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Letourneau University is a Christian, Technical School in East Texas. The community here is pretty crappy to be honest. Student life has an extremely rigid image of their preferred community and culture here. If a student falls outside this preferred image, they are either shunned by the community as a whole, or they will probably have to fake it. The money that I spent towards my actual academic credits was worthwhile, but any money that was spent on residential programs/services was a total waste.
LeTourneau University is a fantastic school. It is an academically strenuous environment but all the Professors are willing to work with you in order to ensure that you succeed. The campus has an amazing community which helps when times get tough. It also offers a large variety of classes which spans across many different professional fields.
I love the vibes around campus. Everyone is so nice around here! The professors truly care about your education.
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My experience at LeTourneau University.

I am a Materials Engineer student at LeTourneau. I have mixed feelings about LeTourneau; my overall experience was stressful. LeTourneau offers great teachers and academic experience. On a negative note LeTourneau has strict rules which they harshly enforce; any drinking or smoking any time during a students enrolment can result in suspension.
LeTrouneau has a great teacher to student ratio; I can easily get assistance from my teachers when needed. LeTourneau student body has a relatively close knit community; that is nice.
For someone who enjoys out doors or the night time activities, LeTourneau University would be a bad choice. LeTourneau could definitely improve students experience by being a bit more lenient their rules.
I love LeTourneau University! The small size allows me to be close with my professors. I know the head of the Mechanical Engineering department, and he often invites me and a few other students to visit his house down the street for Korean food, because he knows I love kimbab. I have gotten close with the people in my dorm. LeTourneau has challenged me, but also it has allowed me to be more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been. I have grown spiritually, personally, professionally, and academically.
An environment that facilitates growth academically and spiritually, and fosters growth in maturity.
It is a great university. The teachers take interest in you and want to get to know you and help you however possible
This University is super strict on their rules and take them too far most times. They also false advertise the help that is provided. The university is constantly having problems with their wifi. Also, there is nothing fun to do on campus or in the small town. What I did like about thisome University was in engineering every year we do some type of project that most schools don't get to do. Freshman engineering students get to build a 3D printer which is pretty cool.
My experience has been a pleasant one from the beginning with speaking with an advisor after my registration, helping me with going over my transcripts to which classes I needed to complete the graduate program. What was most interesting was the spiritual aspect and speaking with Dr. Quiet about why I choose this school. All the staff since my enrollment has always been available to answer and assist in any questions I had and point out my options. The professors who I have taken classes with have always responded to my questions in a timely manner as assist as well with any questions or concerns. I have enjoyed by time here, I am looking forward to the time to come.
The Staff were very helpful and informative during my application process. My experience at Letourneau University so far has been pleasant. There are many things to do on ground from swimming to just relaxing in their game room. Letourneau University offers on ground, duplex housing to married couples or families. The housing that they offer has allowed my family and I to be a lot less stressful when it comes time for me to go into my classes.
I love my school! LeTourneau is a school where professors actually care about you learning the material and have a very hands-on teaching method. The first project for engineers is even building a 3D printer! The downer is most of the students are introverts who do not get too involved and the girl to guy ratio is a little weird with the number of guys being greater.
This school has a excellent education program.
this school has one of the highest rate of students leaving with jobs.
this is a very safe school.
I don't plan on joining the Greeks.
I am a member of the softball team and I love the facilities.
I feel this college is very passionate about the their students while in college and after leaving.
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Many of the political belief leans to somewhat conservative but there is some diversity, many people have been or around a church for most of their life, like always would I say everyone is a Christian no. I haven't see people with different sexual orientations but this is a religiously affiliated university.(Christian are called to love people not sin 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 1:26-27).
you don't really see students use drug and alcohol on campus, many do not partake in such things, though I have heard of a story of a few.
The safety and security on campus is really safe, I have not heard of campus crime or any mention of a crime while I attended. It is a safe school with little drug or alcohol use on campus. take it from one that has life in a city and around places in south Florida, many of the people will say that around the campus it is not that safe but it is really not that bad.
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