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My first semester at Lehigh has been absolutely amazing. It was so much more than what I could have asked for. Lehigh is has a rich aura of academia and the classes and professors are top notch. The campus is so diverse and there are truly countless clubs and organizations to choose from and become involved there. Everyone there, both faculty and peers, wants to see you succeed.
Excellent education and rewarding division 1 athletics. It is the perfect place to go if you are the type of student that has good grades and wants to participate in athletics in college.
I have only been at Lehigh for a semester thus far but enjoy almost every minute of it. It is a very challenging school but the help is there if you need it you just have to reach out.
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It is a great engineering school. Professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. The only down side was that Senior year was the most hands-on which is great but the other years lacked that aspect a bit so I would have preferred to have that experience earlier too.
For my fellow inner-city minority students. Return on investment is a solid 5 out of 5 because the school really helps us out financially and a degree from Lehigh University will surely get you far. However, while being here you will be miserable. Forget what you see in the movies. Lehigh is far from a happy place for me. Parties are difficult to get into and its rare to dance with people besides close friends. Im in engineering and the classes are freaking difficult. Coming from an inner-city school means that I was not properly prepared for most of the courses thrown at me, so I have to study significantly harder than my peers just to perform average on exams. There are few blacks and hispanics so you'll know them all being one yourself. Food: pasta, pasta, burgers. I'm lucky I met a girlfriend here who truly makes my college experience a bit less depressing. Overall the way I see it.. I'll be miserable for 4 years, but hopefully it'll land me a good job... only 2 more years to go.
I just got accepted to Lehigh and I cant wait to begin my journey with y'all. I knew after my first tour that I belonged here and applied early decision 1. The building take you back in time and the interior designs have a sense of elegance and sophistication.
Lehigh overall is an enjoyable place to be. It keeps you really busy, but sometimes too much. I feel that professors either care a lot about their classes or are bumbling and mediocre. All of the professors I've met (aside from those in the math department) are very helpful.
I came to Lehigh with high hopes but I'm miserable here. Never have I seen such snotty, rich, and rude students. Students drive $60,000 cars 40 MPH around the campus and practically run you down. The diversity is lacking, and overwhelmingly white (though I am white myself) and the campus is very conservative. Everyone looks and dresses the same, being different is simply frightening here. The surrounding town is run down and depressing. The only thing that most people talk about is parties... 80% of the students here drink (Campus Survey). Students are constantly in the hospital for drinking. If you do not drink or do not want to be involved in Greek life, do not come here, you will feel like an alien. I feel like a prisoner trapped on this campus since freshman cannot bring cars and I'm far from home. The dorms are too small. I have to deal with unfit conditions, such as mold in the showers, mold on my heating/AC unit, etc. Academics are good. I feel unsafe and miserable.
A lovely campus and a great education. What more can I say. It will really feel like your home for 4 years.
I play football here, but I am involved in various extracurriculars such as the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Center for Gender Equity, Black Student Union (BSU), and also a member of a fraternity. I have experienced pretty much everything Lehigh has to offer and have been satisfied with that experience so far.
My experience as an undergraduate at Lehigh has been nothing but a great experience.
I can't fathom why our campus has a "B" rating on Niche; the campus is one of the most beautiful that I've toured. Sure, it's on a mountain so sometimes you sweat before you reach your English class but honestly, the height differences around campus make the views stunning and also help keep off the Freshmen 15.
The immediate local area isn't incredible, but North Bethlehem (only a 20-minute walk from Campus) is a ton of fun and actually attracts tourists to see Historic Bethlehem, especially during Christmas time.
Overall I would 100% recommend Lehigh to any prospective high school student. The best thing that I could tell them is that besides a beautiful campus and great academics, is that Lehigh really provides you with great opportunities- which is something that I have come to value over anything else that a school can offer you.
So far, being a student at Lehigh has been a really great experience. I can see the endless opportunities now and for the future.
I graduated a few years ago and cannot say enough positive things about this school. For me, it was the perfect place to challenge me and enable me to really grow into a better person. Having now worked with colleagues who attended a variety of other schools(particularly large public schools), I have come to appreciate the Lehigh family and the feel of the small school. The classes are challenging, the campus is beautiful, there is a vivid social scene. However, if you aren't looking for a large school where you and your peers can spend your time cheering on your school's sports teams, this might not be the right fit.
Choosing Lehigh is easily my best decision to date. This University has a culture of intellect with professors that truly care about their students. There are many research opportunities and it is very easy to involved in all aspects of campus life.
Lehigh is an institution that is very challenging and brings out the very best in students. This school has allowed me to travel over the time of my undergraduate experience.
Greek life dominates everything at this school. Its good because it brings a lot of parties, events and activity to campus, not so good because people rarely talk to people outside of their frat/srat. People are not very adventurous - all they do is study and party, don't expect to ever go off campus, or anything like that. I was expecting the work to be very challenging, as it was a reach school for me, but I getting all A's is surprisingly easy at least from the college of arts and sciences. Overall a fun party school with good academics. But if you aren't invested in joining greek life, or if you want to do anything other than study and party, don't come here.
I really have been enjoying my time here at Lehigh. The campus is beautiful! I am in the engineering school here and I have really enjoyed my classes. Lehigh is a great school for research. In fact, in the engineering school every professor is carrying out some sort of research. The downside of all the research here at Lehigh is that some of the professors are not the greatest teachers.
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Like every University, Lehigh is what you make of it. I've been fortunate enough to have an amazing experience as a student athlete. As an engineering student, I know that the skills and network resources I have available to me are invaluable. I've made great friends and learned so much about myself throughout my time here. Plus it's a beautiful campus!
There's some people that really are about you and want you to succeed but others just hate their job and don't want to help anyone. The students love to party all the time and people tend to hang out with their own kind.
Definitely a Greek-life dominating school and drinking is the central theme within the Greek community. Lehigh has a strong work-hard play-hard attitude and it can seem a little difficult at times when your interests don't align with the culture.
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