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I would like for financial aid to be considerate about family situations (bills and other students in college from same family)when doing there award package. I would like to see more assistance financially for the ones that dont get any fasfa. The school is in a beautiful area.
Liberty is a Christian University and it's challenging second to none. Great campus and outreach programs.
The culture and the atmosphere is positive and an encouraging place to learn and grow. I feel community and family at this college and neighboring community.
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I've actually not started classes yet at Liberty University... but with all I've dealt with trying to get everything completed on time, figure out best classes to start with, etc... it has been an incredible experience so far. The staff I've dealt with in many different departments have all treated me as if I were there closest friend or a family member! I've been so impressed with every phone conversation, email communication, etc.
Granted I will never win this scholarship y'all are offering to a poor red neck like me but, I can definitely that Liberty University is a huge life changer. I know they have changed my life in many ways possible because, they are a Godly University that loves their students. I have no complaints about Liberty University other than I wished poor folks like myself, and others had a chance to finish school and earn their educational studies like everyone else does. Overall, my prayers, hopes, and dreams are that one day I can finish my education, and earn my bachelors in Criminal Justice with Liberty University Online.

Cynthia Snowden-
Liberty University has a lot of great things going for it. The campus is always growing. They have tons of money to work with. As a result, we have the #1 dining commons area in the country on the national rating. We have, what seems like, endless opportunities for things to get plugged into. I especially love the professors and their passion for what they teach. I do wish I could have a teacher for my first semester in math 101, but honestly, the math lab set up is pretty top notch. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to make something great of themselves (which is why I am here).
Liberty is a great school. I had a wonderful experience. The workload was intense but well worth it. The professors are very helpful and willing to work with you if you need assistance.
I am an on line student at this time at Liberty and it is amazing! The staff is very helpful and I have access to 24 hour support! I have visited the campus many times. It is a beautiful location and has many convinces on campus as well as off. The students are all ages and take great pride in their University. Go Flames!
Overall it's a great school with an amazing student body and faculty. I enjoy the fact it prepares each student for life from a moral stand point among other things. Classes teach students a lot about themselves as people and that helps to build character. Although the school is very diverse and accepting of those of different colors and cultures, I would like to see more representation for those groups. I would also like for president of the school and those under him to be more thoughtful in regards to the things they say or support politically because some of the things that are said and even some of the things that do not get addressed can be offensive to minorities such as myself.
The Liberty University Graduate School experience is Excellent. Every person from faculty, students and advisors are friendly, courteous, and professional. I am so glad I made an excellent choice to continue my Graduate Studies.
The staff are always kind and helpful. Overall, the professors are fair and full of knowledge. The classes are all worth taking and online help is always available. I really enjoy using the writing center as they give good feedback on papers and make sure you truly understand the guidelines for the citation manual you are using.
My experience with Liberty University has been a long road. I initially did not know what I wanted to go back to school for but, after extensive research on their website and talking with academic advisers over the phone, I made my decision in Psychology.
Liberty has a great service when it comes to answering questions and their staff is friendly and highly trained. You can tell they are there to make it smooth and easy so you do not have to add another stressor in your life as you go to school.
Overall Great school. I can appreciate how biblical viewpoints are use in the readings and lectures.
The best school for young Christians. You're not treated as just another student, but as a loved and cared for human being. This school does anything it can to set you onto the path of success
I loved Liberty University! Although I am primarily an online student, their campus is beautiful and they have fantastic Convocation services! The classes are challenging, but rewarding in the journey to a successful career. The professors take time out to help their students each day!
I went to Liberty in the 1970s and loved it. I'm very pleased with the growth it has experienced, as well as its greater emphasis on academics. Even in the 70s, it prepared me well for graduate studies (M.S., Ed. D., and J.D.) and employment (partner at a national law firm). I highly recommend it!
I had a great experience here. I met my future wife and lifelong friends. This is a Christian university and you have to know that coming in. Liberty has grown so much in the past few years. Athletics are full-on Division I and even football is transitioning from IAA to Division I.
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Liberty University is a great campus to learn, grow, and develop yourself as a person. I graduated from LU in 2015 with two bachelors degrees, and plan to return for more education. It is not easy to find a campus that is able to help its students grow both academically and faithfully, without skipping a beat. I completed my degrees through their online community and would highly encourage others to attend here.
Liberty University offers one of the best Online courses out there! What makes Liberty so special are the friendly and easy to connect to professors whose goal to help you succeed in your field of study!
Liberty University has friendly academic advisories and teachers. They provide various of tools and resources to assist with students educational success. Liberty is a christian school and encourages their student to become better Christians.
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