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Lesley University aka Tumblr University. The student body is composed almost entirely of uninformed 20 somethings who get all of their political views from the internet and have no grasp on the real world. I started going to Lesley thinking this was what I believed as well, but as I spent more and more time at the school I realized how warped and detached the "SJW" type of thinking is. Some of the faculty is just as bad as the students, but others are great professors who truly care about their students. Also, the food services suck and a lot of the housing (especially on Doble) is horrendous. It's a mixed bag at Lesley. The Brattle dorms are beautiful but take a walk over to Doble and it's a different standard of living. Not all of the people are bad, and a lot of the professors are great, but the attitude of the University as a whole makes it difficult to look past the Lesley Standard.
Taking online course with Lesley University. Everyone was so helpful when I was to transferring to the program here and so far all of my classes, professors and classmates have been wonderful! I am really excited to be continuing my education at an institution like Lesley University.
This is a small and very isolated school. There is not a big social life at all, and the population is very very small. It is not rare to While the small class sizes are nice, there is not much if any diversity at Lesley. The classes are not challenging at Lesley, accommodations can and will be given for any reason at all. This is a great school for art, but for other types of education especially Psychology this is not a challenging and beneficial program. The professors are very kind and can become great mentors, but the courses are simply not difficult enough to cause challenge and greater thinking. I found myself to be very bored and not motivated in the classes. Cambridge is a great location!
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Not worth the price of tuition at all.

It's difficult to write an accurate review of Lesley without coming off as bitchy or a miserable prick, but the negative descriptions people often have here are justified.
I enjoyed my time at Lesley University very much. It is located in Cambridge which is right outside of Boston which is such a great intellectually geared college city with many historical and cultural points of interest. Lesley offers some amazing and unique programs that are taught with a humanistic approach that truly values the opinions and views of there students. The staff at Lesley I found very accomodating and willing to go the extra step to help out their students so they can succeed. The student life at Lesley is very supportive and fun as well. The student life has a great balance of serious study and fun which allows students to get the most out of their college experience. The downfalls of Lesley would be their dorms and financial aid office. The dorms are pretty lack luster and their always seems to be something that needs to be straightened out at the financial aid office due to errors or something else.
The things I love most about Lesley is that the students are creative, accepting, empowered, and open-minded. People are expressive and not afraid to be themselves. The professors and faculty go above and beyond to help you and provide the best services that they can. The small class sizes allow for intimate interactions and I have yet to have a bad professor!
When I first got to Lesley, I was greeted by tons of smiling faces. Over the course of the school year, I became very close with these faces. I am very sad that I am going to be transferring, hopefully to Berklee (if I get the money) or Denver University.
It has a great location but the streets to get there are pretty rocky. Everyone is extremely nice and try their hardest to accommodate your needs. They are really inclusive when it comes to genders and sexuality.
Lesley University is an amazing investment. They have programs such as Dual Degree and Double Majoring that make getting a job very accessible after schooling. The campus is also unique, the line between Lesley Area and the outside world are practically seamless. Instead of being in a college bubble, a person can feel like they are a part of society, with two train stations a quick walk away and Harvard Square beyond. This is not a school that wants to drop its students at the end of their schooling, this is a school eager to help a student start their adult life and integration.
Lesley University is a college that is average. I am a commuter student and I do not think I have ever really felt at home. There are many issues with thr school and its programs. Though this is true it is refreshing to see an effort being put towards making these problems known. The hope is that our voices will be heard.
This is a very specific environment here. Most students live off campus. Commuter life is not ideal. There is a clear highschool mentality here it is pretty sad. For a school that claims to be "inclusive" that only count if your either a weirdo yourself. If you are looking for any normal college experience this isn't it. Everyone is always competing with each other to see how alternative and out there they are. The mental health at this school is just terrible. Everyone is depressed. There was a poll last semester and they found that 75% of Lesley students were struggling with depression and anxiety. There is no social aspect to this campus, if you are looking to make friends, this isn't the place to do it. Besides the few professors here being its saving grace, waste your money elsewhere or stay home and apply again.
There are a variety of majors suitable for a lot of different students. The classes are small, so students are able to stay in contact with their professors more easily, making the workload more manageable, and learning more effective. The students are activists, driven and intelligent. On campus, there are clubs and lots of events held on campus throughout the school year, giving students a lot to do outside of classes. Given the location of Lesley University, there is even more for students to do, being in the Cambridge and Boston area. Being able to take part in a small campus as well as a large city simultaneously makes for the best experience.
I went to Lesley for an official overnight as an athletic recruit. Everything about the University made me feel right at home. There was lots to do around the campus and it didn't feel too overwhelming. After touring the campus, I went on the T-train to visit the city of Boston. We had a blast!
It's pretty alright. Teachers are very good. Some others aren't. If you're looking for a diverse university, this is definitely not the place. The university is mostly filled with white students with POC spread out. This includes teachers. The dorms are alright unless you get stuck in white hall which may come with problems. The food is pretty good but you get tired after a while due to the lack of variety.
I just finished my first semester here and so far so good. Being a LUCAD student, it's like a go to a different school which I enjoy. From what I hear from some of my peers, some of the CLAS professors are not up to par. I can't speak too much on it because my experience is completely different. From what I've seen and experienced, Lesley University is very inclusive with the events and clubs available on campus. The only negative thing I have to say about the school is the class registration process. Every single person I know, including me, were unable to get into their classes for spring semester. However, the administrators did a great job at helping me get into all my classes and I'm assuming they so with others too.
I loved my classes and professors, but the program directors and registrar were not very organized or proactive about problems.
One of the things I like about Lesley is USI (Urban Scholars Initiative) USI has allowed me to expand my social circle and learn how to advocate not only for myself but for others as well. It has given me a safe community to belong to and allowed me to have a smooth transition throughout my college years.
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I havent personally attended the school but i toured it a year ago thinking that it might be a great place for me. Personally, i didnt like what i saw. The school had excellent facilities and decent dorming but the students i spoke with didnt seem very enthusiastic or excited about what they were doing, the tour guide was less than helpful, and there wasnt a lot going on around the campus.
As someone who is passionate about social justice and good academic programs, I love attending Lesley University. It is an adjustment for some people, but I feel as though I'm constantly learning in and outside the classroom. The party scene isn't very big, but living in Cambridge and next to Boston, you don't need a party scene for the school. Fantastic overall.
My school is a great fit for me. Professors and students are very helpful and great resources. The campus is easy to get to and navigate around.
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