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Liberty University is an amazing university where an individual can unashamedly share their faith or learn about Christ without fear of being ridiculed. The campus is overall conservative, but always welcoming of differing views being presented to students either through class time or Convocation. Discussion in every class setting is welcomed, no one is mocked for their beliefs, and academic integrity is expected of not only all students, but all professors as well. There is plenty of support for students struggling emotionally, spiritually, or financially, and there is always someone to confide in.

The campus itself is immaculate, yet compacted enough that the campus police can help keep it one of the safest college campuses in the countries. The campus offers all sorts of amenities and dining options as well, ensuring that students always have an "easy" way to keep healthy both physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Their online program works very smoothly. Professors are prompt to respond to inquiries. The assignments are spaced out over a fair amount of time, so that the schedule is bearable for those who are working and/or involved in other things.
Overall, I love Liberty University! Lynchburg is beautiful and I would not want to be in any other area. Liberty is good for the heart, mind, and soul. Although I love my school, I would like to see a couple of things change. Convocation is required for all students on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These gatherings can be great, but, also take up time for a busy student like myself. We also have this thing called CSER which is a required community service graduation requirement. Students are required to do AT LEAST 20 hours of community service a semester which takes even more time out of a busy day. On top of homework and classes, I would like to see some ease upon students with extra curricular activities such as these two.
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The staff is amazing and truly cares about you. Teachers really want to see you succeed, and will gladly meet with you to counsel and teach you. Facilities are incredible, and the campus is very clean and always growing.
I participate in Liberty's online program. The school is great about always communicating with me about what I need to get done. Their website is easily navigable once you learn it. I only wished that they offered more scholarships for online students.
Over the years I have accumulated a lot of college credits. I have an Associates Degree and a year plus of college. I have also gotten a lot of credits for different careers, military, other classes, courses, and life. Liberty was the best school I found that would accept all my transfer credits, I was able to start as a senior.
Liberty University has an amazing community. When stepping onto the campus, there is a noticeable difference in the atmosphere. It is evident that people at Liberty genuinely enjoy your presence and love God.
Liberty University is a prestigious complex campus with over twenty buildings and counting; it is actually a Christian Academy that happens to be one of the largest, if not, the largest Christian school in the country. I have visited Liberty twice for the College For A Weekend, which is an yearly big event where high school or high school graduate students expedite around the large campus and attend rather small informative meetings with their parents or by themselves and also join in on fun activities in between. In my opinion, even though is costly, I feel that Liberty University can provide the education I truly deserve.
Amazing University!! So much support especially for first year students. Professors care about your success.

The activities and student support on campus are outstanding.
I love liberty! The campus is absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere is amazing. The academics are also stellar and overall it is just a really great place for anyone to be. I would recommend it if you are looking for a christian college experience for sure!
At Liberty University you can expect to receive a Christ centered education. The overall local area is a safe environment with low crime rates.
Liberty University is more focused on religion than the actual degree you are pursing. I feel like the school doesn't focus so much on the class work as they do what they can teach you concerning religion, etc.
Currently as an online student studying msn education, liberty online has offered me the flexibility needed to obtain my degree, while working full time. The online professors have all been excellent, and respond quickly to questions.
The organization culture was unworldly. All of the staff I've met were friendly, courteous, and very helpful-----superb! Some classes are big and some are suited for a smaller class size. I love how I'm able to have a flexible schedule with work and school. I'm planning on attending graduate school at Liberty because I love it.
I like the atmosphere, and the professors are very involved in their student's lives. There are a lot of activities to get involved in.
The main difficulty with Liberty is the huge expense of going there.
I love the atmosphere that Liberty University has to offer. The students are genuine as well as the professors. The professors genuinely care for the students and want them to succeed. The only thing I would change about Liberty University is the curfew with living on campus. I would take it away for people over 20 years old. Also, the rules for moving off campus. It should allow for juniors and seniors, whatever their age may be, to move off campus.
I liked the different term options, but did not like that they don't fully support you at times. It is nice that you get to communicate with teachers, but I wish that they could respond faster than a whole day to three days after.
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I wasn't there long but I absolutely loved it!!! Beautiful campus!!! Dorms are a little small but very nice! Everyone is very nice! Campus is very up-to-date and looks brand new. It is like a mini city! SnowFlex is also amazing because you can ski all year round!
What I like about Liberty is that there is all the help you can ask for provided for you. There is not anything I would change. I think Liberty is a great place to learn.
I do Liberty University Online and it allows for flexibility. It does require a student who has the dedication and motivation to complete their classes. I particularly enjoy the Christian aspect of all the courses, but sometimes feel that it is hard to communicate with instructors when questions or confusion arises. Overall, the school offers many great programs and is reasonably priced compared to other Graduate school prices.
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