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The customer service is excellent and very supportive and helping of my choices! They have helped me through every step of the way of the making of my decisions!
It was super easy to get registered, I was able to talk to someone who answered all my questions. I get reminder emails on homework and professors are easy to reach
I absolutely have loved attending Liberty University Online! It has afforded me the ability to take my education at slower pace and is providing me with the best Christian learning environment.
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Liberty University is a Christian University. The professors honestly care about the success of their students. If you are struggling in a class, they will work along side you to help you succeed. That being said, the classes are very rigorous, and you can expect to have quizzes each week or an exam every two weeks. Unlike many traditional universities, the semester is broken up into eight-week segments. You can take one class per eight weeks which will allow you to focus on the material (unless you choose to cram another class in, which is not recommended for first time students). Also, as a fare warning if you are not a Christian then you will struggle mentally in your classes since each assignment has to incorporate a Bible verse or have a Biblical principle.
My experience has been perfectly fine so far. My campus is located in the mountains and it's absolutely beautiful. So far I would not change anything. I am proud to be a student of Liberty.
Liberty University is full of loving, caring people! Even though it has a massive amount of people, you will have no problem with talking to other students as you pass them on the sidewalk. At Liberty University, you are more than a number. You are truly cared about.
I am an online student who works full-time. I love that I can get my degree from an accredited university all online.
Variety of online programs and many classes from 2 year colleges transfer. They also have a first responder and military discount. And as an added plus, most online courses include ebooks for free.
The advisors are great with keeping in touch and maintaining open communication. I receive a call from them every two weeks just check my progress. I find this to be very helpful as I approach graduation, I want to make sure I am taking the correct classes not just in the preferred order but also in an order that is conducive to my availability. There have been times at other schools where I've taken the wrong class or had questions as I was registering but couldn't get ahold of anyone. Liberty University understands this and has addressed it even before it has become a problem.
Liberty does an excellent job of providing students with the resources to succeed above and beyond. Liberty truly has the friendliest and most loving environment. I am sparked with joy no matter where I am on campus, whether that be from the people, the breathtaking sunsets, or the incredible facilities. I found that after my freshman year, I have grown immensely from the person I was a year ago, and that is because of Liberty.
I absolutely love the Christ-centered atmosphere and community built at LU! Also, the food in the dining hall is exceptional.
Liberty University offers excellent discounts for Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders who are looking to obtain an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree. Liberty University's offers several online degree programs in a variety of disciplines, providing students with multiple degree options and enabling students to find a degree program which meets their desired career paths. The Admissions staff is extremely helpful and willing to spend the extra time needed to ensure a full understanding of the many options available for students.
I like the positive environment both for college life and academics. Professors are accessible and want to see their students succeed. The campus is beautiful and very easy to walk from one side of campus to the other. The campus is small enough that having a car is not a necessity. I like the surrounding area. Campus students are friendly as well as the people in the surrounding town of Lynchburg.
It was good and the professors was helpful on line. They are christian base University that uplift you through the semester. They have tutors that stays up with youlate in order to make the grade.
The work load is good, the teachers are prompt and personable. I enjoy the topics I'm learning. I do with it was possible to have lecture videos as well though while learning online.
I am a current online sophomore at LU and my experience has been amazing so far. I am studying under the degree that I have always wanted, and that will give me the education and experience to get into my dream career. Their tuition rates have been frozen for three years and the professors that I have had so far have been amazing!
Liberty University is an excellent choice for college, especially if you are wanting to study online. Dollar-for-dollar, the education can't be beat. The tuition is at an affordable price and you won't regret your decision for attending.
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I love Liberty University, the campus is beautiful! I never feel unsafe walking around campus and everyone is so friendly.
So far, what I like the best is how well they communicate with the students. They are super helpful with the application process and with clarifying any questions about admissions and classes.
Liberty University has a great environment for students to enjoy campus life, food, and making great friends.