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Liberty University Reviews

6,746 reviews
Liberty University is a Christian University. The professors honestly care about the success of their students. If you are struggling in a class, they will work along side you to help you succeed. That being said, the classes are very rigorous, and you can expect to have quizzes each week or an exam every two weeks. Unlike many traditional universities, the semester is broken up into eight-week segments. You can take one class per eight weeks which will allow you to focus on the material (unless you choose to cram another class in, which is not recommended for first time students). Also, as a fare warning if you are not a Christian then you will struggle mentally in your classes since each assignment has to incorporate a Bible verse or have a Biblical principle.
My experience has been perfectly fine so far. My campus is located in the mountains and it's absolutely beautiful. So far I would not change anything. I am proud to be a student of Liberty.
Liberty University is full of loving, caring people! Even though it has a massive amount of people, you will have no problem with talking to other students as you pass them on the sidewalk. At Liberty University, you are more than a number. You are truly cared about.