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The community is small enough to get close to people and make real life connections, yet big enough to continue to meet new people.
The college is beautiful! It right in near the city of Portland, within driving distance of about 5 minutes. The college has a shuttle that runs every hour to and from the city so that students without cars can also access it.
Its a very quiet and safe. Its a very welcoming place. I have always wanted to go to this school, my dad works at the college, so I'm around a whole bunch, and it seems like a really cool place to be.
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Great academics, great housing, social life could be better, weather seems fine, campus is beautiful.
I had a great experience at Lewis and Clark. The professors were very helpful and actually care about the student’s success. I would also say that there are numerous resources one can utilize on campus. The campus itself is also very beautiful and if you like nature, then this is the place. The lack of diversity can be off putting but that’s expected of a lot of colleges. Overall a great school.
Lewis and Clark is a very acceptable and very loving school. Being a private liberal arts school, there are mass opportunities for any student to find their niche. Mostly every professor is calm and wants you to succeed. I say some because in every college/university there will be those hard professors, you just can’t escape it. I fell in love with the school and its location. Our backyard is full of trees, hiking trails, and only 20 minutes away from beautiful and weird, downtown Portland (which you can take the schools transportation bus “The Pio” - its free). I highly recommend Lewis and Clark for its studies and the people you will meet. I had an amazing freshman year full of fun, and I can not wait to see what sophomore year brings.
I love Lewis and Clark atmosphere more than anything. The professors are amazing and the schooling is well worth it. Playing sports at Lewis and Clark has made me love this school more. One change that can be made is the cafeteria staying open later during football season.
L&C is a great college for those who can afford it. I am lucky enough to be able to with a mix of need and academic scholarships but for some, the cost is a constant source of anxiety. The rumor mill has it that the current president, Wim Wiewel, is considering changing the school to no longer being need-blind. The school’s chronic money problems run a moderate annual deficit, but the current sentiment is that the current president is making the necessary changes. The faculty are very good and I remember seeing a booklet when I was a freshman that had all of the faculty in it and many, many received their PhDs from Ivy League institutions. The vast majority are very intelligent and are adept at pushing you at your comfort level. If you are considering L&C and are on the fence or in some other need of a tiebreaker this is it. Whoever you are or happen to be, every aspect of this school is welcoming and adapts itself to who you are rather than trying to mold you into someone else.
The most important thing that I like about Lewis and Clark College is that thay have more international student and smoll size of classes also relly nice teachers.
The most obvious advantage about attending Lewis & Clark is that you get to learn and spend time on a gorgeous campus! The short walks between class are a pleasure every day. Moreover, I feel comfortable knowing I am getting an education from professors who have extensively studied the topics they teach. The small class sizes provide students with a close and trusting relationship with their professors. I feel extremely fortunate to have spent the past two years at Lewis & Clark.
I originally planned on attending a state school in California and actually had been committed for 11 months with intents of playing softball. I came into contact with LC and instantly knew that I had a decision to make. To everyone else, it seemed that decommitting and giving up a full ride to play D1 softball was absolutely crazy and not even an option, but to me, I knew I belonged at Lewis & Clark. The coaches, campus, professors, faculty and student life was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was instantly welcoming and as time goes on, I continue to love the school more. I personally went through some medical issues and at the beginning I felt as if it was going to be a long recovery by myself, but everyone around me provided me with an extreme amount of support. I have only completed one semester at LC, but I have never been happier. I am looking forward to the next 3 1/2 years as a Pioneer and cannot picture myself anywhere else.
Lewis and Clark college has excellent professors who really care about each individual student, they are always available during office hours. Small classes are great too. The student life is very relaxed and friendly.
Stunning campus filled with intelligent critical thinkers. It's liberal, green and everything you would expect at a PNW setting. PDX is an amazing city plus you are just 1.5 hours from mountains or the coast.
The school is very promising so far, and I'm looking forward to a great 4 year experience. About to start in a few days -- so far so good.
I am currently in my second year at Lewis and Clark College and after only one year I can honestly say I love it. Not only is the campus absolutely gorgeous but the environment is extremely friendly and caring. I am an out of state student so it became quite easy for me to call Lewis and Clark my home. The small class sizes help tremendously in that I develop better relationships with both my peers and professors. The only thing I'd like to see change is the tuition. The college is not cheap and I wish everyone could afford this experience.
Costs too much. There are limited majors and if you choose one and change your mind you may not be able to find the major you're looking for. I had some excellent professors and a couple that were not as great. The student body is very kind and quirky.
Lewis & Clark is a fantastic school with great professors, small class sizes, and a balance of academics and extra curricular opportunities. The only reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars is because they could stand to increase offerings in the math and hard science areas.
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Lewis & Clark College is a small college with staff that truly cares about you. Small classes offer a unique place of learning in which you are able to really connect with your professors. The staff is always kind and very informed, ready to answer questions and help you to accomplish your very best at the school.
at Lewis and Clark, my experience has been amazing, my professors and peers are all knowledgeable, kind and wonderful people and i would definitely choose this college again.
There are limited law schools in Oregon and Portland, being the largest city, only has one law school. The current Administration has caused the ratings in this school to drop which I fear will affect future graduates.
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