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Lenoir Rhyne is a very community based school. They support and encourage you to become an active member of the school community as well as the community in which Lenoir Rhyne is based. They provide opportunities for community service within the school and local community that build on the Lenoir Rhyne foundation of giving back. The alumni program continues to reach out and link past and current students in a familial way without being intrusive.
Lenoir-Rhyne University, is the best college I visited and is the best school I have ever attended. Though my first year was difficult, I had so many instructors help me with big life changing decisions. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a small university with teachers who truly care for not only your education, but you and your well being.
Campus is beautiful in the foothills of the mountains. Diverse environment. Great professors and administration. Multiple choices in academics.
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My experience at LR has been great so far. It is a small school so there's a really great community. Almost everyone I see is a familiar face. All of my professors have been great and they truly care about your success. Sports are a big deal on campus and it's fun to go to all the games. They also have many clubs and organizations to get involved in. One complaint I have is the food. It definitely needs some improvement.
Lenoir-Rhyne University is more than a school- it is my home. I transferred here from a larger school in NC. I have been so pleased with the wonderful professors, the support from on campus staff, and the 20-25 small class size setting. LRU has so much to offer. Including clubs, sporting events, and not to mention that there is almost always something going on on-campus. The surrounding city of Hickory has lots to offer as well, including restaurants, bars, shopping and lots of parks and hiking trails.
I love the small classroom sizes and the one on one help that you are able to receive from the professors. I’m not a huge fan of the living situations and I feel as if our facilities could be updated more for the price that we pay, but overall I love my school and the greek life we have here!
I am a Junior at LR. This school fits in with my personality. If you are a person that wants the sports life and participate in extra curricular activities, this school will provide you with the opportunity to do so. However; if you choose to focus on academics, there is a good relationships that can be had with professors. The neighborhood feels safe and the campus is clean.
I like Lenoir-Rhyne and my professors are the best! they have so many options for majors and so many clubs that you can be a part of. The dorms could be better just need to be updated. The food could also be better but you don't go to college for the food. The academic buildings are all on the nicer side including the library. Everyone is just wanting to succeed and the advisors and staff are wanting to help.
I am right now a first-year recruit at Lenoir Rhyne College. As you likely know Lenoir Rhyne College is a predominately white school, and being an African American female individuals regularly would have thought I would go someplace like North Carolina Central Or Winston Salem State College, but I chosen against it fair to get myself awkward, since on the off chance that you are as well comfortable, you are not developing. By and large, Lenoir Rhyne College is exceptionally comprehensive and not judgemental. it is a charming curious school, which would be awesome on the off chance that you are a thoughtful person since it is exceptionally little. You see a few of the same faces each day and you start to memorize faces and names.
The academics there are very good. I like how small the classes are because it provides you with comfort. They are not very understanding when it comes to the money part.
The university is a great place to go to college if you want a place that is close to your home and if you want a college that gives you excellent knowledge in the field you are going for. The university also as small class sizes so that you get a better experience with your professors, where the professors have more time to help you learn your field. The professors also are great and easy to talk to if you need help, by either face to face meetings or by email or canvas website. The whole college experience is outstanding except for one thing that I do not like and that is having to go to convocation meetings when if you are an off campus student.
Where does all of our tuition go? They take all of our money and give us absolutely nothing in return. The faculty is very nice but the resources and campus are horrible and if you are not on a popular sports team that is in season you are not able to access anything good.
School has some very kind faculty and the small classes are great for one on one help. However if you are not on a sports team you are not of much value in anyone's eyes at this school. The school is also severely overpriced and the money is not seen through any of the resources. They do not provide great athletic/exercise accessibility to anyone that is not an athlete or in season as an athlete. Many of the dorms are also very poorly maintained. With a tuition as high as this, you would think that you would see it carry over in to some aspect of student life. Social life is enjoyable at first. If you enjoyed high school, Lenoir Rhyne is no different. It is not as much of a college experience as it is simply a bigger high school. If given the chance I would have gone almost anywhere else.If all you care about is getting one on one time with faculty members, then this school is perfect. Otherwise,the negatives far outweigh the few positives.
I like the atmosphere at LR. The professors are wonderful and care about their students. It is a really supportive environment, and is pretty welcoming even as Lutheran university.
I really enjoy LR. They have made me feel so welcome. I moved 6 hours away to come here and I feel at home on campus. They have best security people on hand to help you with anything. All the RA are super helpful to the freshman. All professors are willing to sit with you in the cafe and help you out.
I really like the smaller class sizes and the quality of instruction I've received from all my teachers. In addition to this, there are plenty of organizations and student groups for students to participate in. Regarding what changes I'd like to see:
1)A multi-level parking deck for commuting students
2) Renovations done to the interior of the Rhyne Building (particularly the heating and cooling system)
Overall it is great. However there are some issues with administration and with getting in touch with people in business offices.
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I like that the professors are willing to help and make it a priority to learn everyone's name. The students are people and not just a number. All staff, including security and cafeteria staff, were friendly. I feel like the food could be potentially better. The dorms need more attention than what they get. Cheap paint and having to deal with mold constantly is terrible.
I have enjoyed my overall attendance so far of this university because you do meet some interesting people that come from different backgrounds and cultures. The best person you will meet is Pastor Weisner.
Lenoir Rhyne is a very prestigious academy and very small. You will meet lots of different people and it's not quite as diverse as I'd like it to be but there's quite enough ratio of each ethnic group in my eyes. LR is Was a great experience for me and I'd love to go back something I'd change is maybe just the food class sizes are really good and discussion classes are very Hands on.
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