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LOC as we call it, is by far he greatest experience I have had in school. I've learned so much about my black culture, and my people that I have a new feel of myself, and I will always speak positive about my HBCU. It was by far one of the greatest choices I made in my life.
My online learning was a great experience, because I had teachers who cared, and wanted me to succeeded. They were available when I needed them. I could use there help outside of school hours.
Great Historically Black College located in Memphis, Tennessee. I Would recommend this institution to everyone. There are recently added new dorms that are really nice.
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Faculty and staff are good about respond to emails and questions. They are very helpful and very friendly.
I have been living in Memphis for 21 years. I know almost everything about this nice college. Two former Memphis mayors are alumni of the college. Best college among HBCU. I have seen falling high school students whose life were totally changed after receiving their bachelor degree from LeMoyne-owen college. Education is the Best investment for your money.
Let me start with saying that I have been going to LeMoyne for a very long time. I went to the High School that was located on the campus. I was prepped to take college classes in High School and I must say that was a great experience. When I transitioned to LeMoyne I was already a first semester sophmore which was also pretty great. My first semester of being at LeMoyne I was inducted into the STEM program which was also pretty awesome. I did not stay on campus the first semester because it was my first year of college. But I moved on campus the next semester and it was pretty cool and I had a lot of fun and the food was pretty good.
It's an HBCU college dedicated to educating students. This is a college where people learn to be independent and successful. People are helpful. The teachers are not difficult. My professors call me by my name instead of a number. It is better because i have one on one support. It is a small college. There are a lot of scholarship opportunities.
I have not been going to lemoyne school but i feel that every student and staff are more like family rather than students and teachers i get a more one on one experience with my professors
I like this school. Its close to my mom. I can get to where i need to go if needed. Its different but i like the change. Its helping me become a better student and person over all.
I love the professors. The coursework is reasonable. But other than that, the campus life is sorry (average at best). The communication sucks. I hear that allegedly some of their classes aren't even accredited. It's definitely the kind of college you start at and move on to something better. I really hate to say that because I still have love for L.O.C despite its cons, but its true.
They offer amazing opportunities for students but a lot of students aren’t aware of these opportunities.
Lemoyne Owen is a very good college to is because you have a lot help on people showing you around the campus on each individual building to go to everybody is friendly so I say lemoyne is a good college to get your education and campus safety it is good but also need on improving things but every thing else is fine to so really nothing to complain about LOC I like and I hope that the upcoming freshman this year like it to.
If you like small schools than this is the school for you. You would feel like you are back in high school again.
My experience at Lemoyne-Owen has been a great experience. The whole HBCU thing is amazing, learning the history of my school was fascinating,
I Like The Diversity And Academics At Lemoyne-Owen. I Love How Professor Actually Take Time To Work With Students.
I am overjoyed about my experience at LOC . From the time I enrolled into LeMoyne-Owen College has been great. People say I'm a walking billboard for the school, because I always have some apparel with LOC on it. I love my school, it has molded me to become a better woman in today's society. From school organizations to school sports has been a joy
Lemoyne-Owen College is the first college I’ve attended. Lemoyne is in Tennessee and is a small HBCU in Memphis.
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This is my first year attending . So far I've meet some great people. The students work together . The professors are involved and the student life is amazing.
What I like so far about Lemoyne is the campus and the dorms. The dorms are really nice and the campus is friendly and makes you feel as if your at home.
Students who share the same major learn from one another. The classrooms are small depending on the major. Ratio is 20:1 . Professors try their upmost to make you succeed. Students on campus have chances every week to join in campus events. I am so glad that security has been upgraded. They are in their own security trucks and they drive around the whole campus and on the lots. There are security guards on foot now also. I was a little surprised that LOC was named the top ten most affordable school in the U.S. especially being a private school.
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