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This school is located in New York City, a place known for new beginnings. LIM offers a wide variety of opportunities for all its students. With it being located in such an amazing city, there is never a dull moment. You can always find something to do. If you are not studying, the campus has many surrounding stores, restaurants, and bars.
It gives you hands on knowledge and experiences and pushes you to take on new challenges and apply for various positions that will later help you in the industry.
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I would like to see improvements in the price of the dorms! It costs almost as much as tuition just to be babysat and have to share a room with other people. The school is not diverse not even by a longshot. Overall, I enjoyed my college experience but I wish I never lived at the dorms.
LIM College did not meet my expectations whatsoever. I was extremely disappointed in the lack of attention to students, especially for a small school.
Very good academics and professors cares about you. Can also include more tracks to help find better interests and also some design elements. Very helpful with finding an internship or job and offers many opportunities.
The dorms are horrible, we should we more based on the amount of money we pay.
LIM college is a also good for people who are interested in being in the fashion industries when it comes to business. I've enjoyed the facilities there and how much I can spend time with all lot of people there and you can make friends there easily! You can join an internship there and you get better connections with different brand companies including, Macy's and more..
I worked at the College and left as I no longer felt comfortable strategizing on ways to attract revenue/students from young men and women who are not cut out for a four year institution. The curriculum is not rigorous and the majors are created to appeal to students who want to be stylists or event planners; careers surely not needing to be founded in an expensive 4-year, for profit, institution. At the end of the day, it's a rich woman who owns the College and the students' tuition goes into her pocket. The acceptance rate is very high and the GPA's are high attract more students and keep the cycle going.
In my first year at LIM I have already learned and accomplished so much. LIM prides itself on the amount of internships they require students to complete during their 4 years to prepare them for the work force. I already see how well prepared I am going to be after 3 more years.
The only thing good about this school is its location. The administration has no family values. When they look at the student all they see is a $ sign. They allow all internationals who cannot speak a word of English and those students suffer through their entire education. LIM College supports alcohol consumption every chance possible. Their "Family night" theme was a night in Las Vegas where the students and faculty and staff were pressured to drink until they lose their heads and gamble the little money that they have in their pocket. They get students drunk so that they think the school is cool! This is a note to parents: Do not send your child to LIM College. The academic rigor is very low and the students pay truck loads of money to get a diploma and find jobs that barely pay $30,000. They have zero respect for Muslims, Sikhs, or any nations beyond US borders.
I am very happy with my decision to attend LIM College. When applying to this school I wasn't really sure what to expect but so far I have been really impressed. All of the professors either currently work or have worked in the fashion industry and have a wealth of knowledge to share with the students. The internships are incredible, in only my second year of college I was able to assist in opening the flagship store of Victoria's Secret on Fifth Avenue. Would highly recommend this college to anyone who has a passion for the business side of fashion.
I can not give a lower rating than one star. LIM has Poorly designed courses without any research done. Only 40% professors are worth listing to and subjects do not match to the course offered. They take the money and do not offer any valuable learning. Upon raising the issue they would drag it to months and will not provide any solution. This college is an utter waste of time and money. If you are serious about your career then do not opt to go for this college. The management is never helpful. They will listen to you but will not help you at any cost. Students leave the college with a bad experience and the college does not care about it.
LIM College has endless possibilities. I went in very nervous about being in a competitive environment but couldn't be happier about where I stand now. LIM makes you feel like family and provides many connections to jobs, internships, and activities. The professors care immensely about every students passion in the fashion profession. There are an abundance of people around all the time to help you with any questions. Another plus is the campus is of course New York City leaving the world at your finger tips. However, one downside may be there is no dinning hall. You are going to have to grocery shop or eat out all the time. Many people look down upon this. My personal experience here has been nothing but positive and I am thrilled to continue my journey here at LIM.
It's a great fashion tied with business school. Amazing optortunities for those who want to get their foot in the fashion world.
I went to LIM in 2006. I was only there for one semester. This was the WORST school experience I have ever had. This school is full of pretentious, spoiled children who are paying BIG BUCKS to make no more than 50k upon graduating. None of these credits transfer. I repeat- NONE OF THESE CREDITS TRANSFER. If you have parents that are willing to pay your way through school and you live in Manhattan or close to the city and want a school with no character and shallow personalities- then this is for you! You will NOT get the 'college experience' here. You need to go to a private or state university for that. The staff was half nice- half not so nice. Some of them aligned with the snobbish attitudes of their students. So if you identify with that- then again, this school may be for you! I particularly recall this older woman with shoulder length brown hair (she had to be about 70 at the time- she may have passed by now) who was SO rude and demeaning.
If you are a bright student, you may not be challenged. The admissions criteria is low therefore the classroom makeup of the students is average to below average intelligence. The courses are not very rigorous and grade point averages run high to maintain the graduation rate. Heard of Trump U?
I go to LIM and it's definitely not the experience I was looking for. If you want a traditional college experience this is by no means meant for you. The dorms are way over priced for what they I are and I would highly suggest getting an apartment. The classes are super easy and feel like high school. Also, if you like guys under the age of 30 this is isn't the college for you because the guys at clubs are all sleazy business men
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I will never, ever recommend this school to ANYONE that wants to learn or do well in school. The teachers are unqualified, the school consistently take money from you and leave you NO choice but to pay it or you won't be allowed to graduate, register for classes, basically do anything. I was in that school 2 years longer than I was supposed to because academic counselors who weren't sure how to do their jobs properly, put me in classes I didn't even need and told me after the fact that I basically just wasted money. Unless you're already rich with a connection into the fashion industry, do not, i repeat....DO NOT let this school take your money. You will regret it. Do not let the cool vibe of the locations fool you. I am STILL being charged for holds on my account and I haven't attended that school in OVER A YEAR.
I wish there were somewhat bigger classes just so they wouldn't fill up so quick. Then I am stuck with an inconvenient schedule.
I like the online aspect, but it can get confusing if not guided through it correctly. A lot more work is assigned via online, so that can get heavy, but I prefer online rather in class for convenience reasons.
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