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Private not-for-profit
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310 S. Peoria Suite 512
Chicago, IL 60607

Lexington College Reviews

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Our school a mixture of many ethnicities, religion, economic background, and personal beliefs. We are all allowed to believe what we desire. There are people from diffrent ethic backgrounds. We are treated equally doesn't matter who we are. We are not all very wealthy but we do treat otherws diffrently because they are not at our wealthiness.
  • Oct 11 2011
  • Student Life
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Non of Those Problems – At Lexington, we have no type of drinking or drug probnlems in or around the school. We are safe to be around the school. No one is pressured to do anything and everyone does there own things on there own time.
  • Oct 11 2011
  • Health & Safety
All Girls – We are a all girl school that seek to be wonderful business women. WE strive to the top so no one over rules us just because we are women.
  • Oct 11 2011
  • Campus