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This is not a good place for a person to get there education, because the teachers protect themselves and cheat the system when they have done something wrong. Students are not heard there. Even the dean was very rude while dealing with an appeal. Teachers are allowed to do how they want like different grading scales. Also LR covers up a lot of stuff that no one looks into.
Great school. I am very thankful for the opportunities that they have offered me. Their academics have really helped to progress me and give me a huge jump start.
What like about the University is the Student to Professor ratio. It allows for a closer connection to your professors, increasing your chance at success. Improvement I believe this school needs is more food places to spend your meal plan at.
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Lenoir-Rhyne is a pretty good school. I commute so there's not much keeping me around other than classes. I enjoy the size, it's a smaller school, so you get to know professors instead of being just another number.
I love how this university is such a close knit community. The professor really take your time to get to know you.
A great school that is full of people who genuinely want to see you succeed as a student. The professors are very personal. Many improvements to campus over the past several years have greatly increased the appeal of this school. The biggest issue are the terrible freshmen dorms. Small, dirty, too hot/cold. Thats my biggest complaint.
If I could do it all over again I would have honestly not chose this school as my number one. The landscape of this school is very beautiful and well kept but the organization of the school itself is a mess. The website of this college is very confusing because it will sometime revert you back to the old one. Another thing is the cost to go to this school. This university is one of the most expensive in the state of North Carolina and will eventually lose enrollment because of the high cost.
Football and basketball tend to be the biggest sports among school spirit. Our football team has been very good over the years as well as basketball. However, some sports have a lot of drama involved among team players or fans.
campus housing is okay but the freshman rooms are way more spacious that upper class dorms.
The greek life is okay at LR. I just wish we had more African American based sorrorities and fraternities.
I love my school. It is very small and personable. All of the professors are expert and care about each individual. I consider LR as my home away from home.
I have never been scared or felt unsafe on campus. However, every semester some random man pulls up and flashes the young and unsuspecting college students.
Several career fairs occur throughout the year. Some of the career fairs are for jobs specifically at the school and some of the job fairs are held for other companies throughout the community.
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Everyone seems relaxed when in their dorms.
Greek life plans different activities throughout the year for the students. Some of the activities may include throwing a pie at your teacher to raise breast cancer awareness or selling pinwheels to raise awareness of abuse victims.
There is much school spirit at LR. Free shirts and other bonuses (like a semester of free tuition) are given out to the students at some of the athletic events.
LR has something to do all of the time. All but one of the teachers go above and beyond what is required of them. I would go to LR again despite the large amount of debt that is accumulating quickly.
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I had a very easy admissions experience with LRU. The staff was helpful and I was given a decision within a few weeks
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The party scene at LR typically revolves around one of three things - each with their own pros/cons - on campus fraternity parties, off campus house parties, local clubs/bars. Fraternity parties (especially Pi Kappa Phi) are great when they are not on suspension. The houses are easy to walk to and the parties are huge, unfortunately the school (particularly security and the greek life coordinator) are overly strict with the fraternities and are quick to put them on social probation. Off campus house parties are typically put on by the different athletic teams, these parties are really fun, but very exclusive and if you choose to go you will likely have to run from the police at some point. The local clubs have events (typically hosted by Omega Psi Phi) most weekends, and these events draw a large percentage of the students, and can get very rowdy and crowded.
There are good parties just about every weekend. The best parties are typically thrown by the Soccer Team, Lacrosse Team, Pi Kappa Phi and Omega Psi Phi (at local clubs).
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