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Liberty has given me the freedom to work toward my degree at my pace and the ability to be their for my family. Liberty has also helped me regain my faith in Christ.
I love the atmosphere God permeates everywhere. You can feel His presence in everyone you speak to. I would like to see a school of aviation.
I love Liberty university because it is very diverse as well as being a Christian college. Liberty is easy to follow online and you are able to speak to counselors at anytime. Liberty helps you to reach and achieve the goals that you set out for yourself.
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This is a real Christian College with Christian professors. Beside learning my profession both secular and Christian, I will be able to offer well rounded counseling.
Liberty University has a strong christian faith which is rooted by biblical beliefs and educating students on the bases of the word of God.
Excellent online program, with a vast assortment of degrees offered. The price for online classes are very affordable. Professors are very good at their jobs, communicate in a timely fashion, and help in any way that they can. Wish I could be a resident student to get the full experience. Based on my experience with online classes, resident life would be amazing. I highly recommend Liberty University.
I am currently a Junior at Liberty University On line. The classes are great and the professors are so very helpful/
I love this school so much, when I have problems with study, professors and tutoring programs help me a lot.
Awesome school. The staff is very friendly and they always give me the information that I am asking about. I would recommend this school to anyone that doesn't want to pay an arm and leg to further their degree. They are very military friendly which is why I gave them 5 stars in every department.
I've just registered for my first semester of online certificate program. I'm excited to begin. Everyone who I have been in contact with has been extremely nice and professional and very helpful.
I absolutely love this college! Their online program is very structured very well and the advisers are very hands on. They even call just to pray and encourage you. There is nothing that I would change about this school.
I love Liberty University! It gives me the freedom to study where ever I'm at. Personnel has the highest standard yet on customer service and they are very proactive helping each other out in order to assist each student to strive. I really like their hours of operation which are from day to night time. It's very easy to communicate with teachers and university employees. Their answers to questions are very clear, concise and precise. I like its class program flexibility. God willing, my children will be studying at Liberty University as well.
I loved taking online courses through Liberty University. I had to interact with other students in my class and the professors were engaged and always ready to help if you had problems.
The campus was nice and large and there were many people there. The campus was very modern and well maintained. The library was massive and there were many majors to choose from. The staff was friendly and so were the students. The people who attended Liberty actually wanted to be there and were excited about receiving an education from them. The only thing that is a hurdle with Liberty is the cost, being a private college it is very expensive. Overall though, it is a great place to attend college.
Love the mixture of Jesus and educational learning . I am a online graduate student and just started last week. It has been an amazing experience so far and your professors are invested in you. They are kind and willing to pray with you. From what I can tell they are big on the Word of God and and biblical principles.
I am an online student at Liberty. The staff there are extremely helpful in assisting you. They say that "you're not in this alone" and their actions back this up! They have numerous resources and their library is phenomenal. There is a special "online community" so that students like me can stay in touch with other students and share experiences.
Liberty University is a wonderful university full of a variety of online courses to earn your degree. This accredited 4 year university has professors that truly care for each individual student and put their time and passion into teaching. Students involved in each class are dedicated to earning their degree and seeking their full potential.
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I have been at Liberty now for 5 years. It has been a struggle to balance home and study life, but Liberty is always able to assist in getting it all accomplished. They go above and beyond anytime I have issues across the board.
I enjoy Liberty University. The organization not only provides educational and leadership growth for students but also adds job opportunities for the community. The school brings in large numbers of many different ethnic races and is very diverse. I also like how the school brings in entertainment not only for the students but community as well. Liberty has helped the city of Lynchburg grow and excel in many ways. At the moment, there is nothing new that I would like to see changed. The university is always evolving for the better.
I have been taking online classes and have been very impressed with what they offer. The professors are very professional and available whenever needed. The cost is very reasonable, and I believe I am getting the best education short of actually going to class on campus. I would very much like to actually go there next year if I can work things out. With such a wide range of degree programs, I would encourage anyone seeking a quality education to seriously consider Liberty University.