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Lincoln college of new England is in a very unique area with lots to do around the area. it is a small school but allows the one on one interaction between students and teachers.
If you learn better in a calm one on one environment this is the perfect place for you. I love small classes so I can actually speak to my professors and understand the material.
Great school, professors are awesome. I would recommend this school to anybody who is looking to pursue a passion in s/he field of study.
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They told me to change my major because I asked for a tutor for my math class
very very few professors actually care about your success but most they only care about a check... most professors that are teaching a certain class are not even qualified in that certain subject.. it is like having a engineer teaching you how to cook .
I wish i had went to another school...I am glad i did not waste 2 years at this school...1 year was enough for me
professors only care about themselves and certain students especially the "other" that look more like them
I wasted a whole year at this college they messed up my college expreience, it just like going to a high school, the professor suck... please do not waste your time coming to this school
i love that the OTA program have set dates so I dont have to go through the hassle of figuring out the classes on my own
I am not a student yet- I am starting in SEPTEMBER- but they have been amazing with help so far! Much better than the community colleges I used to go to.
One of each class. Class times over lap, delaying graduation. Not flexible
Operating system that school uses constantly is down and experiencing issues. Emails do not come through and work will be unable to submit.
Courses are not challenging. Required grade to pass is a 60. To be fair, many professors are willing to provide extra help when needed and want you to succeed in their class.
Degree from this school can provide students with an entry level position in which they can advance
Program director for mortuary science is brilliant. Facilities need updating, work load is manageable and not challenging. Good internship opportunities for students who excel
Some professors truly care about success and well being. Unfortunately the school is for profit and much of the experience reflects that.
Everything needs to be updated
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The financial department has been very good working with me pertaining to the FASFA. There was one time my financial adviser and I went back in forth for one week straight sometimes two times a day for lost/missing paperwork needed from me. They are always there to answer the questions that one might have pertaining to the financial aid process, even if it was completed.
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