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My experience so far has been good besides a few things with the financial aid office and process of it.
My online experience is easier to me because you don't have other students around you talking. The professors are also good with online classes for the most part and some classes I took was biology, intro to astronomy, and mythology.
Because of the pandemic we had to switch courses online. The transition was difficult but my teachers helped throughout it. It was as if we were stills on campus. They made sure to help and the work was the same.
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First semester was nice even though I didn’t get the full experience because of the pandemic. Great teachers and easy to find your way around campus.
What I loved most about Lewis and Clark was how clean the school stayed. It was easy to navigate around the school. I loved how pretty the outside was. I also enjoyed the variety of classes they offered
What I loved about Lewis and Clark was how well the staff operated. There are a good variety of class options. The teachers taught perfect. I also loved how beautiful the campus was inside and out. I felt very safe and happy going to school there. I enjoyed their food. The other students there were very nice and help full. The professionalism with all the staff was very good!!!
Really great community college. The professors and advisors really do care about your success. The campus is beautiful as well.
I liked all the events. I also like how it is very diverse with people in degrees and some cultures too. I didn't like some of the professors because of the way they taught.
I liked Lewis And Clark because of how reasonable they were, but they don't have many programs, if they had more programs I believe the school could be better, and a new interior because the school is very old in the main campus its beaten down and smells very moldy- the AC sucks and the classrooms are very tiny!
So much more than a community college. Gorgeous campus, one on one instructor time and saving a ton o cash. Best choice of my higher-ed life.
I like how I could go to college for nursing not far away from my family. Lewis and Clark have a great nursing program. I would not change a thing about Lewis and Clark Community College.
Lewis and Clark has a beautiful, small, campus. I, like most of my other peers are commuters from surrounding towns so there isn't dorm life or a party scene. I personally love the size of the classes, they are small so one has more time for one-on-one with the professors. The class size makes it easier to develop more of a relationship with classmates and the professor during assignments and discussion. Overall the academics and faculty are great but socialization with peers outside of class is more challenging because the campus is composed of commuters.
Great environment, professors are great, and safety is never an issue. Everyone there is very nice and supportive of others and their goals. I have never once felt unsure or unsafe at Lewis and Clark.
I went to Lewis and Clark for my Associates degree, and it was a good experience. It was the first college I attended and I highly suggest it.
I love LC because the staff are amazing. All the teachers are willing to work with you and help you achieve in any way possible. There are always security guards walking around and keeping an eye on things. The campus is very clean and there are sculptures all around campus.
I love Lewis and Clark Community College! As a student, I feel really involved in campus life and many activities. The campus is beautiful, with the beautifully paved brick roads, the water fountains, and the foliage and flowers. I love to walk around campus and admire the beauty of the nature and architecture. The buildings are immaculately built and they hold a lot of history. As a student, I feel connected to the other students that attend this school. Even though we all may come from different towns and backgrounds, there are many people to connect with. As a student athlete at this school, I feel very proud and honored to be able to play a sport for such a great school. The gym and athletic facilities are some of the best around. Many of the professors at this school are very good at teaching and they truly provide an excellent education. For anyone looking for a quaint college that is affordable, beautiful, and worthwhile, Lewis and Clark Community College is the way to go.
I have attended Lewis and Clark for the past two years and I love it! The campus is great, and so are the faculty and staff members. Everyone there is very nice and helpful. It is a great school overall.I would highly recommend it. The atmosphere is fun and positive, and works great for anyone who might attend.
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Lewis and Clark is both the kind of college you attend if you either know what you want to do or still deciding what you want to do. It may be a community college, but the teachers and experience you get from this college is university worthy. Some of the programs directly set up students with employment opportunities right out of graduation - if your program doesn't like mine did, your professor will recommend jobs as they come along. Lewis and Clark Community College also has agreements with several upstanding universities that will accept 90% to 100% of your credits, so you won't waste money here. Lewis and Clark Community College is an amazing college and I highly recommend it!
They are very accommodating and they have really good at helping you find a place to start from if your unsure about what degree you want
It's a pretty old setting campus but still offers plenty of the same things that a university offers. Everyone is really friendly there and they will work one on one to make sure anyone who struggles gets through it. Great college overall.
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