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Faculty, Programs are top notch. A little pricey, but the education is worth it. Lots of good students and an active student community. A little small, which has its positives and negatives, but overall I love it here.
This is my third year and the staff and administration has handled any question, concern, or issue I had in s timely manner and with diligence. The professors are helpful and are dedicated to education. Whenever I have had tough conversations with my professors we find a resolution we both can agree upon.
Well, I am impressed by the high level of teaching at LCU. I am disappointed that one of the 3 professors left last year because I really enjoyed her teaching style. Each professor is very different, and I have to change my learning strategy with each professor. The program consists of all required courses as 8 week night or online classes. 2 elective classes must be chosen as a concentration, and those are 1 week intensive courses. The setup allows all full-time individuals to take these courses.
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I love the community aspect of this University. Everyone is friendly and cares about you. I think that the Cafe could really improve but the Warehouse Coffee Shop is amazing!
The quality of courses and professors at LCU is phenomenal. Our professors are highly trained in their topics and many of them have graduated from well know universities. We have a vast variety of courses offered to equip us to become life long learners and global difference makers. Our student to teacher ratio is really good because we are a smaller University. This makes our professors easily accessible and makes class run very smoothly.
Professors work with us to find and internship that suits us and then to help us find a job that we will thrive in. We have a vast alumni network that greatly supports the university in prayer and monetarily. We have many opportunities where we can meat with representatives from ministries and employers and discuss with them what they have to present to us and what we as students can do to fulfill their needs.
LCU is a very small campus so it is very easy to know what is going on on the grounds. You cannot enter any dorm without a student ID that you have to scan and the doors to classrooms, buildings and offices are locked at night and unlocked in the morning. Crime is very little to non-existent on campus as we are a Christian University.
The girls dorm at LCU is pretty new therefore it is really nice. We have a kitchen, laundry room, living room and work out room on each floor and each wing has its own community room. They provide us with all of our furniture which is really convenient as well as durable. The community room and living rooms provide a great place to have social gatherings, play games or watch movies. The cost is definitely worth it to be part of such an awesome community within the dorm. The housing process isn't a hassle at all as most of it is taken care of by our dorm mom. With LCU there is no "worst option" as they always strive to provide us with the best.
While we may not be the top ranked school in sports, our athletes have stellar attitudes on and off the court. As a christian school, we strive in everything we do, including sports, to show Christ in our actions, reactions and words. The school community loves to watch games and cheer on the LCU Red Lions. Our sports teams ALWAYS pray, win or lose with the opposing team regardless if that team is from a Christian or secular college. We have a wonderful gym, field house, soccer field, baseball diamond and work out facility that provides an atmosphere to have fun in no matter the purpose of it's use. School spirit is something students enjoy to take part in, it is always fun to gather as a student community all decked out in our LCU apparel to cheer our classmates on.
There is not a single thing that I don't like about Lincoln Christian University. Our professors take the time to immerse themselves in what they are teaching and make sure that we understand it. As students, we can talk to our professors not only about classes, but anything else in our lives. They keep an open door to us in their homes and offices always ready to lend a helping hand. Professors at LCU are definitely dedicated to creating life long learners and global difference makers which I believe is something that makes LCU unique. We have students all over the world that chose to commit their lives to serving Jesus Christ while at LCU. LCU prepares us to go out on the mission field no matter what occupation we choose. Whether we go to school for teaching, psychology, nursing, business, missions, etc. we are greatly equipped to serve and make an impact for Christ. Professors take time to listen to your dreams and what the Lord is calling you to do and then they help you put those things into action and make them a reality!
There is little to no alcohol or drug use on campus.
There is little to no night life, except for the occasional drinking party, but there are restrictions on curfew and all students are under a code of conduct.
There are no parties really, but the open dorms nights can become a little chaotic and rowdy.
There are many international students here that become very involved in the community.
The work load is unattainable and the professors expect way too much from students that could be achieved. Pushing students to their goals is acceptable and often expected, but this school goes too far and many students attain much lower GPAs because the academia is too much to handle.
This is a very safe environment and there is very little to worry about. Campus crime basically does not even exist and there are many safety services. It is a safe place to be.
Small class sizes are nice, and the professors get to know you personally. The only down-side about the community being so small with classes and the entirety of the campus is that everyone knows everything about everyone.
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I reviewed the girls dorm, which was fairly new and in great condition. The boys dorm however was in poor condition. Mold and mildew could be found on almost every floor in the rooms and bathrooms as well. The rooms are also quite a bit smaller in the boys dorm and there is one lobby, instead of three in the girls dorm.
I participated in the varsity volleyball program for a few weeks at the beginning of the season. The team overall worked well together and has a reputation for being one of the best in the country, but the coach and team together are unwelcoming to new comers on the team. Freshman and transfers are treated differently and often unfairly.
The Gen-Ed requirements are quite extensive and offer a lot of specific Bible knowledge, but do not really help with studying the Bible and being a better Christian. As a psych major, the TA and program manager for Psychology is not the greatest and are often unfair in the grading process, as well as disorganized and unhelpful. There is also a lot of busy work for the core requirements, but I felt that I did not learn much. I had little to no time for extracurriculars because of the amount of homework required. The current science professor is also unqualified as far as I am concerned to be teaching. I honestly did not learn anything from being in her classes and labs.
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