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Found out this college was not right for me after second year but stayed because it was too difficult to transfer credits to another school. Still able to make the most out of my college experience and graduated on-time with honors.
LIM has helped me figure out what I’ve wanted to do with my future! They have also been such a guidance with academics.
I just recently transferred to LIM and every interaction I have had with staff and students has been great! LIM is a much smaller school compared to other Manhattan colleges, with around 1500 students. This ensures you get the most attention from your professors because class sizes are kept small. The internship opportunities are amazing and will benefit students on their educational journey.
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I really enjoy the school I like the New York scene and everything. I enjoy living in the dorms and making new friends. However, some of the curriculum is tough and some of the professors are not the nicest. A lot of the faculty is bad at getting back to you when you email them about something so it requires constant emails in order for them to answer.
This school is greedy and horrible. They don’t help you out when you need it. The information they tell you is inaccurate. Then they took my daughters money and didn’t tell her she couldn’t get the school loan herself so we wasted 1150.00 trying to hold her spot in that school. This whole experience was horrible and I would never recommend this school to anyone. The staff is useless too, they basically just answer the phones and read from a repeated script. They don’t have the answers to anything. The school is so overpriced it’s really not worth it.
I would love to see LIM offer more sports. Other than that the school is very clean, the faculty is wonderful and the courses offered are plentiful.
I really love that LIM College's core teaching method is Experiential Learning! The institution wants students to not only succeed but their goal is that we graduate with an advantage. Earning a degree With LIM College means gaining hands on experience that makes students at LIM College a force! With knowing how to do the jobs we apply for we come in with a confidence to do well and the knowledge to be an asset to the company because of the wisdom we will impart to our co-workers.
LIM College is definitely a good fashion school to attend. Internships are required which is good because they want you to get experience. The teachers know what there teaching and give you there thoughts about the fashion industry.
The professors don’t know what they are doing.. no one really makes friends because everyone is caught up in “themselves” and there vanity. Over priced tuition because it is a for-profit school, doesn’t help get a job.. classes are repeatative
So far I don't have so much to say about LIM College since I'm still just a freshmen but I am satisfied and liking LIM so far and having great experiences with my professors and classes. Its a great school for fashion business.
OK, so It was between LIM & FIT. The only reason why I decided to go to LIM was that they took most of my credits. BUT the tuition is NOT worth it! You pay so much and they still charge you extra for a "late" fee when you already had paid before the deadline. Their offices are SHADY. Staff quits about a semester later b/c they realize how shady it is. None of the professors or students know what they're doing! How unprofessional is it? My community college was better than this. LIM is a shame and ruined my fashion experience. SMH they like to delay your process even more by making you take stupid POINTLESS classes. They want you to spend as much money as you can and walk out of there like you learned NOTHING. PLEASE STAY AWAY. I was already supposed to be graduated by now but NOPE. they love taking my money and making me take stupid classes. RUN!
I do not live in the residence hall, but from I heard and seen form friends who reside there, It is a beautiful dorm area. You have bars, clubs and restaraumts within steps and everuyone is very kind to one another. The guards are always on their feet when it comes to guarding the hall and the students.
This school is located in New York City, a place known for new beginnings. LIM offers a wide variety of opportunities for all its students. With it being located in such an amazing city, there is never a dull moment. You can always find something to do. If you are not studying, the campus has many surrounding stores, restaurants, and bars.
It gives you hands on knowledge and experiences and pushes you to take on new challenges and apply for various positions that will later help you in the industry.
I would like to see improvements in the price of the dorms! It costs almost as much as tuition just to be babysat and have to share a room with other people. The school is not diverse not even by a longshot. Overall, I enjoyed my college experience but I wish I never lived at the dorms.
LIM College did not meet my expectations whatsoever. I was extremely disappointed in the lack of attention to students, especially for a small school.
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Very good academics and professors cares about you. Can also include more tracks to help find better interests and also some design elements. Very helpful with finding an internship or job and offers many opportunities.
The dorms are horrible, we should we more based on the amount of money we pay.
LIM college is a also good for people who are interested in being in the fashion industries when it comes to business. I've enjoyed the facilities there and how much I can spend time with all lot of people there and you can make friends there easily! You can join an internship there and you get better connections with different brand companies including, Macy's and more..
I worked at the College and left as I no longer felt comfortable strategizing on ways to attract revenue/students from young men and women who are not cut out for a four year institution. The curriculum is not rigorous and the majors are created to appeal to students who want to be stylists or event planners; careers surely not needing to be founded in an expensive 4-year, for profit, institution. At the end of the day, it's a rich woman who owns the College and the students' tuition goes into her pocket. The acceptance rate is very high and the GPA's are high attract more students and keep the cycle going.
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