lincoln College of Technology - Denver Reviews

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Lincoln is a great school. I personally liked all of the resources they offer like career services and how they guide you through every step of registration. The teachers are great and overall it is a comfortable school!
So far, their welding courses have not offered ANY of the Welding Certification opportunities promised by the School. There is never enough basic material in the classroom for practicing what is being taught, and the equipment is often inoperable. Also beware, there is only a 2 month window to withdraw from the school to avoid incurring the student loan obligation.
Great school for automotive training! Many programs, and additional opportunities! From Audi to BMW, even MOPAR! Learn HVAC & Welding here as well, very great programs!!
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Lincoln Tech is such an amazing school. There is so much to learn in a nice environment and friendly classmates. The teachers are so patient and willing to help in any way possible. It's good experience also to also be able to apply what you have learned on your own car on independent study or on available time. Your receive your own starter tool kit to get you started in class. However Lincoln Tech also helps you seek jobs and help with your resume to work in the field. Lincoln is a great school to attend.
Lincoln Tech is a great school. I feel I'm learning everything I'll need to start my career in the automotive field. They have great teachers who actually care about my future.
Overall, i am very pleased with the experience I am having at Lincoln. The instructors are all experienced in the field, and are willing to offer hands on help if i am having issues, The equipment provided to work with is for the most part, kept up and running in good working order. Most of all there are plenty of resources for me to apply my learning and practice with as a welder.
Very diverse classes with diverse teachers. A lot of hands on working for people who need it and some book work too. The campus is a little confusing at first but a wonderful place to be.
I like that tests and quizzes are mostly done on computers. On the other hand, I think class sizes should be smaller so us students can ask questions more freely and learn better.
I picked Lincoln College because the best way for me to learn is by physically working with things and fixing things instead of reading books like in other colleges.
I like lincoln tech so far thier staff has been great and very supportive but i feel it should give us more details on programs and chance of employment
The classes are very flexible and easy to learn with.
The career center was very helpful in helping me find a job during and after school.
They have all offered help in different aspects.
The value of a degree is very important, because they help you to achieve your goals and get your certificate in your area.
The program I am in is all about welding, and it is majority hands on. The workload is easy, and internship/ job opportunities are endless.
This school is unique because it deals with more hands on rather than classroom work.
They are very experienced they have been around for a long time and they keep improving and doing great things.
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We really didn't have online courses. Besides our osha we did take that online. Osha is our safery class we had to take.
All of my questions are always answered.
They are really good about it they help you get a job as soon as you graduate. So you can get a good paid job.
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