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Graduated from Liberty, excellent school and Christ centered. I am currently attending another school now.
Liberty is like no other place! it isn't a huge party scene but the school does offer a lot of fun things that students can do when we aren't studying. I love liberty and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high quality Christian education!
Liberty has a beautiful campus in a really cool area, but as far as Christian universities go, you won't be held to very high standards here.
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Everyone has been very helpful during enrollment process. They offer webinars on how to use Blackboard, online library, IT services and several others. The online courses are the perfect fit for those of us who must work full time.
I am currently attending Liberty University's online program so I cannot really comment on anything campus related. Based on my experience so far, the professors are very friendly and always willing to help you when asked.
I attended Liberty University during a College for the Weekend getaway this past November. I enjoyed the tours of dorms, classrooms, dinning hall(s), etc. Seemed to be a very large campus filled to the brim with students. Every aspect of the school was extremely intriguing to me. The only factor that was slightly frightening is the actual amount of students who attend.
I love being a student at Liberty University. The campus offers outstanding resources for its students, beautiful sites and trails to wander through, and a diverse group of people to interact with. It's a safe environment for students to not only enjoy college life in, but also thrive in their studies as well.
I like that it is small, beautiful location and very personable between students and staff. Liberty's flaw is that it is run more as a business than a place of spiritual influence and learning. There are too many religious requirements. Liberty has associated itself with a negative President, and needs to redeem itself (not through building an unaesthetic tower) but through better academic pursuits and achievements for students who can contribute more.
I greatly enjoy attending Liberty University Online and have had a wonderful experience thus far. The school has allowed me to continue my schooling despite my busy schedule and my crazy lifestyle. I know that I am getting a quality education and I am loving every minute of it.
I like the community there. Everyone is so nice and genuinely cares for another. Everything is always improving and changing which can be cool. The campus looks completely different from just three years ago, I've been told. The rules that the university has can feel very constricting for someone who is more used to being independent.
My experience with Liberty University was beyond my expectations! At LU, one is able to make great connections in a diverse environment. The campus itself is its' own small town and that gave me a very home-like feeling when I went to visit the campus. There are a lot of different things to do around campus when it comes too wanting to go out and do something with friends. The students and faculty are very helpful and very friendly. The environment is very neutral and there is no competition with anyone. The campus and student life was what allowed me to see and understand LUs' mission and goal. I had a great time and what will always be a favorite memory to me visiting LU.
Liberty University has been such an amazing experience for me. As a full time wife, mother, and employee, I found it hard to find schools to work with me and my schedule. I am very pleased with my decision to enroll in Liberty University Online, as it has allowed me to continue to work and spend time with my family, all while bettering my education!
I am a Religious Studies-Christian Ministries online major and love it. The classes are challenging but I have learned more and have grown in my relationship with Christ. It has been a wonderful experience.
I enjoy Liberty, but they are very expensive. It's also a huge school, so if you want something small... look elsewhere. Required convocation three times a week for an hour can be annoying and time consuming. Particularly so when the speakers are uninteresting or irrelevant.
Great professors. Truly care about your development and growth while you are on your educational journey.
I did the online college through LU.

The professors were very helpful with responses within 1 or 2 days on an email or Board comment/question that I would enter.

The forums and syllabus are to the point and it's simple links and explanations to your resources (such as the online library and extra/suggested resources).

Liberty U. does a very good job.
Liberty University is a military friendly university. It provides traditional and online classes which offers flexibility to those who work full time. The offer military discount for qualifying members and also offer full online degrees.
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I love the community at Liberty. You can approach anyone on campus and you will receive kindness and open arms. It is a school for everybody.
Liberty is Great! The atmosphere and student life is unlike any other, and the professors are all people that want to actually invest in your lives.
During my senior year of high school, I had so many misconceptions about this school. I thought it was legalistic, strict, and overrated. All it took was one tour at the school for all those reasons to break down. After finishing my freshman year there, I encourage every high school senior to give it a chance like I did. My life has been and will continue to be radically changed by the community at Liberty University. Within a matter of months, dozens of people became my best friends and made the school a home to me. The professors are outstanding, pouring into you above and beyond what is required of them. As a future teacher of English as a second language, Liberty has helped me connect with organizations to teach overseas with. I can't emphasize the community and love at this school enough and hope that everyone has the experience I have had.
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