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Liberty University is such a wonderful place to study and live. The students here are always friendly, and everything is centered around God.
Liberty University is a great school. The online features and liabilities have allowed the opportunity to earn a degree I am proud of! The Academic Advisement team is incredible! They come up with some great solutions to help you stay on track. Go Flames!
Absolutely love this school. It has such a loving and accepting atmosphere that fosters great growth in faith and knowledge
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Liberty University is a great Christian college with excellent Christ-like students to support you. The food is excellent. I had always heard that it was amazing but when I got there it blew me away. I was instantly in love with the beauty of the campus.
Liberty is a great school with amazing academics and staffing. The people are always friendly and make you feel right at home.
Liberty is honestly the greatest university in my opinion. The professors are invested in not only your educated but in your life also. We have the opportunity to hear from some of the greatest influencers of our generation. From Michelle Williams to Bernie Sanders, Liberty allows opinions to be heard. They prepare their students for the world they will go into after they graduate. Most of all, Liberty shows their students and others the love of Christ to the world around them and give their students the opportunity to do the same.
Liberty University is a great school with excellent professors. Classes focus both on biblical and non-biblical principles. Campus is beautiful and there is so much to do.
Said that anyone could attend & that one's personal beliefs would not affect their grades. Lies! The registration dept will do & say anything to get people to register! I was told that I wouldn't need books for certain classes because they're available online through LUO & a week before that class is due to start I receive an email from the prof telling us that we need to make sure we have our books. Registration was horrible. The lady was so rude with me about my financial situation. I was brought to tears & she mocked me for being upset. Their instructions are extremely poor. Assignments make no sense. Their instructions contradict themselves. They grade rough drafts. Their online system is horrible. It's constantly having issues. They said to download Firefox because it worked best with their site but then another class told me I had to have Google Chrome. How can you not create a site that works entirely with at least one browser? MBS Direct, LLC, is a scam.
I love how pretty and clean the campus is i would like to see prices lowered for housing and parking.
I think it is probably the best College. In case you don't know Liberty University is the top 10 school. Also it is a Christian school. If you want to learn more about Bible, and creation of Earth, this would be perfect school. You can even take online courses. Professors are nice and really understandable. As long as you communicate with your Professors, let them know what is going on and they will work with you. Great school after all!
The people are super nice and helpful, the campus is AMAZING and the academics are all Christ-centered.
I went and stayed at Liberty University for College for A Weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed the convocation where all of the students came together in the Vines Center and listened to a guest speaker. I enjoyed seeing friends. Honestly, I don't know of anything that really should change, overall it is a great school.
Liberty is very suppressing on your abilities. They can be very harassing academically and on an administrative level. Never trust anything they tell you, because they will likely change their stance after they say something. Professors are not here to educate. Most professors in my experience don't care if you comprehend the material but rather you get decent grades.
The student body and faculty truly care about each other and the sense of "family" throughout campus is incredible.
A Christian University that does not simply provide educational study relevant to the workplace but allows students to see how the work of God is applicable to everyday live. Each topic is applied to Biblical principle and related to one the job experiences.
Liberty University is an amazing university where an individual can unashamedly share their faith or learn about Christ without fear of being ridiculed. The campus is overall conservative, but always welcoming of differing views being presented to students either through class time or Convocation. Discussion in every class setting is welcomed, no one is mocked for their beliefs, and academic integrity is expected of not only all students, but all professors as well. There is plenty of support for students struggling emotionally, spiritually, or financially, and there is always someone to confide in.

The campus itself is immaculate, yet compacted enough that the campus police can help keep it one of the safest college campuses in the countries. The campus offers all sorts of amenities and dining options as well, ensuring that students always have an "easy" way to keep healthy both physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Their online program works very smoothly. Professors are prompt to respond to inquiries. The assignments are spaced out over a fair amount of time, so that the schedule is bearable for those who are working and/or involved in other things.
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Overall, I love Liberty University! Lynchburg is beautiful and I would not want to be in any other area. Liberty is good for the heart, mind, and soul. Although I love my school, I would like to see a couple of things change. Convocation is required for all students on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. These gatherings can be great, but, also take up time for a busy student like myself. We also have this thing called CSER which is a required community service graduation requirement. Students are required to do AT LEAST 20 hours of community service a semester which takes even more time out of a busy day. On top of homework and classes, I would like to see some ease upon students with extra curricular activities such as these two.
The staff is amazing and truly cares about you. Teachers really want to see you succeed, and will gladly meet with you to counsel and teach you. Facilities are incredible, and the campus is very clean and always growing.
I participate in Liberty's online program. The school is great about always communicating with me about what I need to get done. Their website is easily navigable once you learn it. I only wished that they offered more scholarships for online students.
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