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Liberty University is the largest Christian University in the world that is training champions for Christ. Our lives are based around the love and sacrifice of Jesus, and this university reminds you every day. The moment you step on campus, you feel this overwhelming (in a good way) sense of community. Faculty is so friendly here, and always looking to help you with any needs. If you are ever having a rough time, you can look to anyone and ask them to pray for you, and everyone will stop what they are doing and pray over you right then and there. Many people on the outside may think Liberty has too many rules and guidelines, but I transferred in from a secular college, and I don't find any of the rules to be too restricting. This university has changed my life for the better!
I currently attend Liberty University and I absolutely love this school! The professors are knowledgable and extremely helpful. All professors that I have had in class have been very gracious and understanding- they'll work with you!
Liberty is such an amazing school. I love how they have a biblical base in all that they do. All of my professors have been amazing in the nursing program even though the work is difficult. The only things I would like improvement in are more convo skips and later curfew.
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Great transport action across campus; convocation is fantastic, they bring in a variety of speakers and singers from all over for us to enjoy; their food court is giant and they offer just about anything you could think of to eat; girls are not made to wear skirts, so I’m able to keep warm in the cold seasons nd I feel like I am dressed more appropriately for certain occasions; their library is impressive; they have places to study in every building and even though the size of the student body is large you are still able to find small places to study where there aren’t many people.
I'm a new transfer student at Liberty University Online, and I've been very pleased with my experience so far. The transfer policy is generous, so my existing credits (for the most part) transferred effectively. And everyone I've spoken with at the school has been pleasant and helpful -- as in go-out-of-their-way-to-be-helpful, helpful. (This is a stark contrast to the school where I had previously applied.) I did have a few courses that did not transfer as what "everyone else" takes them as, so there has been some minor frustration over that oddity, but it's well overshadowed by the big picture.
Liberty has something for everyone. They have too many majors to list. All the while tjey are raising champions for Christ.
The process of getting enrolled was very easy. There were people standing by to answers questions via "live Chat" and were very helpful in getting things done. Every step of the process was simple to follow and accomplish. I am very happy to be enrolled at LUO
Liberty is an amazing school where they are truly training champions for christ. God is first and that is not heard of. They lay the foundation for you to both grow as believer in christ and a student.
Although I take courses online, every professor that I have had has been extremely helpful and thoughtful. The classes are enjoyable and challenging. There are a plethora of courses available for almost every degree of interest, online and on campus.
Liberty University is a great option for those that want the flexibility of virtual classrooms and faster delivery of material. You can condense most courses from the traditional 16 weeks down to 8 week intensive coursework. This is a fantastic option for those that are focused and eager to complete their degrees.
Liberty's atmosphere is extraordinary. I've never felt anything like that in other schools. The place looks clean and the people are so warm.
Liberty is an amazing school. There are a lot of activities to do on and off campus and the food is amazing.
If you ever attend Liberty University or Liberty Online you will not be disappointed. I love every second of my Liberty education. The teachers are always so helpful and you get a great education. I would not change anything about Liberty. I also love how conservative it is and everything is focused on God.
This is a great college with much to offer. There are so many degree programs to choose from, and many online degrees as well. The professors care about what they are teaching and about your success. The staff is always kind and helpful.
I thoroughly enjoyed my college experience at Liberty and was well prepared when entering the job market. I was accepted for a highly competitive management development program and met my wife there. After 15 years, I am so glad I chose to attend for my undergraduate degree in business finance.
I love it. The professors are great. They are always so willing to help you if you are confused on a topic. I love the atmosphere and the students. Everyone is so nice. One small but cool thing that I love is that everyone is always holding the door for you. While that should be the polite thing to do, it is not always so common in this day in age.
I love how I can express my religious beliefs at this school. All the professors are kind and very easy to talk too. I enjoy doing my courses and getting to know other classmates. Each assignment is helpful for my future. The campus is so beautiful and very inviting. I'm so greatful for how easy the staff is to talk too. The housing seems to be very homey and nice to live in. The teachers are welcoming and inviting when you enter the classes. The online part is really great and flexible for people who cant physically attend the college.
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I loved the atmosphere that Liberty University offered. Being surrounded by other fellow Christians who worship with you is amazing. The academics are superb and LU has some of the best professors and courses.
I have been extremely impressed with the promptness and kindness of all of the faculty and staff at Liberty University. The Christian atmosphere really shines through and makes registration and other tasks simple and effortless.
The professors are exceptional! They are caring as well as knowledgeable and and intelligent. They have real life experience and are eager to pass along what they have learned through life to their students. The facilities are impressive and extensive.