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Lenoir Community College has been a great place to start my college education. The faculty and staff have been very helpful and want you to succeed.
I enjoy the overall atmosphere of Lenoir Community College. The faculty is very supportive with the students and also always making sure we succeed.
I love this school!! They made me feel welcomed and comfortable on my journey to change my life. I graduated high school 30 years ago and was very nervous about going to college. They let me know that I am just as important as the young kids and they want me to succeed in my goals. I wish I could stay at LCC until I earned a Master's degree, but sadly I will have to move on next year to find a great university to continue my studies.
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There is no on-campus living and no on-campus food. But there are vendors that come in like chick fil a and a variety of different food trucks. The student life isnt all that great mainly because there is no on campus housing and the school isnt around much of anything.
I personally love the idea of attending a community college before transferring to a 4 year university. Community colleges are inexpensive in general. My college has a great staff that is committed to assisting each student in completing their individual degrees.
LCC is a good school to attend, it’s not that large but not too small at the same time. All the teachers I have had are very helpful and want all students to pass and accomplish their goals. The campus is very resourceful and not as limited as you’d think for a Community College. LCC has opened many doors for me and has better my future already in the limited time I have been attending their campus. You rarely have any problems on campus thanks to the security on campus. I would recommend LCC to anybody wanting to attend in 2 year institution .
I love LCC the staff there is wonderful and they are dedicated to making your academic career smooth as possible. I am beyond thankful for them.
I am the Computer Engineering club president at Lenoir Community College. I play baseball and love socializing with friends. My experience at LCC has led me to many positive outcomes through the past year. I have made business connections and have had on the job training I couldn't find at any other college. My teachers try every single day to take time to answer any of my questions I had on the homework or labs. Overall I couldn't see myself at any other school and I am super excited to be a Lancer!
The teachers and staff help one feel at home and safe when learning here. These teachers and staff go out of their way to make sure you have the full university experience at the fraction of the cost. They are excellent at teaching and delivering the class material.
I start going to Lenoir Community College campus as first year Lenoir Early College High School student. I was extremely nervous because I was a freshman in high school on a college campus. Also I was part of new school just created. At first, everyone and I mean everyone including me had to adjusting to the new setting. I was really worry about having classes with college students, however, the college instructors made it easier by not signaling me out. They were very helpful,supportive and encouraging. They understood the position I was in and still didn't lower their standards. Instead they did all they can to help me reach those standards and pass our classes. Even doe I was a high school students, I was allowed to participate in college events. I graduated a year early in the Lenoir Early College High School and as Lenoir Community College student.
I attended Lenoir Community College for the early college program with Lenoir County Schools. It was a great experience with great teachers and awesome friends. The students are really involved and of course you have the teachers that are really involved and those that only care about the grades you make in the class. Overall, the thing I liked best were the teachers who were really involved and what I would like to see change is maybe the cost of the classes that have to be payed for out of pocket. An increase in the number of scholarships available would also be really nice.
As an online student, I love the opportunity to interact with my classmates and my professors in a way that allows me to feel present without actually being on campus. As a working father, I value my time, and with online education, I am able to continue on the road to my degree while providing for my son and working to make a better future for him.
I love LCC because it's 5 minutes away from my house. All of thr professors are extremely nice and will go out of their way to help you with whatever you need!!
There many morning, evening and middle of the day classes. Even hybrid and online help with flexibility.
There have been some issues with submitting assignments, but they were easily resolved.
I have not used this
I enjoy my classes and instructors. They usually try to make us learn in a very fun, effective environment.
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I have not personally experienced this, but I have seen and head from others who have, and they claim it's fantastic.
Some classes can be overwhelming, however, useful. Chemistry and biology are very hands on classes and very demanding, but very well worth it.
The instructors are very easy to get along with and very understanding. The campus and well maintained and very secure.
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