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I take one course at Lehigh and I absolutely love my professor and the course content. The students are overall, very engaged in the course and it is a very positive learning environment.
I'm a student-athlete here. The academics and social scene are amazing here, and the campus is beautiful. In my opinion, the most important thing to consider in when looking at colleges is how well they prepare you for a future career, and the average Lehigh grad makes a starting salary of about 60k and a mid-career salary of over 130k. However, Lehigh's location in South Bethlehem is kind of sketchy, and the food isn't great. If you want a "work hard, play hard" college experience, Lehigh is a great fit.
Lehigh fosters personal development through a variety of programs such as the Iacocca Internship, Greek Life, research opportunities, and many clubs and organizations. The classes offered go unrivaled. They challenge and expand a student’s thinking. I feel like a better learning and leader because of Lehigh University.
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This is an awesome school with a lot of opportunity. Although some of the resources may not be easily visible, any student with the motivation to make the most of their college experience, getting the most out of the surroundings is sure to fall in love with this school and the faculty and students it is composed of!
Lehigh is nice. However, if you're not playing a sport or in greek life it can be hard to meet people. Clubs are hard to get to if you're in either the activities mentioned previously. Chem 030 has a low passing rate so if you can skip that class or send in credits you have do so ASAP.
Amazing school for business. Lots of connections especially through professors who have worked with big-named companies. The Big Four also recruits a large population from here. Most students get internships starting freshmen year and secured job offers by junior year. However, for Engineering Lehigh is ok. There is prestige and the curriculum is pretty robust. Job prospects are average. As for other majors, I've seen many students struggle post graduation.
Pros: Great President and administration, Gorgeous campus, Actively reigning in the party scene, Strong placement.

Still too party oriented, Need more active clubs on campus to provide better alternatives to greek life, Engineering has fallen in the rankings.

This President is doing everything right. You can already see the green shoots he came to foster. Lehigh will be truly great in 5-7 years.

If I could suggest one thing to President Simon, it would be that he personally watch video of some of the lectures of the low-rated profs in engineering and science courses. Some of them are brilliant, but really need guidance on how to teach undergrads effectively. It should be the role of department heads, but many just don't care.
Lehigh is quite the ride. I have absolutely fallen in love with some parts of this school... networking opportunities are everywhere, and the students you will meet are intellectuals, hardworking and supportive of each other (instead of the toxic-ly competitive environment I was afraid to encounter at a school of academically high achievers). On campus events are plentiful and exciting, and the size is big enough to meet new people every week but still bump into friends on the way to classes. Not to mention that the campus is absolutely gorgeous. What I don't like is the dominance of Greek life. Although it has helped some people make friends and find a community, I have witnessed it perpetuate issues of sexual assault and drug abuse on campus. It also creates a notable social divide between greeks and non-greeks. However, it's still possible to find communities outside of greek life.
Good academics. you leave knowing what you're talking about. Greek life is big for lots of students but it doesn't have to be that way for you if you don't want it to be there's plenty of things to do. Its a beautiful campus. The students are polite. The teachers they're smart not all of them are great teachers but you figure it out on your own if you have to. Overall good experience would recommend it.
The campus is beautiful, the students are compassionate, and there is a lot of school spirit. The students are proud to be a part of the Lehigh community.
The school offer excellent education and resources for students. I made many great friends as a student here and learned many things as a student. The school is particularly helpful in networking with alumni and some major companies. However, Lehigh University lack diversity and the student body is very segregated according to their race and similarities. Many students are close-minded and very party-orientated.
My first semester at Lehigh has been absolutely amazing. It was so much more than what I could have asked for. Lehigh is has a rich aura of academia and the classes and professors are top notch. The campus is so diverse and there are truly countless clubs and organizations to choose from and become involved there. Everyone there, both faculty and peers, wants to see you succeed.
Excellent education and rewarding division 1 athletics. It is the perfect place to go if you are the type of student that has good grades and wants to participate in athletics in college.
I have only been at Lehigh for a semester thus far but enjoy almost every minute of it. It is a very challenging school but the help is there if you need it you just have to reach out.
It is a great engineering school. Professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. The only down side was that Senior year was the most hands-on which is great but the other years lacked that aspect a bit so I would have preferred to have that experience earlier too.
For my fellow inner-city minority students. Return on investment is a solid 5 out of 5 because the school really helps us out financially and a degree from Lehigh University will surely get you far. However, while being here you will be miserable. Forget what you see in the movies. Lehigh is far from a happy place for me. Parties are difficult to get into and its rare to dance with people besides close friends. Im in engineering and the classes are freaking difficult. Coming from an inner-city school means that I was not properly prepared for most of the courses thrown at me, so I have to study significantly harder than my peers just to perform average on exams. There are few blacks and hispanics so you'll know them all being one yourself. Food: pasta, pasta, burgers. I'm lucky I met a girlfriend here who truly makes my college experience a bit less depressing. Overall the way I see it.. I'll be miserable for 4 years, but hopefully it'll land me a good job... only 2 more years to go.
I just got accepted to Lehigh and I cant wait to begin my journey with y'all. I knew after my first tour that I belonged here and applied early decision 1. The building take you back in time and the interior designs have a sense of elegance and sophistication.
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Lehigh overall is an enjoyable place to be. It keeps you really busy, but sometimes too much. I feel that professors either care a lot about their classes or are bumbling and mediocre. All of the professors I've met (aside from those in the math department) are very helpful.
I came to Lehigh with high hopes but I'm miserable here. Never have I seen such snotty, rich, and rude students. Students drive $60,000 cars 40 MPH around the campus and practically run you down. The diversity is lacking, and overwhelmingly white (though I am white myself) and the campus is very conservative. Everyone looks and dresses the same, being different is simply frightening here. The surrounding town is run down and depressing. The only thing that most people talk about is parties... 80% of the students here drink (Campus Survey). Students are constantly in the hospital for drinking. If you do not drink or do not want to be involved in Greek life, do not come here, you will feel like an alien. I feel like a prisoner trapped on this campus since freshman cannot bring cars and I'm far from home. The dorms are too small. I have to deal with unfit conditions, such as mold in the showers, mold on my heating/AC unit, etc. Academics are good. I feel unsafe and miserable.
A lovely campus and a great education. What more can I say. It will really feel like your home for 4 years.
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