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Liberty University Online is the best school choice I have made. I like that they promote faith with the career desired and how important it is to have both.
I have recently been accepted to begin classes in the fall towards a graduate degree. I will be doing online course, so I cannot comment on the campus. However, I have been very pleased with the ease of communicating online with various program representatives and gathering information before deciding to attend Liberty University.
Besides the fact that they are believers and followers of Christ, they have been integral in my continued education. The staff and teachers genuinely care for their students, and it shows.
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Staff really attempt to assist in the need of the student . Works well to ensure the perspective student understands all that is needed to further his or her education. Very polite while assisting.
My experience with Liberty University was great. The staff was very helpful and kind. They answered all of my questions and even gave me really good suggestions about what if I should become a full time student. I would recommend Liberty University to my friends and family.
I was looking for a solid Christian school with a healthy sized campus and decided Liberty was the place for me. With a beautiful campus, and incredible opportunities, I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone looking for a large, beautiful, Christian school, with a large number of opportunities.
Liberty University is amazing. I am an online student, and I wish I could be residential. Their professors are incredible helpful and care a lot about their students success. They work with you.
I love Liberty's campus, students, and professors. The campus is very nice with a lot of amenities for students and is located in a beautiful part of the country. I like that it is a Christian school where sharing my faith is not an issue. The professors have my best interest at heart and genuinely care about my success. I have also found all them to be approachable and easy to talk to. There are a lot of majors offered on campus as well as online so there are many options as to what to take and how to take it.
Classes offered online allow me to complete my degree. Interaction with professors has been good and the quality of the course material is good.
They are very caring and helpful. I asked for help on registering and they have a chat live feature that was very helpful and Cameron took care of everything I needed, including getting me registered and enrolled in all the classes I needed for the next semester. Their online classes are adjusted to my schedule and I am looking forward to finishing my Bachelor's Degree in the next two years.
I am currently still attending Liberty, but I am moving on-campus when I was initially commuting. I love everything about Liberty. Many people joke about the school, but the people are so kind and really just want to share the Word of God. I love Liberty and challenge anyone who would like to pursue a relationship with God to attend CFAW and see if it’s the place you’re meant to be.
The professors make this institution stand out. They put in 110% effort into their students and the outcome is incredible. I hope they will one day be some of the highest paid teaching professionals in the nation... they all deserve it.
Liberty University has an amazing atmosphere that allows for true personal growth. The campus is very well-rounded and is perfect for breeding Champions for Christ. I have no complaints at all and do not recommend any changes!
It is the best school ever! I have had such a great experience at this school! There is so much to do and so many wonderful people to be with there!
From my first visit to "College For the Weekend" at Liberty University, it was decided as my first choice of where to attend. It is academically diverse and provides all of the challenges along with the support to allow for a complete college experience. The campus lacks nothing and is constantly growing because of its' excellence.
Very caring and supportive professors. The syllabus for each course is very detailed and to the point. Assignments are geared toward learning and life lessons. This is a great Christian based University.
When I first applied to Liberty University I got a phone call right away. The staff members are very nice and understanding. They answered all of my questions and guided me through the steps in finishing my financial aid. After the call they sent emails about the information we talked about on the phone so that I could finish everything right away.
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I have been a Liberty University on line student for 2 years and feel that they offer an excellent learning platform, have professors who work to be involved with all the students, and are constantly looking to improve the education they provide based on current student needs and and feedback.
I love that I am a science major getting an education with a Christian basis. One of my biology professors was an Aethiest turned Christian that had amazing insites into the mind of an aethist. We pray before every class and the professors genuinely care about your well being in class, life, and spiritual well being!! It is a great community to spread my wings and discover the world in.
I've had a very positive experience with Liberty. With the online program, professors are very available, coursework is challenging, and I have learned a lot of practical and applicable information. The academic advisors you can call are very friendly and helpful. The campus is beautiful and they constantly continue to improve their buildings.