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There are a variety of different courses and degrees to choose from. The campus is small. The town and college are very safe communities.
The teachers here are amazing and they will help you out with anything you need. The students here are also really down to earth. I would like to see the athletics get their own gym though.
I rate this school 4 stars, because even though I do love this school, I did have a little bit of a mishap with the enrollment office. I've had a good experience so far, regardless.
The teachers are good, and very helpful, which is a plus! So many Faculty and students are extremely helpful.
The scenery is also exemplary, They up keep everything here. I really appreciate it, being able to walk and not see trash everywhere is a good thing to me.
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Lewis and Clark is a decent size campus. It is very easy on the eyes. Aside from the castle like structure of the main building, the property is covered with statues and pieces of art. In the spring and summer campus is covered in beautiful flowers and plants. The staff is very good! All of my professors thus far have encourage me to do my best and helped me to succeed.
Going to LC I was amazed by the passion of (most of) the teachers for their subjects, and how far they're willing to go to help students not just pass, but excel at their class. It was the best choice for me, as someone with crippling anxiety, to go here first, before going to college. It made the transition so much easier and made me feel much more confident in my abilities than I would have if I had just jumped into going to university.
The campus is beautiful and very large for a community college. The staff is very personal with all of the students and encourages you to learn.
I was able to pick and choose the schedule I wanted not what my counselor chose for me.
the online courses are so easy and wonderful!
I loved almost all of my teachers.
Transferring here from SIUE was a HUGE difference compared to the bad student service there. The advisors were personable and really cared about where I was going with my career.
The teachers really care and are so helpful when it comes to advancing my education.
I love Lewis and Clark!
I never had any problems with my school when it came to transferring my credits, all my credits transferred and my school made my two years easy and hassle free.
I loved taking online classes, it really helped me when it came to having to go to work and school. My professors made everything super easy and communicated extremely well in my online classes, I never had one problem.
My school was extremely helpful when helping me send my transcripts to my new school and made sure to help me make sure all my credits transferred, which they all did!
My professors were all awesome and so helpful. I loved how laid back the class style was I never felt extremely pressured to be a perfect student but they still gave me individual attention and helped me when I needed it. The class size was fairly small usually 20-25 people in the majority of my classes, I loved having a small class size because it is easier to get individual attention and help.
I attended a community college where I was going to continue to further my education afterwards so I did not get to utilize the career center on campus but I have heard exceptional things about how helpful they are.
Review Lewis & Clark Community College
I am majoring in Psychology at my school. My teacher for my abnormal psychology class was so passionate about psychology it kept me passionate about it also. I had a medium workload, it was enough to help me fully learn what I needed to but it was not too much where it overwhelmed me.
I absolutely loved my community college, it was a beautiful campus and my professors were so helpful and really kept me intrigued in my classes.
You can pick your own class schedule
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