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I picked Lincoln College because the best way for me to learn is by physically working with things and fixing things instead of reading books like in other colleges.
I like lincoln tech so far thier staff has been great and very supportive but i feel it should give us more details on programs and chance of employment
The classes are very flexible and easy to learn with.
Review Lincoln College of Technology - Denver
The career center was very helpful in helping me find a job during and after school.
They have all offered help in different aspects.
The value of a degree is very important, because they help you to achieve your goals and get your certificate in your area.
The program I am in is all about welding, and it is majority hands on. The workload is easy, and internship/ job opportunities are endless.
This school is unique because it deals with more hands on rather than classroom work.
They are very experienced they have been around for a long time and they keep improving and doing great things.
We really didn't have online courses. Besides our osha we did take that online. Osha is our safery class we had to take.
All of my questions are always answered.
They are great. I have learned so much from all the instructors here. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be prepared to go out there and do somebof these things.
They are really good about it they help you get a job as soon as you graduate. So you can get a good paid job.
I came into this school not knowing about welding and came out learning a lot. Now I do know a lot about welding.
If you are looking for a hands on school I would recommended this school. The instructors are there to help when you need them.
it's more of a one on one hands on training school then a book, which works well for me cause that's how I learn, it's a gorgeous school and I would recommend any and everyone thinking about furthering their education to just check em out and see for yourself.
I believe in this school and it's instructors and their ability to appropriately tech any and all incoming students the necessary skills they will need to have life fulfilling career in their desired course of study in every aspect of the diesel and automotive industry
Review Lincoln College of Technology - Denver
Thus far my experience has been pretty good. The staff with whom I have had contact have been eager to enroll me.
My teachers work well with me it is more a one on one at Lincoln It is a good technology school to learn what I need to get me out in the real world. They treat me like I am at a real job I have projects that are do in a timely manner.
Great school if your a more hands on person
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