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Lehigh is an institution that is very challenging and brings out the very best in students. This school has allowed me to travel over the time of my undergraduate experience.
Greek life dominates everything at this school. Its good because it brings a lot of parties, events and activity to campus, not so good because people rarely talk to people outside of their frat/srat. People are not very adventurous - all they do is study and party, don't expect to ever go off campus, or anything like that. I was expecting the work to be very challenging, as it was a reach school for me, but I getting all A's is surprisingly easy at least from the college of arts and sciences. Overall a fun party school with good academics. But if you aren't invested in joining greek life, or if you want to do anything other than study and party, don't come here.
I really have been enjoying my time here at Lehigh. The campus is beautiful! I am in the engineering school here and I have really enjoyed my classes. Lehigh is a great school for research. In fact, in the engineering school every professor is carrying out some sort of research. The downside of all the research here at Lehigh is that some of the professors are not the greatest teachers.
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Like every University, Lehigh is what you make of it. I've been fortunate enough to have an amazing experience as a student athlete. As an engineering student, I know that the skills and network resources I have available to me are invaluable. I've made great friends and learned so much about myself throughout my time here. Plus it's a beautiful campus!
There's some people that really are about you and want you to succeed but others just hate their job and don't want to help anyone. The students love to party all the time and people tend to hang out with their own kind.
Definitely a Greek-life dominating school and drinking is the central theme within the Greek community. Lehigh has a strong work-hard play-hard attitude and it can seem a little difficult at times when your interests don't align with the culture.
Lehigh was a great experience. A "medium" sized school that feels small. Great relationships with professors and great opportunities for extra curricular activities. Top notch education on a beautiful campus.
The students at Lehigh University are friendly, and the academics in Engineering are wonderful. I really liked the food that was offered on campus.
When I went to visit this school, it was a large community that seemed to be a bit far from any big city. The students at the university were all very focused on their studies but did not lack any social skills. They all knew when was the time to socialize and enjoy themselves. The school spirit was present on any of the games they participated in, so it is a big supportive campus wit high academic success.
Lehigh has incredibly strong academic programs that will challenge the student to think outside the box. The professors are all very motivating and helpful during office hours and in class time.
Different companies come to the business center on a weekly basis, it is a fantastic place to make connectiosn. They really allow you to get the most of your education if you're willing to put the work in
This school has fantastic academic and connections to big firms. You are pretty much guarenteed to get a job after graduating from lehigh with the alumne connections that Lehigh has to offer.
Lehigh is generally very safe, if you stay on the campus
I live in my chapters sorority house and while it's nice to live with all my friends, it's not as big as you would expect the rooms to be. I think it's almost ridiculous that we pay so much but don't have air conditioning in our facilities
I'm invovled in greek life on campus and it's changed my college experience for the better. I have found a lot of girls on campus that are just like me looking to have a great time but also work hard in school
A d1 school that is not appriciated enough by the campus. The only game that is really attended is lehigh/laff
I have loved Lehigh, and I am bittersweet abt going!
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Did a great internship in Singapore; already offered a job!
Campus Safety is located in the center of campus.
Lived on campus all 3 years, living off campus Sr Yr
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