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I currently take duel credit classes through Lewis-Clark State College and the money/credit process have been very smooth and easy. From what I've heard, the class sizes are small which is convenient for students like me who like to ask a ton of questions.
This has a great small-college environment. Professors really want to help students. There are many scholarship and financial aid opportunities.
The campus was very homy and felt like a good place to be. The people there treated me with respect and did not treat me like I was a child.
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I loved that I was able to take all my classes online and the tuition was affordable. Teachers were great to work with and very nice.
I have been going to LCSC for a year now and I think the thing I like the most about it is the professors. They are all great people and care about your education. Classroom sizes are small too.
I wish they would put less money into sports and more money into newer buildings, better equipment for the gyms, a more up to date library, and more women's activities and opportunities for intermural's. The teachers, on the other hand, are phenomenal, especially in the nursing program, and go above and beyond to help students when the need it.
Love the small classes, makes one on one time with teachers very easy. There is always someone willing to help you with any projects, questions, and concerns.
Most teachers show enthusiam when teaching their subject and take time out to help their students one on one. They try to get the students together and always have great campus events for everyone to attend. They have a great, clean campus.
Lewis-Clark State college is a good four year institution that has allowed me to experience important obstacles in my life. I feel like I am always able to talk to someone if I need help with something relating to school. LC and people here have given me the confidence that I will graduate with my BA. I have met many good people here and will continue to do so till I graduate.
Great technical side. Haven't really experienced the academic side. Overall good experience. Reviews need to be way too long these days
I think Lewis-Clark State College is a great college. It's a small college with many opportunities. The teachers are wonderful, and always willing to help their students who show they want to succeed. These same teachers also push their students to be the best they can be, much like that high school teacher who saw your potential and pulled it out of you. Overall, I believe Lewis-Clark State College is one of the best colleges to go to for a higher education.
Lewis-Clark State College is a great college that has many fun activities and great professors that really care about you and your education. They are always willing to help and come in for office hours to help you. And if you are in baseball then we have one of the best teams in the country! The community is great and there are good walking/running trails, hiking trails, and a Wal-wart (hey that matters to college students)!
As a transfer student, my experience at LCSC has been nothing short of great. I have made wonderful friends and gotten to be involved on campus and within the community
I love LCSC, its a great small college to attend. There are small class sizes, so your teachers actually know your name.
Lewis-Clark State College is personable to say the very least. It is responsive to the concerns of it's students. One quality that I've always admired is the ease of communication with professors and staff. There has never been a problem that couldn't be resolved by simply talking with the correct person here. LCSC has the resources of a larger university and the quality interpersonal touch of a community college.
I have had so much fun getting to meet new people and learn so many new things from the professors ad other students. I can't wait to see where my degree takes me.
Lewis-Clark State College offers both in-class and online class options. This is fantastic for those that work too much and have kiddos and still want to obtain a college education. As it has always been an ambitious goal of mine to achieve my degree, LCSC has offered me the opportunity to fulfill my dream and maintain my work and family activities.
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It's a small school so there isn't a lot going on. The classes are small which is nice. I haven't had the easiest time when it comes to communication with the financial aid and administration office. A lot of my friends , after talking to professors in the field they want to study, found out they were put in classes they didn't really need for their path of study.
I love going to Lewis-Clark State College. I graduated from a small high school, so going to LC wasn't much of a big change for me. The class sizes are pretty small, which I like because I get more one-on-one time with my peers and my professors. When I have back to back classes, it's easy for me to get to the different buildings in time for my classes. The professors are always extremely helpful whenever I have a problem or need help. Everyone at the college is very helpful. The dorms are very well taken care of and maintenance is always kept up. Overall, I would say that my college experience has been amazing at LCSC. One thing that I would change about the college would be to make clubs and groups easier to join. It seems to me like the clubs were already full from previous people in the years before, so I would make them easier and more available to get into. This would help to increase the how freshmen can involved in the college experience.
I love the campus. Beautiful people, everyone is so welcoming. Each individual is helpful they treat you like family. Any question that I had was answered. Classroom setting was great.
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