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I enjoy Liberty, but they are very expensive. It's also a huge school, so if you want something small... look elsewhere. Required convocation three times a week for an hour can be annoying and time consuming. Particularly so when the speakers are uninteresting or irrelevant.
Great professors. Truly care about your development and growth while you are on your educational journey.
I did the online college through LU.

The professors were very helpful with responses within 1 or 2 days on an email or Board comment/question that I would enter.

The forums and syllabus are to the point and it's simple links and explanations to your resources (such as the online library and extra/suggested resources).

Liberty U. does a very good job.
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Liberty University is a military friendly university. It provides traditional and online classes which offers flexibility to those who work full time. The offer military discount for qualifying members and also offer full online degrees.
I love the community at Liberty. You can approach anyone on campus and you will receive kindness and open arms. It is a school for everybody.
Liberty is Great! The atmosphere and student life is unlike any other, and the professors are all people that want to actually invest in your lives.
During my senior year of high school, I had so many misconceptions about this school. I thought it was legalistic, strict, and overrated. All it took was one tour at the school for all those reasons to break down. After finishing my freshman year there, I encourage every high school senior to give it a chance like I did. My life has been and will continue to be radically changed by the community at Liberty University. Within a matter of months, dozens of people became my best friends and made the school a home to me. The professors are outstanding, pouring into you above and beyond what is required of them. As a future teacher of English as a second language, Liberty has helped me connect with organizations to teach overseas with. I can't emphasize the community and love at this school enough and hope that everyone has the experience I have had.
LU is not a perfect college. The President is controversial, supporting concealed weapons on campus, and being the first to support Trump's campaign. Plus, the rules: midnight curfew, no opposite sex allowed in dorms, and a drug and alcohol free campus. Still, there’s way more good. It’s a refreshing perspective, these housekeeping annoyances help me keep focused on my goals, it has a beautiful campus, and the community is filled with people who care.
Liberty University is a fantastic school that truly cares about the students. They are Christian based, and so they put God in every class. It's awesome. You can even request for faculty to pray for you.
I did not want to come to Liberty. Everything in me was telling me to run in the other direction, however, I received great financial aid, and I was not looking to go to a school for politics, anyways. I was simply looking for community, and let me tell you, I found it. In less than a year, I made friends that I will keep for a lifetime, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Liberty isn't perfect, and I hate the political affiliation, but my personal experience with LU and Lynchburg has been one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
My time at Liberty has been a great experience. I am loving learning more about my chosen field, meeting new friends, and learning how to be truly independent for the first time. I am looking forward to returning in the fall.
Don't trust admissions, ask questions of the registrar's office they are way more helpful and will get you accurate information about graduation. Other than admissions being pretty lame the online classes are decent.
Liberty is an awesome school! One of the factors that really drew me here was that it's not weird to share your faith here. You can talk about your belief in God as easily as you can your favorite sports teams, and not get publicly ostracized for it like you can with your favorite teams.
Liberty's staff is dedicated to the well-being of their students. I am an online student and have had a good experience with them. Their academic programs are moderate, I have not encountered too rigorous material.
Liberty University ranks high in nearly all aspects associated with student life on campus. With students hailing from countries all over the globe, Liberty offers a diverse atmosphere all while retaining a local environment. Liberty students have the opportunity in pursuing over 300 different degree programs on campus. The campus is constantly expanding to give students the best college experience possible.
I absolutely love Liberty University. I've learned a lot at this campus, and the professors here have changed my life. The students are all kind, the material is engaging, and there's even a fountain, if you're into that sort of thing. I would recommend anyone interested to come down and have a look.
Liberty University offers a college experince unlike any other. Between the professors, campus pastors and hall leadership teams, each student is known, loved, and poured into. Liberty offers an encouraging enviorment for students to be challnged and sharpened in their academics. The campus is beautiful and there are many recreational activities for students to participate in.
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Liberty University has an amazing campus to go along with the awesome Christ-centered education and people you will be surrounded with.
My experience at LU has been incredible so far. The learning environment is one like no other. The professors go above and beyond to make sure you grow not only in your academics but in your spiritual walk as well. The quality of student life is great. The community found on campus is like a giant family. The living conditions are amazing for a college campus.
Wonderful college! I love the campus and the student life. The facility creates an enjoyable learning atmosphere while forming healthy bonds with students.
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