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I am a current student at Liberty University. My experience at Liberty has been nothing but magnificent! The professors, RA's, and students really care about the well-being of each person. I do not regret choosing Liberty University to complete my 4 years of college. I love that is a school where I can worship God, speak about Him, and carry me Bible around campus without getting any weird looks. Literally everything about this is school is amazing!
I just started going back to school this week for my Masters in Counseling. I really didn't think about liking or disliking the school until I started, but I quickly realized how much I love this school. The professors are amazing and so helpful. I am blessed to be at this school.
My experience at liberty so far has been great. I have been going to Liberty University for about 3 years now and every year just gets better, and better. The professors that I have had have all been great, and the do not hesitate to challenge students to work hard and to put forth the effort to succeed. Liberty does a wonderful job to prepare you for the world after graduation, and the school gives you the experience and tools necessary to succeed after graduation.
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Liberty is a great college where I have learned so many things. It is a great college to be at to grow in your faith as a Christian. There are lots of rules but the rules help the students not get into to much trouble.
Overall, the campus is a wonderful place for students that have grown up in a conservative household, and the Christian lifestyle. I have made many trips on campus and everytime I have went I was greeted with smiling faces and staff that help you.
Liberty University offers a safe and friendly environment, challenging academics, and a great spiritual atmosphere. It is perfect for anyone desiring a quality education while chasing after God.
I love the wide variety of classes and online program! I get to finish my degree while working full time!
I just started at Liberty University and so far have had an enjoyable experience. You can call and speak to someone late into the evening, and they are always courteous and professional, they care about you as a student and a person more than they care about whether or not you apply.
Absolute best school ever!!! Best choice I could've made. My life has been enhanced so much, my goals are so within reach thanks to the amazing support from everyone at Liberty.
I have loved my experience at Liberty! The academic rigor in my major has been top notch and the student life is phenomenal.
The atmosphere at Liberty is very welcoming. The student body is very friendly, and the professors and staff are polite and helpful.
As a student at Liberty University Online, one of the most amazing opportunities is the ability to share my love for Christ with the professors, and the opportunity to find Christ in every course I am enrolled in. The Professors work hard to show their students who Christ is, and how Christ fits into every part of our lives. Liberty University Online has matured my walk with Christ in ways I would not have thought were possible.
I came to Liberty from another college institution that just plain let me down. Therefore, I was determined to experience college by my own rules. Liberty affirmed all of my beliefs of my religion, and on top of that, they take every measure to ensure that I'm getting a high-quality education, even though it is online education. The professors truly care about your education experience, and the student life is one I've never seen before. Everyone is just so close, and everyone knows everyone else, and everyone also wants to do the best they possibly can in their college career.
Liberty University has made going to school online so easy. I was nervous about doing school this new way, but Liberty has provided me with resources which has made everything so easy.
Liberty University is a college where I get to learn everything I need to know about my major, along with learning more about my Savior. Liberty is constantly willing to help me with my classes and help me grow further in my relationship with God.
I can not imagine how different my life would look if I had chosen any school but Liberty. They exceeded my expectations and I know I am receiving the very best education from the best university in the world. My life has dramatically changed for the better because of Liberty.
Liberty has a wonderful academic advising department. Whenever I call the wait is short, the people are kind and always very helpful. I have taken classes online with them for sometime and the professors have been mostly wonderful, they always communicate well and seem to genuinely want you to succeed. The schooling is very flexible and the classes are challenging, (I have always taken the express 8 week courses) but quite rewarding and it's honestly a blessing to have them over in such a short time period. Liberty is a great school!
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Currently, I am a student with their online program. I have had a wonderful experience so far, and I would absolutely recommend this school to others. First, my professors are always available to answer questions, and I always get a prompt response via email. Second, the workload is just right. For someone who works and is a full-time student, I have found the work to not be too stressful. Third, the college has a strong biblical foundation and instills their worldview in all of their classes which I greatly appreciate. Finally, the cost of the online program is very reasonable considering the quality education that this program gives.
Liberty University is such a great school. At first glance one might be apprehensive because it is a religious college, however they do not force you to have the same beliefs as they do. The campus is very beautiful and continues to grow every year, and there are many events on campus to attend so students are never bored. The student body and professors are very polite, caring, and refreshing, you are allowed to be yourself here. If you have a problem, you can count on it being resolved shortly because the staff are very helpful.
Liberty University is a private, non-profit Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States. A great university to invest your education as well as you walk with God.
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