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Lewis-Clark State College is one of the best colleges for the tuition prices they offer. Although the campus is small, it creates a home-like atmosphere. The professors are very personable and truly care about their students. The array of classes offered is broad. I have truly enjoyed my college experience so far!
Lewis Clark State College, is in my opinion the best school in the area. All of their faculty is incredibly helpful, there really is no stupid questions with the. Every professor that I have worked with is willing to do whatever they can to help you succeed. I would recommend this college to anyone, it has been a worthwhile experience.
Always there to help students. There is an unbelievably great teacher to student ratio. The tuition is very affordable.
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The nursing program is amazing. They couldn’t possibly find better professors! Very thorough teaching with the most up-to-date information. Highly interactive and many opportunities to serve the community. Also very affordable. The only downside is there is limited parking, which I think is an issue at any college.
I think it’s got a good way of helping each and every student. It’s been a great choice so far. Being Able to email professors and hearing back from them shows that they care. And want you to feel validated and important enough to help any way possible.
My experience that LCSC is very helpful to get into and the people at lewis-clark State College are very nice. faculties very helpful and they really try to go out of their way to help you graduate or even to get a better grade. I took me no time to get into the LCSC. The sports programs they're great! I may even do my Graduate Studies here too! I have several counselors that are willing to be there day in and day out tell me through any process. The food there is pretty good in the cafeteria the locals around the area are great. You can even raise a family here and it be a great place to live in. the only real problem I ever had was getting parking space but that's like and you were you go a great college has lots of people thank you sincerely Daniel Jackson
I love the professors, it's a small campus so it is very easy to get extra help when you need it. The people in the town are also so friendly, it's a great college experience all around!
A great, affordable state college that also has workforce training(hvac, welding, etc). Small classes and invested instructors .
The teachers are understanding and willing to work with you! Plus, its smaller classes so you really get to know the subject.
The professors are amazing and really care about each individual student. You an expect to have the same professors over and over and to build lasting relationshiuips with those studetns in your classse.
The learning services and classes offered by the school were great, campus life has few bright spots, there's really only one fun club and most of the time the paper mill smells terrible all the way on campus.
Lewis-Clark State College is a great school for those wanting to be in a small town with a community feel, especially on campus. Both students and staff are very friendly and helpful.
I like the small campus and how everything is in walking distance. The weather here is nice and the professors are very accommodating. I dislike that they serve the same food all the time and rarely give variety.
Lewis-Clark State College may not have a very large campus, but the professors and staff care greatly about the success of current and future students. There are numerous opportunities for academic, social, and community activities to better students as well as the community as a whole. Overall I am very pleased to say that I am a student at Lewis-Clark State College.
I like the flexibility of LCSC. I am able to take interesting and engaging classes online. When I need help, they are always willing to help in any way that they can.
I am a student athlete at LCSC and I love it here. It's fairly easy to get into classes you need. Advisors are not much help when it comes to student athletes, they need specific advisors for athletes. Most professors work with schedules and missed work but some really don't.
The atmosphere is great! My experience at this college has been nothing short of excellent! I love the small class sizes, the town it's in, and their exercise science program is phenomenal.
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I am the first one in my family to go to college. So far it is a great experience. There is plenty of assistance given when needed. I have received help with tutoring and choosing classes for upcoming semester.
I loved the small campus and they have great professors that are very attentive and want to help you succeed!
I currently take duel credit classes through Lewis-Clark State College and the money/credit process have been very smooth and easy. From what I've heard, the class sizes are small which is convenient for students like me who like to ask a ton of questions.
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