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Limestone offers online classes and that is great for working adults with families. The college is great. Only issue I have is the response time from my advisor.
My college experience has been very interesting at Limestone College. I feel that Limestone makes it convenient for students to take classes and work a full time job as well as give an opportunity for students to enjoy regular college life. The changes that need to occur are transparency is what is required from certain professors when it comes to certain work that has to be turned in and the instructions that are provided on how to do it in the online classes.
My enrollment coordinator was amazing. The process was made very easy. I like the availability of online classes. Tuition is higher than most colleges in the area and they don't offer discounts for disabled veterans or their spouses.
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Classes are generally taught well, and a wide variety of events are available. The food, at least on non-orientation days, could use some extra effort.
Limestone is a smaller campus in a very family oriented community. It felt like home as soon as I walked on campus
Limestone has a good athlete-professor relationship, professors are very understanding of athletes and if they need to miss a class and make-up whatever may be missed.
Athletics are huge here and everyone is understanding of the struggles and are very supportive of each other.
The best thing about Limestone is the fact that you are able to learn at your own pace and the professors have an invested intrest in the students being successful.
I feel that Limestone College (Columbia campus) is convenient for older working adults and the campus has a mature atmosphere. My main complaint is the turnaround time for responses from advisers. The classes I have attended have been fairly small and the professors are helpful and willing to assist after class.
My Experience at Limestone College has been great!
Academics and student life is awesome.
Really good school to attend.
Limestone college offers a very diverse campus with students from alround the world. The professor are easy to talk to if you have question. There are free help offered to those who need it.
The campus itself is nice, but if you're looking for a college that teaches you in depth with your major, and it isn't business then Limestone wouldn't be for you. The school does not have much money and it shows in the teaching.
Limestone College is a private college and has history on its campus. I enjoy the atmosphere on campus. Going to Limestone College, you will feel that you are there to fulfill a purpose or goal. The professors are very helpful and wants their students to succeed. The only thing I probably would change is if Greek life were present. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything. I am a senior, majoring in Healthcare Administration, Bachelor's Degree.
Limestone is a college with plenty of potentials, however, at the moment they are failing to reach such potential. Although the class sizes are small and professors know your name, some courses are only provided every other year. Limestone could use an expansion on their academic horizon however they do not have the staffing to do so. The price of Limestone does not feel worth it in the long run because it feels as though the education being paid for it not received. However, this statement is debatable depending on major. For example, the English department is amazing, the history department is outstanding, the music department is top notch, the business department is worth it, the math department is grand, and the athletic training department is one in the best. However, the biology department could use more expanding to meet different students different learning standards and research requirements.
My college experience at limestone was very wonderful. The staff and students are all very friendly. everyone goes out there way to help you. The plus side is that on certain weekend we got to go to the movies , bowling alley, etc for free because they paid for all the students. I look forward to my last 3 years at limestone.
Advisors do not actually advise. You will rarely communicate with them. I tend to sign up for my own classes. Professors rarely communicate for the extended online program. They aren't organized and do not actually teach. NOW, LIMESTONE WANTS TO USE PROCTORIO TO RECORD STUDENTS WHILE TAKING EXAMS! They lost me after this terrible decision!
At limestone extended classes, you can actually attend classes at night and get the feel of having an instructor in front of your face. The only thing I didn't like is the way they treated us extended campus student verses the main campus students. We were always looked at doffered because we chose to attend college at night verse at their main campus.
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Limestone College is an OK school for students who like small campus life. You have the benefits of smaller classes and getting to know your professors. Other than that it is OK.
This school is primarily focused on sports and revolves around the daily life of an athlete. Quite small but that works for different people. Class sizes are small and professors really get to know you.
I love the small class sizes and beautiful architecture. All of the teachers I've had have been wonderful. The only complaint I have is the small amount of classes offered for some majors and the website is not the most user friendly at times but you can always call for help or just ask. Overall, I love Limestone College and have had a great experience.
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